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Rise of America 1620 Latest chapter update list


Text Chapter 1 America, AmericaText Chapter 2 Same as realityText Chapter 3 The First SubordinateText Chapter 4 New York can be mine!
Text Chapter 5 Loyalty BonusText Chapter 6 Welcome, distant friendsText Chapter 7 Give it a tryText Chapter 8 Aha, Penicillin
Text Chapter 9 Pickled mustard, 50 cents per bagText Chapter 10 Mustard mustard, shocking the mohawkText Chapter 11 Zhao Hongyu’s proposalText Chapter 12 Huge Profits
Text Chapter 13 Trade SummaryText Chapter 14 Increased manpowerText Chapter 15 Why is he a black-hearted cotton!Text Chapter 16 Planning
Text Chapter 17 Construction is not easyText Chapter 18 The Little Brother in Emma’s EyesText Chapter 19 Deep in the ForestText Chapter 20 The great golden discovery
Text Chapter 21 Visiting BusinessmanText Chapter 22 Satan!Text Chapter 23 Heitong is still trustworthyText Chapter 24 Gold, gold
Text Chapter 25 The Role of ErguotouText Chapter 26 Change of HistoryText Chapter 27 It’s better to find the ‘black bear’Text Chapter 28 To pull the mohawk onto the chariot
Text Chapter 29 You are a noble personText Chapter 30 Tooth for toothText Chapter 31 Poor EmmaText Chapter 32: A Rat-Prohibiting Weapon
Text Chapter 33 Never die in peaceText Chapter 34 ReadyText Chapter 35 Beast, let go of that girl! let me!Text Chapter 36 So that’s it
Text Chapter 37 Wang Shan gives adviceText Chapter 38 AccidentText Chapter 39 InquiryText Chapter 40 I won’t give up!
Text Chapter 41 The future is full of hopeText Chapter 42 The Women of MohicanText Chapter 43 A lot of goldText Chapter 44 Hidden dangers in price fluctuations
Text Chapter 45 Song Hu’s little thoughtsText Chapter 46 Women hold up half the skyText Chapter 47 Changes gradually beginText Chapter 48 Raising a girl is more expensive
Text Chapter 49 The First Female Genetic HumanText Chapter 50 Leader, buy black slavesText Chapter 51 Discussion about Lao HeiText Chapter 52 The foundation of happiness
Text Chapter 53 Mohawk also has slaves, do you want it?Text Chapter 54 ‘Eye Drops’Text Chapter 55 Breaking away from the Mohican tribe?Text Chapter 56: There is no harm in accepting them
Text Chapter 57 The Manhattan Island Guard is establishedText Chapter 58 I created the queuing partyText Chapter 59 Samara’s DecisionText Chapter 60 The other side of the sea
Text Chapter 61 Praise ‘Lord’Text Chapter 62 The Coming CollisionText Chapter 63 DepartureText Chapter 64 Rural vs Aboriginal
Text Chapter 65: Genetic people may not be easy to useText Chapter 66 The British guy who bullies the weak and fears the strongText Chapter 67 Please keep smilingText Chapter 68 I x, think of me as a fool!
Text Chapter 69 ‘Rat Shit’ among GeneticsText Chapter 70 They are rookies, come up to them!Text Chapter 71 The situation is unfavorableText Chapter 72 The Problem of Deserters
Text Chapter 73 What a barbarianText Chapter 74 Lucky ChelseaText Chapter 75 Leader, you have to talk about human rights!Text Chapter 76 Leader, you are just an ordinary person, not a god
Text Chapter 77 Embark on the Road of No Return to HappinessText Chapter 78 Prepare for a Rainy DayText Chapter 79 DelusionText Chapter 80 There are some pitfalls in this setting
Text Chapter 81 European and American Brainless FansText Chapter 82 Sailing boat, ocean, my dreamText Chapter 83 If it doesn’t work for now, then continue trainingText Chapter 84 Emma, ??an Indian female warrior?
Text Chapter 85 Gene Girl and British PrisonerText Chapter 86 Selected, SomaliaText Chapter 87 Lao Hei has a favorable impression of China (first update)Text Chapter 88 Righteous words ‘How dare you bribe me! ’ (Second update, please vote for me)
Text Chapter 89 Everything is easy if you have money (Third update, please vote for me)Text Chapter 90 Akarachi Canyon (first update, please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 91 Prelude to the Golden War (Second update, please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 92 Inside the Governor's Mansion (three updates, please support genuine subscription, please monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 93 Why?Text Chapter 94 I hope worry is unnecessary (second update)Text Chapter 95 New weapons? (Third update, please vote for me)Text Chapter 96 Come on, I’m not afraid! (asking for monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 97 The reaction of the Mohicans (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 98 Prepare for war with all your strength (third update, please vote for me)Text Chapter 99 Breech Flintlock Guns and Artillery (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 100 The thing about Chelsea
Text Chapter 101 I will deal with them (Third update, please vote for me)Text Chapter 102 Ambush (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 103 The battle begins (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 104 Plan (Third update, please vote for me)
Text Chapter 105 Why is there a matchlock gun! (Please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 106 The strange tactics of the MohicansText Chapter 107 Bad news one after another (please vote for me)Text Chapter 108 Elders Request Attack
Text Chapter 109: Fighting for the sake of girlsText Chapter 110 The rear is in chaos (please vote)Text Chapter 111 Just a few gold coinsText Chapter 112 The Value of Gold Coins
Text Chapter 113 Heading towards Yaksali (please vote for me)Text Chapter 114 The British must be robbedText Chapter 115 Jacquesali, here I come!Text Chapter 116 Confident (Third update, please vote for me)
Text Chapter 117 Successful EvacuationText Chapter 118 The Situation on Manehattan IslandText Chapter 119 It’s our turn to take action (Third update, please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 120 Let’s blast it for half an hour first.
Text Chapter 121 The Curtain Comes to an EndText Chapter 122 Interest comes firstText Chapter 123 Cultivate Brother Asan?Text Chapter 124 Gurkha germline genetic people
Text Chapter 125 Battleship’s Delusion (Third update, I’m still insisting on ten thousand words!)Text Chapter 126 ‘Aristocratic’ temperament?Text Chapter 127 The Devil’s TemptationText Chapter 128 The Attraction of Manhattan (Third update, scrambling for milk powder money!)
Text Chapter 129 All for gold coinsText Chapter 130 ShipyardText Chapter 131 We must build our own ship (Third update!)Text Chapter 132 Do you think I am a pervert?
Text Chapter 133 The Problem of the MohicansText Chapter 134: Your Majesty is not looking for a woman, could it be that... (Third update)Text Chapter 135 Women, that’s itText Chapter 136 It’s so hard to understand adults’ thoughts
Text Chapter 137 It’s all for you (third update!)Text Chapter 138 Streets of Manhattan (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 139 The five-star red flag is flying (please support the genuine version)Text Chapter 140 Oh, it is really the gospel of God (three updates, I insist)
Text Chapter 141 The Prospects of FisheriesText Chapter 142 The little butterfly began to trembleText Chapter 143 Maybe you should get to know them (Three updates, stick to ten thousand words!)Text Chapter 144 Don’t want to be restricted
Text Chapter 145 About SpainText Chapter 146 We are a big piece of fat (third update!)Text Chapter 147 Please be accommodatingText Chapter 148 Europeans are not stupid
Text Chapter 149 Did you learn Mandarin from Henan? (Third update)Text Chapter 150 Real loser, pureText Chapter 151 I want to buy a boatText Chapter 152: Cultivating high-end talents is a trap (Third update, please vote for me)
Text Chapter 153 The Crisis of the Sioux TribeText Chapter 154 Why is there another epidemic outbreak?Text Chapter 155 Are you a little impatient about the merger? (Third update!)Text Chapter 156 Young Indian
Text Chapter 157 Those fabricated historiesText Chapter 158 The Eight Banners Servants of the Song Dynasty (Third update!)Text Chapter 159 The trend is slowly startingText Chapter 160 Ramen Restaurant in Manhattan
Text Chapter 161: Manhattan Public Security Issues (Third Update)Text Chapter 162: Crack down on organized crime and eradicate evilText Chapter 163 Want to leave a name in historyText Chapter 164 Target, the Great Lakes
Text Chapter 165 Do you live a harmonious life?Text Chapter 166 I really look like a nannyText Chapter 167 Alas, my three views are correct (third update)Text Chapter 168 There is something wrong with the Iroquois
Text Chapter 169 ‘Pirate’ LukesText Chapter 170 This city is very different (Third update! Please support!)Text Chapter 171 Looking at the toilet is also novelText Chapter 172 This side is very luxurious
Text Chapter 173 Let’s go to the red x area (third update! Please vote for me!)Text Chapter 174 Child Labor in the HotelText Chapter 175 Will pirates have an impact on us?Text Chapter 176 The duo who took risks (Third update! Please vote for me!)
Text Chapter 177 You have to prepare firstText Chapter 178 Men’s businessText Chapter 179 This is a strategic location (three updates, insist on ten thousand words!)Text Chapter 180 I am just flesh and blood
Text Chapter 181 Who are these guys?Text Chapter 182 Welcome friends with good intentions (third update!)Text Chapter 183 There are five more people outsideText Chapter 184 Military First Policy
Text Chapter 185 I want a child (Third update! Ten thousand words!)Text Chapter 186 Against the IroquoisText Chapter 187 We can use itText Chapter 188 Chatting on the Road
Text Chapter 189 Cayuga VillageText Chapter 190 A good startText Chapter 191 There is a worm in her belly (third update!)Text Chapter 192 The Price of ‘Conscience’
Text Chapter 193 Everyone needs to get rid of pestsText Chapter 194 It’s better to be careful (third update!)Text Chapter 195 A WidowText Chapter 196 My name is Sarah
Text Chapter 197 This is about making trouble (third update!)Text Chapter 198 Your Highness, what a God-given opportunityText Chapter 199 We need to be justifiedText Chapter 200: Hurry up and date the widow (Third update!)
Text Chapter 201 Let’s join forcesText Chapter 202 Why do you want to tell meText Chapter 203 Emma’s Worry (Third update!)Text Chapter 204 Their Concepts
Text Chapter 205 Coating ParmaText Chapter 206 Envy, Jealousy, Hate (Third update!)Text Chapter 207 Recruitment BeginsText Chapter 208 Gangs and Pirates
Text Chapter 209 The big fat sheep is coming (third update!)Text Chapter 210 Corpses in front of Lake Ontario CampText Chapter 211 The successful piratesText Chapter 212 Surprising Emma (third update!)
Text Chapter 213 How should I please her?Text Chapter 214 Indian women’s normal thinkingText Chapter 215 The approval of the money-loving Emma (third update!)Text Chapter 216 Become a ‘fisherman’
Text Chapter 217 A little confusedText Chapter 218 Let’s choose Gurkha! (Third update!)Text Chapter 219 Return to ManhattanText Chapter 220 The Iroquois want to fight back
Text Chapter 221 Parma Lures the Enemy (Third update!)Text Chapter 222 The Navy is WeaknessText Chapter 223 Deal with the backlog of supplies firstText Chapter 224 Many problems need to be solved (third update!)
Text Chapter 225 New Function OpenedText Chapter 226 The Season of Resurrection of All ThingsText Chapter 227 The Desperate French (Third update!)Text Chapter 228 Prepare to take over Quebec
Text Chapter 229 Trivia in Lake Ontario CityText Chapter 230 The French’s reaction (third update!)Text Chapter 231 Contact the Crown Prince of the Song EmpireText Chapter 232 The wings of the little butterfly are vibrating
Text Chapter 233 You are good or bad, but I like it (third update!)Text Chapter 234 Purposeful GuidanceText Chapter 235 Where else can we go?Text Chapter 236 Life-saving straw (Third update!)
Text Chapter 237 Moving reinforcementsText Chapter 238 People with great destinyText Chapter 239 Is he still alive? (Third update!)Text Chapter 240 Prelude to the Battle with the Iroquois
Text Chapter 241 Let him see what it means to be powerfulText Chapter 242: Shock, you idiots! (Third update!)Text Chapter 243: Can you help me? No!Text Chapter 244 The French’s Worries
Text Chapter 245 Blonde Indian Girl (Third update!)Text Chapter 246 I need help from youText Chapter 247 Head BountyText Chapter 248 To see or not to see
Text Chapter 249 Don’t take advantage of it, you bastardText Chapter 250: Chase!Text Chapter 251 The Iroquois Defeat (Third update!)Text Chapter 252 Plan to go to Europe
Text Chapter 253 Let me tell you a storyText Chapter 254 Bounty Hunters in Action (Third update!)Text Chapter 255 It’s not you who will leave your name in historyText Chapter 256 Defeat
Text Chapter 257 News from Quebec (third update!)Text Chapter 258 Father-in-law’s HousekeeperText Chapter 259 Human nature is so difficult to understandText Chapter 260 The old woman pretending to be stupid (third update!)
Text Chapter 261 They are all chipsText Chapter 262 Quebec changes handsText Chapter 263 Departure (Third update!)Text Chapter 264 On the voyage
Text Chapter 265 What I saw at seaText Chapter 266 I want to create a god, Your Highness (third update!)Text Chapter 267 In ManhattanText Chapter 268 Do you want to see a miracle?
Text Chapter 269: Experienced, capable of upgrading (third update!)Text Chapter 270 Advantages of Sea KingText Chapter 271 Past events in casual conversationText Chapter 272 The mobile gold mine in the eyes of the nobles (third update!)
Text Chapter 273 Impression of LisbonText Chapter 274 Zhao Hongyu’s planText Chapter 275 First Meeting (Third update!)Text Chapter 276 Snow-white...sugar
Text Chapter 277 I want a ‘Concession’Text Chapter 278: Staying behind (Third update!)Text Chapter 279 Things he cannot possibly knowText Chapter 280 People who hate the rich
Text Chapter 281 What a terrible person (third update!)Text Chapter 282 The topic of slavesText Chapter 283 Bad SuggestionsText Chapter 284 I’m so tired (Third update!)
Text Chapter 285 Off-topic conversationText Chapter 286 Little Fatty EdText Chapter 287 The little fat man is a talent (third update!)Text Chapter 288 After the banquet
Text Chapter 289 People leaving the banquetText Chapter 290 The trend is gradually rising (Third update!)Text Chapter 291 Can be usedText Chapter 292 Development in progress
Text Chapter 293 His Highness’s plan is very good (third update!)Text Chapter 294: Lisbon’s Crackdown on GangstersText Chapter 295 Plans and ChangesText Chapter 296 Many people want to join (third update!)
Text Chapter 297 Looking for the right candidateText Chapter 298 The downtrodden nobleText Chapter 299 If you need anything, just come to me (third update!)Text Chapter 300 I want to meet him
Text Chapter 301 Very good ideaText Chapter 302 Midnight ConversationText Chapter 303 Someone wants to see you, Your HighnessText Chapter 304 Why Choose Us
Text Chapter 305 I really want to meet this His HighnessText Chapter 306 Everything is settledText Chapter 307 Product PromotionText Chapter 308 The Cornerstone of the Empire
Text Chapter 309 The momentum is very goodText Chapter 310 Someone asked to be an agentText Chapter 311 Preparing to leave Lisbon (third update!)Text Chapter 312 Sailing to the Mediterranean
Text Chapter 313 Beirut BusinessmanText Chapter 314 Help me buy a mansion in AlexandriaText Chapter 315 The All-American Girl with Both Talent and TalentText Chapter 316 Marseille, here I come
Text Chapter 317 He is so youngText Chapter 317 He is so young (third update!)Text Chapter 318 Really capable of yyText Chapter 319 I have a way
Text Chapter 320 Leisure time in Marseille (third update)Text Chapter 321 A headache for the SpaniardsText Chapter 322 Sooner or later there will be a monopolyText Chapter 323 The Rise of the Knights (Third update!)
Text Chapter 324 What is his purpose?Text Chapter 325 They are comingText Chapter 326 It is indeed a goblin (third update!)Text Chapter 327 Pretending to be 13...
Text Chapter 328 Are you kidding?Text Chapter 329 Be careful, she is a slut (third update!)Text Chapter 330 Missionaries in AmericaText Chapter 331 What are you going to do?
Text Chapter 332 The Priests are in Action (Third update!)Text Chapter 333: Selling, it just depends on the priceText Chapter 334 Everything is under controlText Chapter 335 The Developing Manhattan (Third update!)
Text Chapter 336 ‘God’?Text Chapter 337 Pirates in the SanatoriumText Chapter 338 It should be solved (third update!)Text Chapter 339 If you want to cooperate, give me a favor
Text Chapter 340 How many troops can you send?Text Chapter 341: Extremely Sexy (Third update!)Text Chapter 342 Louis XIII’s Secret JoyText Chapter 343 The Angry Duke of Orleans
Text Chapter 344 Emma’s Self-blameText Chapter 345 Mary’s PlanText 13800100.сomText Chapter 346 The old lady’s analysis
Text Chapter 347 Zhao Hongyu’s Guarantee (Third update!)Text Chapter 348 Battle of ManhattanText Chapter 349 The situation is a bit unfavorableText Chapter 350 Battle at Coastal Forts (Third update!)
Text Chapter 351 The Iron Fishing Boat AppearsText Chapter 352 The pirates retreatText Chapter 353: The aftermath (third update!)Text Chapter 354 Intercepted Letter
Text Chapter 355 Prior ArrangementsText Chapter 356 Meeting Mary (Third update!)Text Chapter 357 Prepare to take actionText Chapter 358 Delicious Prisoner
Text Chapter 359 The miserable Grand Duke (Third update!)Text Chapter 360 Heading to AlexandriaText Chapter 361 Wang Shan’s TroubleText Chapter 362: Fight against local tyrants and divide the fields (third update!)
Text Chapter 363 The Knights in ActionText Chapter 364 What are they going to do!Text Chapter 365 Arriving at Alexandria (Third update!)Text Chapter 366 Cairo City
Text Chapter 367 BlockerText Chapter 368: Curious about everything (third update!)Text Chapter 369 Apudullah’s ServantText Chapter 370 The Residence in Cairo
Text Chapter 371 A Black Beauty with Special Skills (Third update!)Text Chapter 372 Do you believe in God?Text Chapter 373: Developed!Text Chapter 374 Long live dnd!
Text Chapter 375 Tribunal, interestingText Chapter 376 Frightened SaraText Chapter 377: Deception, continue to deceiveText Chapter 378 Various Matters
Text Chapter 379 The storm is risingText Chapter 380 Departure and Return (Third update!)Text Chapter 381 Welcome back, Your HighnessText Chapter 382 Everything is not bad
Text Chapter 383 I'll go ahead and build the railway! (Third update!)Text Chapter 384 Is this a garbage collection station?Text Chapter 385 Are we going to attack Central America?Text Chapter 386 Do we still need a reason? (Third update!)
Text Chapter 387 The British are destined to be unluckyText Chapter 388 The War in EuropeText Chapter 389 Are they strong? No, there are weaknesses (third update!)Text Chapter 390 Brutal Battle
Text Chapter 391 Heart BleedingText Chapter 392 Think of a solutionText Chapter 393 This food is really goodText Chapter 394 Different Concepts
Text Chapter 395 Send troops to PennsylvaniaText Chapter 396 The situation is not goodText Chapter 397 A large number of refugeesText Chapter 398: For the sake of the master, rush (third update!)
Text Chapter 399 Large Circle Shooting TechniqueText Chapter 400 ConfidentText Chapter 401 This is a God-given opportunityText Chapter 402 The Empire’s Version
Text Chapter 403 I already have a planText Chapter 404 It’s almost the New YearText Chapter 405 Basically stableText Chapter 406 There is a surprise
Text Chapter 407 He really cheated meText Chapter 407 It’s really a lie (third update!)Text Chapter 408 There are so many IndiansText Chapter 409 Mr. Weng (Please support the genuine version!)
Text Chapter 410 Immigration is a good thingText Chapter 411 China leads the trendText Chapter 412 Yeah, there are sauerkraut to eatText Chapter 413 What the father-in-law is worried about... (Third update!)
Text Chapter 414 Ridiculing Wang ShanText Chapter 415: Go to the noodle shopText Chapter 416 Wang Shan’s Little ProposalText Chapter 417 The enemy from the north
Text Chapter 418 Everything is being preparedText Chapter 419: Get it in San DiegoText Chapter 420 You are too youngText Chapter 421 The road ahead is still long
Text Chapter 422 Song Hu and Professor Liu (third update!)Text Chapter 423 What a great guyText Chapter 424 Wild animal husbandry can be developedText Chapter 425: Master, give someone a rest
Text Chapter 426 I want to see somethingText Chapter 427 Want to live? Work! Work! Work!Text Chapter 428 European hard laborers (third update!)Text Chapter 429: Advising Your Highness to go to the East for a visit
Text Chapter 430 There is a population in Ming DynastyText Chapter 431 Give me three hundred urban management officials...Text Chapter 432 Let you eat enoughText Chapter 433 Sun Dazhu’s methods
Text Chapter 434 Professor Liu targets ‘my Qing Dynasty’ (third update!)Text Chapter 435 Years agoText Chapter 436 Target, WillemstadText Chapter 437 The Dutch have their own thoughts
Text Chapter 438 There is nothing I can doText Chapter 439 It all depends on God’s willText Chapter 440 A mentally retarded strategy (third update!)Text Chapter 441: If you want to negotiate terms, there is no way
Text Chapter 442 The Resurgent ThreatText Chapter 443 The faith plan is about to be put forward (third update!)Text Chapter 444 We need to use Wang ShanText Chapter 445 Professor Liu’s small request
Text Chapter 446 White Skin, Heart of Indians (Third update!)Text Chapter 447 DevelopingText Chapter 448 It’s Chinese New YearText Chapter 449 Prepare to face the battle (third update!)
Text Chapter 450 The Caribbean War BeginsText Chapter 451 Galliford’s DespairText Chapter 452 Don’t play by the rules (third update!)Text Chapter 453: That trick can’t scare us
Text Chapter 454 Wang Shan’s little planText Chapter 455 How about calling it ‘Jie Jiao’?Text Chapter 456 Those PeopleText Chapter 457 Didn’t your Lord tell you?
Text Chapter 458 Fanning the RiotText Chapter 459 Ruthless SuppressionText Chapter 460 Is it time to sit on the wax?Text Chapter 461: Heartbroken (Third update!)
Text Chapter 462 Public TrialText Chapter 463 Thoughtful PeopleText Chapter 464 Sarah’s AttitudeText Chapter 465 Be careful with everything
Text Chapter 466 Sarah is obsessed with the EastText Chapter 467 European SituationText Chapter 467 The Situation in Europe (Third update!)Text Chapter 468 Chaos caused by Spain
Text Chapter 469 The situation is goodText Chapter 470 Little Louis XIII (Third update!)Text Chapter 471 The Season of Resurrection of All ThingsText Chapter 472 Route
Text Chapter 473 A kind reminder (Third update, the chapters coded for heat stroke may be a bit messy)Text Chapter 474 The British’s Little CalculationText Chapter 475 What a beautiful thought正文 第476章 你们可以垫付啊
Text Chapter 477 is pitifulText Chapter 478 Those RumorsText Chapter 479: The Excluded Britain (Third update!)Text Chapter 480 Doesn’t this make sense?
Text Chapter 481 Butterfly EffectText Chapter 482 Remember, collateral is requiredText Chapter 482 Remember, collateral is required (Third update!)Text Chapter 483 Heading to the East
Text Chapter 484 What do you think?Text Chapter 485 The wheels of history are turning (third update!)Text Chapter 486 TransitionText Chapter 487 The Kingdom of Hope
Text Chapter 488 Understand, start from hereText Chapter 489 So far awayText Chapter 490 There is a lot of delicious food hereText Chapter 491 The darkest and most shameless
Text Chapter 492 Colony, CayenneText Chapter 493 The Dutch are really weakText Chapter 494: Oriental Passengers on a Dutch Ship (Third update!)Text Chapter 495 Leaving Cayenne
Text Chapter 496 Encounter at SeaText Chapter 497 They are Eastern Pirates (Third update!)Text Chapter 498: They are all of Chinese blood, save meText Chapter 499 These people should be useful
Text Chapter 500 We are descendants of the Song DynastyText Chapter 500 We are descendants of the Song Dynasty (third update!)Text Chapter 501 Liu Dascar’s ThoughtsText Chapter 502 This ship... is awesome
Text Chapter 503 Old Master Wang’s ThoughtsText Chapter 504 MeasurementText Chapter 505 But he likes the girl in our armyText Chapter 506 Wang Shan’s kind reminder (third update!)
Text Chapter 507 I only care about herText Chapter 508 Wang Shan’s Outlook for Master WangText Chapter 509 Find an opportunity to meet?Text Chapter 509 Find an opportunity to meet? (Third update!)
Text Chapter 510 Chatting during the voyageText Chapter 511 About the Inca EmpireText Chapter 512 Loyal Dog Leg King MountainText Chapter 512 Loyal Dog Leg King Mountain (Third update!)
Text Chapter 513 The Forgotten GirlText Chapter 514 It’s so blasphemousText Chapter 515 Is this just the case? No! (Third update!)Text Chapter 516 The world of God...
Text Chapter 517 Many people don’t understandText Chapter 518 You can’t imagine this world (third update!)Text Chapter 519 Someone in historical recordsText Chapter 520 What is buried in the long river of ‘history’
Text Chapter 521 The real ‘history’! (Third update!)Text Chapter 522 Slowly Entering the UrnText Chapter 523 Omnipotent GodText Chapter 524 Jenny is completely tricked
Text Chapter 525 Meeting Zhao HongyuText Chapter 526 Mr. Wang inquiresText Chapter 527 Arriving in San FranciscoText Chapter 527 Arrival in San Francisco (third update!)
Text Chapter 528 What a fertile landText Chapter 529 The Pirates’ PlanText Chapter 530: Pirates registered in Zhao Song Dynasty (third update!)Text Chapter 531 Dividing Land
Text Chapter 532 ChatText Chapter 533 Understanding (Third update!)Text Chapter 534 Are you satisfied?Text Chapter 535 Things to consider
Text Chapter 536 Eyes Hidden in the Grass (Third update!)Text Chapter 537 Cook Tribe-EagleText Chapter 538 Tentative ContactText Chapter 539 Maybe we can join forces (third update!)
Text Chapter 540 Heartbeat, heartbeatText Chapter 541 We can engage in arms tradeText Chapter 542: Everyone thought they were taking advantage (third update!)Text Chapter 543 Temporary Camp
Text Chapter 544 Eagle, shockingText Chapter 545 Everything is left to you (third update!)Text Chapter 546 European War (1)Text Chapter 547 European War (2)
Text Chapter 548 European Warfare (Third update!)Text Chapter 549 ShoutingText Chapter 550 Worry about RumorsText Chapter 551 The Cardinal’s Proposal (Third update!)
Text Chapter 552 Satan in AmericaText Chapter 553 Damn it, we are not bird peopleText Chapter 554 Preparing to dispatch the ‘Jiaojiao’ tribunal (third update!)Text Chapter 555 The clouds are gathering
Text Chapter 556 Leaving San FranciscoText Chapter 557 The cry for help from the Osaka Inland Sea (third update!)Text Chapter 558 Gene people’s onlookersText Chapter 559 Nani! how so?
Text Chapter 560 Ishida Mitsunari’s Shogunate (Third update!)Text Chapter 561 These are thick thighsText Chapter 562 Master Wang’s PlanText Chapter 563 Not allowed to enter the port? (Third update!)
Text Chapter 564 Bombardment of Osaka? impossible!Text Chapter 565 What a shame!Text Chapter 566 Is this a bit of a fuss? (Third update!)Text Chapter 567 Prelude to the shelling
Text Chapter 568 How dare you fire!Text Chapter 569 Takeuchi Jin is completely stupid (third update!)Text Chapter 570 Who can tell me why this is?Text Chapter 571 Gather the soldiers!
Text Chapter 572 Your Highness, let’s withdraw (third update!)Text Chapter 573 A dumbfounding explanationText Chapter 574 The Nature of the JapaneseText Chapter 575 Sara’s confusion (third update!)
Text Chapter 576 LoginText Chapter 567 Slave Obama has met his masterText Chapter 568 Businessmen (Third update!)Text Chapter 579 Respective Decisions
Text Chapter 580 So that’s itText Chapter 581 Is this time and space so distorted?Text Chapter 582 Don’t be afraidText Chapter 583 Pretentious Tanaka
Text Chapter 584 You are just a piece of shit! (Third update!)Text Chapter 585 Everyone has his own planText Chapter 586 An episode outside the campText Chapter 587 Someone comes to visit again (third update!)
Text Chapter 588 The Dutch’s RequestText Chapter 589 The Tragic DutchText Chapter 590 Mrs. Wang’s TouchText Chapter 591 The Portuguese’s Small Report
Text Chapter 592 The Portuguese seem to be taking advantageText Chapter 593 Banning maritime trade is a bit trickyText Chapter 594 Is the price negotiable?Text Chapter 595: Take a look first and then talk
Text Chapter 596 They are looking for deathText Chapter 597 Pre-war ArrangementText Chapter 598 Thank you, MasterText Chapter 599 Damn it, Crane Wing Formation!
Text Chapter 600: It’s rude to come back but not reciprocateText Chapter 601 Defeat AshigaruText Chapter 602 The situation is reversed in the eyes of all partiesText Chapter 603 Square Spear Formation!
Text Chapter 604 Another DefeatText Chapter 605 The Osaka troops retreated (third update!)Text Chapter 606 Maybe...the Imperial Assistance Force?Text Chapter 607 Iguchi Zosan was so frightened that he almost peed
Text Chapter 608 Excited Hideyuki Kikuchi (Third update!)Text Chapter 609: The West Coast of America (Please support genuine subscription!)Text Chapter 610 I want you to see the value (please support genuine subscription!)Text Chapter 611 The thoughts of Cook people (Third update! Please support genuine subscription!)
Text Chapter 612 Do you want a spear? (Please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 613 Such a ‘spear’ (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 614 Hideyuki Kikuchi is very dissatisfied (Third update! Please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 615: It is cost-effective to support the wellhead (please support genuine subscription)
Chapter 616: This ninja is very weird (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 617 Do you want to report it to the shogunate? (Third update, please support subscribing to version 7)Text Chapter 618 Inner City of Osaka (please support genuine subscription)Chapter text Chapter 619: Coercion and inducement (please support genuine subscription)
Text Chapter 62 Main 0 Ishida’s Worry (Third update, please support genuine subscription!)Text Chapter 620 Ishida’s Worry (Third update, please support genuine subscription!)Text Chapter 621 Zhao Hongyu’s worries (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 622 Wang Liu’s shock (please support genuine subscription)
Text Chapter 623: What the predecessors left behind through time travel (three updates, please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 624 The Hope of the Tokugawa Ninjas (1)Text Chapter 625 The Hope of the Tokugawa Ninjas (2)Text Chapter 626 The Hope of the Tokugawa Ninjas (Third update!)
Text Chapter 627: You must be careful about ninjas (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 628 Sir, have mercy on me! (Please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 629 It’s easy to conquer them (third update!)Text Chapter 630: Blame the blame, you have to bear it even if you don’t (please support genuine subscription)
Text Chapter 631 Talent, damn talent (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 632: Those ‘things’ in Osaka Castle (third update!)Text Chapter 633 I can’t laugh or cry (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 634 The taste is too strong (please support genuine subscription)
Text Chapter 635 Aren’t others worried? (Third update!)Text Chapter 636 Hattori Chizuru’s reminder (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 637 The Timid Tokugawa Kayo (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 638 Tokugawa Kayo’s rhetorical question (third update!)
Text Chapter 639 Tokugawa Kayo’s surrender (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 640 I can summon the Iga people (please support genuine subscription)Text Chapter 641 The reaction of everyone in Tokugawa (third update!)Text Chapter 642 Tomboy Chizuru
Text Chapter 643 A little ambiguityText Chapter 644 Humph, I don’t believe this (third update!)Text Chapter 645 His Highness and the Girls (1st update)Text Chapter 646 I’m starting to like you a little bit (Second update!)
Text Chapter 647 The smart fat man, Yuji (third update!)Text Chapter 648 Edo CastleText Chapter 649 LailaiziText Chapter 650 Takeuchi Jin and Rairako
Text Chapter 650 Takeuchi Jin and Raiko (third update!)Text Chapter 651 Discussion in the General’s MansionText Chapter 652: Disposal of Takeuchi JinText Chapter 653 Lailaizi and the General (Third update!)
Text Chapter 654 Abnormal JapaneseText Chapter 655 Lailaizi takes ‘eye medicine’Text Chapter 656 Fuma Kotaro (Third update!)Text Chapter 657 Another Council Meeting
Text Chapter 658: The shogunate crowd caused by the riftText Chapter 659 Undercurrent in the Calm (Third update!)Text Chapter 660 A kind reminderText Chapter 661 Hattori Onizou
Text Chapter 662 60% chance (third update!)Text Chapter 663 The fleet goes to EdoText Chapter 664 Unstable FactorsText Chapter 665 The Dark Cloud of the Crusade (Third update!)
Text Chapter 666 Can be made?Text Chapter 667 Can be made? (two)Text Chapter 668: Disagreements among the Jiahe people (third update!)Text Chapter 669 Kogoro’s Victory
Text Chapter 670 A man and a woman with a complicated relationshipText Chapter 671 The Marching Crusade (Third update!)Text Chapter 672 Takahashi mistreats peopleText Chapter 673 General Feng Shi’s decision
Text Chapter 674 Takahashi Rensuke Still PerseveringText Chapter 675 The Twisted TakahashiText Chapter 676: The resentment of the horse crowdText Chapter 677 Sacrificing oneself for others New soldier guard (third update!)
Text Chapter 678 Lover or fool?Text Chapter 679 The man hiding in the treeText Chapter 680 Looking for Flaws (Third update!)Text Chapter 681 Please remember me
Text Chapter 682 Cruel realityText Chapter 683 The tangled Ishida Aido (third update!)Text Chapter 684: Don’t offend meText Chapter 685 Confrontation between the two armies
Text Chapter 686: Takahashi showing off his power (third update!)Text Chapter 687: Come on!Text Chapter 688 Bite the bullet and rush!Text Chapter 689: Defeated again (third update!)
Text Chapter 690 Still arrogantText Chapter 691 What are you going to do!Text Chapter 692 The ancients were not ordinary either (third update!)Text Chapter 693 They have become smarter
Text Chapter 694: Attacked from all sidesText Chapter 695 Fortunately, I have money (third update!)Text Chapter 696 Naval Battle Off OsakaText Chapter 697 Naval Battle Off Osaka (2)
Text Chapter 698 Naval Battle Off Osaka (Third update!)Text Chapter 699 Surrender? Not accepted!Text Chapter 700 The desperate Japanese navyText Chapter 701 I am the eldest wife, you have to listen to me (third update!)
Text Chapter 702 Hattori Onizou’s AdviceText Chapter 703 Zhao Hongyu’s planText Chapter 704 The night here is quiet (third update!)Text Chapter 705 It’s all Takahashi’s fault
Text Chapter 706 Houtian is in actionText Chapter 707 If I had known earlier, I... (Third update!)Text Chapter 708 The prodigal lordText Chapter 709 Diaosi vs. Gao Fushuai
Text Chapter 710 The counterattack of diaosi?Text Chapter 711 Self-ReflectionText Chapter 712: Pretend I didn’t expect it!Text Chapter 713 The situation is reversed and a great defeat occurs (third update!)
Text Chapter 714 This is Lord MingText Chapter 715 Mingzhu is also mentally retardedText Chapter 716 Sir, Osaka Castle has been captured (third update!)Text Chapter 717 After entering the city
Text Chapter 718 Humph, the enemy made a big mistakeText Chapter 719 They are really stupid (third update!)Text Chapter 720 EdoText Chapter 721: Not as good as Manhattan
Text Chapter 722: Defense 10 suit (third update!)Text Chapter 723 Is it a bit inconsistent?Text Chapter 724 Things not consideredText Chapter 725 The Gentle Man in Hattori Chizuru’s Eyes (Third update!)
Text Chapter 726 Oh, there are so many peopleText Chapter 727 Yuuji, what do you think we should do about this matter?Text Chapter 728 This move is really damaging (third update!)Text Chapter 729: Just what you want
Text Chapter 730 We still have to solve the problemText Chapter 731 New flagship products in the Americas (third update!)Text Chapter 732: Two or Three Things in America (1)Text Chapter 733: Two or Three Things in America (2)
Text Chapter 734: Two or Three Things in America (Third update!)Text Chapter 735 Another taken advantage ofText Chapter 736 ‘Benefiting’ the worldText Chapter 737 After talking about business matters, let’s talk about private matters (third update!)
Text Chapter 738 Gourmet ManhattanText Chapter 739 In Ontario CityText Chapter 740: Cultural people are even darker (third update!)Text Chapter 741 Professor Liu’s Status
Text Chapter 742 If you do well, you will be rewardedText Chapter 743 The old god is Professor Liu (third update!)Text Chapter 743 You have to give me an explanationText Chapter 745 What is this rhythm?
Text Chapter 746 Brothers are very aware (third update!)Text Chapter 747 The emotions of the advanced peopleText Chapter 748 Diaosi turned over, this isText Chapter 749 The episode Song Hu has to face (third update!)
Text Chapter 750 Complex reasonsText Chapter 751 Vision for the futureText Chapter 752: Put down rootsText Chapter 753 The Pagans Landed
Text Chapter 754 The Situation on the European ContinentText Chapter 755 Jenny’s curiosity (third update!)Text Chapter 756 If there is a connection, there will be changesText Chapter 757: Hope of having enough to eat
Text Chapter 758: Obtaining intelligence documents (third update!)Text Chapter 759 It turns out to be a temptationText Chapter 760: Teaching with reservationsText Chapter 761 European cities are too bad (third update!)
Text Chapter 762 The second taskText Chapter 763: I don’t like anyoneText Chapter 764 Troubled BisevText Chapter 765 The Unforeseen Future
Text Chapter 766 West Coast of AmericaText Chapter 767 We are better than the EuropeansText Chapter 768 AustraliaText Chapter 769 What kind of flowers bloom?
Text Chapter 770 Both parties are satisfied (third update!)Text Chapter 771 The battle is in progressText Chapter 772 There is nothing to be afraid ofText Chapter 773 I can’t figure it out (third update!)
Text Chapter 774 A little waveringText Chapter 775: Could it be a mistake?Text Chapter 776 Ishida Hiro was so scared that he peed (third update!)Text Chapter 777 Turtle in the Urn
Text Chapter 778 A desperate breakoutText Chapter 779 This bitch looks like an actress (third update!)Text Chapter 780 What a disappointmentText Chapter 781 Heart and Liver Trembling Lairaiko
Text Chapter 782 Fujoshi will like it... (Third update!)Text Chapter 783: Father and daughter, they are pervertsText Chapter 784 The trio of messengersText Chapter 785: Someone to talk to (third update!)
Text Chapter 786 The Emperor for ‘Love’Text Chapter 787 The cession of Kyushu, achieved in nameText Chapter 788 The distressed Fuma Kotaro (third update!)Text Chapter 789 Ishida-kun, please wake up!
Text Chapter 790 How could this happen?Text Chapter 791 What Ishida-kun has to bear... (Third update!)Text Chapter 792 Inside Osaka CastleText Chapter 793: Want to trap us to death, dreaming!
Text Chapter 794 Tokugawa Kayo’s AmbitionText Chapter 795 Who is Lailaizi?Text Chapter 796 The shogun and the emperor are gay friends!Text Chapter 797 Tokugawa Kayo recommends himself (third update!)
Text Chapter 798 Female literary youth and female rogueText Chapter 799 Burn, the fire of BaguaText Chapter 800: Keep going, don’t stop (Third update!)Text Chapter 801 It would be good for the lady to follow him
Text Chapter 802 Ishida Aido’s concessionText Chapter 803: Divine Skill, Emma’s ContemptText Chapter 804 I’m backText Chapter 805 How about the Kyushu Navy?
Text Chapter 806 Maybe you can accept him (third update!)Text Chapter 807 The young man is willing to be a middle-aged manText Chapter 808 On the voyageText Chapter 809 The reaction of Kyushu people (third update!)
Text Chapter 810 War clouds are gathering in KyushuText Chapter 811 Meeting ‘Pie’ Li XiangText Chapter 812 I want sixteen warships! (Third update!)Text Chapter 813: Strong walls and clear fields?
Text Chapter 814 Use more cannons to amaze the people of KyushuText Chapter 815 The war spirit is high among the people of Jiuzhou (Third update!)Text Chapter 816 ReciprocityText Chapter 817 The End of Uraseng Ninjas
Text Chapter 818: Soldiers Arrive at Maitreya Plain (Third update!)Text Chapter 819 Confidence brought by advantagesText Chapter 820 All-Army AssaultText Chapter 821 The Price of Progress
Text Chapter 822 Shura FieldText Chapter 823 How did it get to this point?Text Chapter 824: I’ll cripple you all at once (three updates!)Text Chapter 825 We must continue to fight!
Text Chapter 826 Preparing for the second battleText Chapter 827: Fujita’s Second Year Contempt (Third update!)Text Chapter 828 The Sorrow of the WarriorText Chapter 829 Trouble arises
Text Chapter 830 The Imperial Alliance Army attacks (third update!)Text Chapter 831 Roman Turtle FormationText Chapter 832 Everyone is persistingText Chapter 833 The battle at Maitreya is over (third update!)
Text Chapter 834 Cleaning the battlefieldText Chapter 835 Can Kyushu’s captured soldiers be transformed?Text Chapter 836 Let’s continue with the palace affairs (third update!)Text Chapter 837 Anecdotes from a small village
Text Chapter 838 Can this battle still be fought?Text Chapter 839 The Regretful Second Year Fujita (Third update!)Text Chapter 840 Attack on Okazaki CastleText Chapter 841 Powerless Resistance
Text Chapter 842: Attacking Okazaki Castle (Third update!)Text Chapter 843 Fujita is a sophomore in high school? So contemptuousText Chapter 844 It’s hard to be famousText Chapter 845 The Samurai’s Last Song (Third update!)
Text Chapter 846 A Night in Okazaki CastleText Chapter 847 The Miyazaki Strategy BeginsText Chapter 848 Do you want to lead the army? (Third update!)Text Chapter 849 A heart-to-heart conversation
Text Chapter 850 Gene Man’s SuggestionsText Chapter 851 Yuji Kawabe meets obstacles (third update!)Text Chapter 852 Satsuma DomainText Chapter 853 The clever Yamaguchi Shigenobu
Text Chapter 854 Nervous information (third update!)Text Chapter 855 Harsh EnvironmentText Chapter 856: Soldiers Arrive at Shiliang CityText Chapter 857 The cannon fodder that comes to your door (third update!)
Text Chapter 858 The Baron’s TurnaroundText Chapter 859: Hold the golden thigh firmlyText Chapter 860 Let’s make a fortune (third update!)Text Chapter 861: Your Highness, when will we come?
Text Chapter 862 Thank you for your generosity, Your HighnessText Chapter 863 We are a city that never falls (third update!)Text Chapter 864 Test GunText Chapter 865 All-out bombardment
Text Chapter 866 The city that never falls? I bother! (Third update!)Text Chapter 867 Li Xiang on the way back (1)Text Chapter 868 Li Xiang on the way back (2)Text Chapter 869 I suspect something big is going on (third update!)
Text Chapter 870: After taking the boat, we can’t break away from each otherText Chapter 871 Think of a way outText Chapter 872 Return to the old nestText Chapter 873 Let’s go and meet them
Text Chapter 874 MeetingText Chapter 875: He who is the head of the family, think about your children and grandchildren (third update!)Text Chapter 876 WorryText Chapter 877 Doubts
Text Chapter 878 How is it possible! ? (Third update!)Text Chapter 879 I don’t believe it!Text Chapter 880 Let’s get down to businessText Chapter 881 Li Xiang needs to be considered (third update!)
Text Chapter 882 Is there such a good thing?Text Chapter 883 This is a way outText Chapter 884 People’s thoughts are moving (third update!)Text Chapter 885 Yang Biao’s worries
Text Chapter 886 Actually I’m waitingText Chapter 887 Don’t believe this, it’s just bragging (third update!)Text Chapter 888 The offensive went smoothlyText Chapter 889 Yuji Kawabe’s Ambition
Text Chapter 890 Are they crazy?Text Chapter 891 Invasion Like Fire (1)Text Chapter 892: Invasion Like Fire (2)Text Chapter 893 Invasion is like fire
Text Chapter 894 Continue to invest troops?Text Chapter 895 Roderney’s TroubleText Chapter 896 Great Reward and Butterfly (Third update!)Text Chapter 897 Beheading Operation
Text Chapter 898 We want to surrenderText Chapter 899 Let’s get in touch and see (third update!)Text Chapter 900 Preparing to Persuade SurrenderText Chapter 901 Preparing to Persuade Surrender (2)
Text Chapter 902 I’m scared to death (third update!)Text Chapter 903 The army enters the cityText Chapter 904 Information about the hinterland of Satsuma DomainText Chapter 905 Arrangements need to be made in advance (third update!)
Text Chapter 906 Focus on Manhattan (1)Text Chapter 907 Focus on Manhattan (2)Text Chapter 908 Focus on Manhattan (3)Text Chapter 909 Focus on Manhattan (4)
Text Chapter 910 Focus on Manhattan (5)Text Chapter 911 Focus on Manhattan (6)Text Chapter 912 I want to give you a task (Happy New Year’s Day to book friends)Text Chapter 913 Which route to take? (Happy New Year to book friends)
Text Chapter 914 Ready (Third update, I wish book friends a happy New Year)Text Chapter 915 A serious problemText Chapter 916 This is the only way to use itText Chapter 917 Manhattan at night (third update!)
Text Chapter 918 Big BossText Chapter 919 Bitch, just hypocriticalText Chapter 920 Okay! Tough guy, I like it (three updates!)Text Chapter 921 Give me a pleasure
Text Chapter 922 Unexpected InformationText Chapter 923 Why did they do this (third update!)Text Chapter 924 WorryText Chapter 925 Report to the Governor
Text Chapter 926 The ambitions of European gangsters (third update!)Text Chapter 927 A slight change of planText Chapter 928 It’s time to prepareText Chapter 929 What does he win with? (Third update!)
Text Chapter 930 Are they scared?Text Chapter 931: If you want to get away with it, there’s no way!Text Chapter 932 Jie Jiao is in action (third update!)Text Chapter 933 That's called the Scourge Legion...
Text Chapter 934 What do you believe in?Text Chapter 935: Interception is not easy (third update!)Text Chapter 936 How can this be broken?Text Chapter 937 Bill’s Plan
Text Chapter 938 They can’t be the only one in the family (third update!)Text Chapter 939 The gang members suddenly became enlightenedText Chapter 940 Being threatenedText Chapter 941 Fa Ge’s opportunity has arrived (third update!)
Text Chapter 942 DestructionText Chapter 943 The war in Kyushu ends (1)Text Chapter 944 The war in Kyushu ends (2)Text Chapter 945 The war in Kyushu ends (3)
Text Chapter 946 The war in Kyushu ends (4)Text Chapter 947 The five-star flag flutters (third update!)Text Chapter 948 Li Xiang’s PressureText Chapter 949 The three women’s confusion
Text Chapter 950 He is still useful (third update!)Text Chapter 951 Do the math and be shockedText Chapter 952 A real prodigalText Chapter 953 The senses are pretty good (third update!)
Text Chapter 954 Li Xiang, come to the bowl quicklyText Chapter 955 Li Xiang, come to the bowl quickly (2)Text Chapter 956 Li Xiang, come to the bowl quickly (3)Text Chapter 957 Evaluation of Zheng Zhilong
Text Chapter 958 Tragedy Li without haloText Chapter 959 This winter is not too coldText Chapter 960 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (1)Text Chapter 961 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (2)
Text Chapter 962 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (3)Text Chapter 963 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (4)Text Chapter 964 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (5)Text Chapter 965 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (6)
Text Chapter 966 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (7)Text Chapter 967 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (8)Text Chapter 968 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (9)Text Chapter 969 Li Xiangzhi’s experiences in Nagasaki (10)
Text Chapter 970 What are effervescent tablets?Text Chapter 971 Amami Island Crisis (Third update!)Text Chapter 972 Show offText Chapter 973 Show off (2)
Text Chapter 974 The enemy is attacking (third update!)Text Chapter 975 The Battle of Amami Island (1)Text Chapter 976 The Battle of Amami Island (2)Text Chapter 977 The Battle of Amami Island (Third update!)
Text Chapter 978 The Battle of Amami Island (4)Text Chapter 979 The Battle of Amami Island (5)Text Chapter 980 The Battle of Amami Island (6)Text Chapter 981 The Battle of Amami Island (7)
Text Chapter 982 The Battle of Amami Island (8)Text Chapter 983 The Battle of Amami Island (9)Text Chapter 984 The Battle of Amami Island (10)Text Chapter 985 The Battle of Amami Island (11)
Text Chapter 986 The Battle of Amami Island (12)Text Chapter 987 The Battle of Amami Island (13)Text Chapter 988 The Battle of Amami Island (Epilogue)Text Chapter 989 The Sad Old Man (Third Update)
Text Chapter 990 It’s really unbearableText Chapter 991 AnnouncementText Chapter 992 Biaozi, understand your position (third update!)Text Chapter 993 Outside Hangzhou
Text Chapter 994: Boss, what’s wrong with you?Text Chapter 995 Mrs. Wang’s Family Matters (Third update!)Text Chapter 996 Dad, I have a secretText Chapter 997 No matter what, you are our father
Text Chapter 998 Dark Memories (Third update!)Text Chapter 999 Is my Wang family going to become prosperous? (Happy New Year’s Eve!)Text Chapter 1000 Historical Gossip (Happy New Year’s Eve!)Text Chapter 1001 Exposed (Third update! Congratulations on the new year!)
Text Chapter 1002 PreparationText Chapter 1003 Niu Er’s VisitText Chapter 1004 Niu Er made a mistake (third update!)Text Chapter 1005 Dad won’t let you fall into the pit of fire
Text Chapter 1006 Don’t even think about it!Text Chapter 1007 Nagasaki in the Eyes of the Amami Island (Third update!)Text Chapter 1008 Chat (1)Text Chapter 1009 Chat (2)
Text Chapter 1010 Chat (3)Text Chapter 1011 What do you think of Zheng Zhilong?Text Chapter 1012: Bear with it for the time being and get a chance to take revengeText Chapter 1013 What you can do and what you are prepared to do (third update!)
Text Chapter 1014 The Developing America (1)Text Chapter 1015 The Crown Prince, the sun that never sets in America (2)Text Chapter 1016: Thunder or not, as long as it works (third update!)Text Chapter 1017 Focus on Europa
Text Chapter 1018 New popular products in EuropeText Chapter 1019 The changes in my eyes (third update!)Text Chapter 1020 Do you dare to owe me money?Text Chapter 1021 What does he want?
Text Chapter 1022 Black! black! black!Text Chapter 1023 The second newsText Chapter 1024 Is there such a thing?Text Chapter 1025 Don’t worry, this happened by accident
Text Chapter 1026 Everyone agreesText Chapter 1027 Chinese ChauvinistsText Chapter 1028 Who ate the leopard’s gall? (Third update!)Text Chapter 1029 Damn Aboriginals
Text Chapter 1030 Cause of ConflictText Chapter 1031 Commander Jay Chou’s worries (third update!)Text Chapter 1032 The Style of the Imperial ArmyText Chapter 1033 The Crisis of the Imperial Girl
Text Chapter 1034 The tears of girls (third update!)Text Chapter 1035 Commander Zhou, is this too cruel?Text Chapter 1036 The attitude of the imperial girlsText Chapter 1037 Commander Zhou’s Diary
Text Chapter 1038 The fleet sets off, sailing to KyushuText Chapter 1039 ManilaText Chapter 1040: Getting angry when seeing aboriginals (Third update!)Text Chapter 1041 The distorted history and the tragic Spaniards
Text Chapter 1042 The Spaniards’ PlanText Chapter 1043 Have you heard of the ‘Song Empire’? (Third update!)Text Chapter 1044 Song, very powerfulText Chapter 1045 ‘Thick Thighs’ in the Eyes of Spaniards
Text Chapter 1046: Your Majesty the Governor, the natives are going to riot (third update!)Text Chapter 1047 History continues to be crooked (1)Text Chapter 1048 History continues to be crooked (2)Text Chapter 1049 History continues to be twisted (third update!)
Text Chapter 1050 Why!Text Chapter 1051 Our RequestText Chapter 1052: Really willing to spend money (third update!)Text Chapter 1053 San Francisco (1)
Text Chapter 1054 San Francisco (2)Text Chapter 1055 San Francisco (Third update!)Text Chapter 1056 San Francisco (4)Text Chapter 1057 San Francisco (5)
Text Chapter 1058 San Francisco (6)Text Chapter 1059 San Francisco (7)Text Chapter 1060 San Francisco (8)Text Chapter 1061 San Francisco (9)
Text Chapter 1062 San Francisco (10)Text Chapter 1063 San Francisco (11)Text Chapter 1064 San Francisco (12)Text Chapter 1065 San Francisco (13)
Text Chapter 1066 San Francisco (14)Text Chapter 1067 San Francisco (15)Text Chapter 1068 Focus on the EastText Chapter 1069 Uncle teaches nephew
Text Chapter 1070 Li Xiang’s Analysis (Third update!)Text Chapter 1071 Lively NagasakiText Chapter 1072 Goryeo BusinessmenText Chapter 1073 The stunned Korean merchant (third update!)
Text Chapter 1074 It’s hard to believeText Chapter 1075 The Japanese are unlucky and the Koreans are happyText Chapter 1076 Koreans Drinking Fake Wine (Third update!)Text Chapter 1077 This is winter
Text Chapter 1078 What did you say!Text Chapter 1079 I don’t accept it! (Third update!)Text Chapter 1080 Who asked you to interrupt?Text Chapter 1081 Lock me up first
Text Chapter 1082 Heartbroken Song of HellText Chapter 1083 I’m convincedText Chapter 1084 I can finally leaveText Chapter 1085 The Koreans have no choice
Text Chapter 1086 He probably can’tText Chapter 1087 The deal is concludedText Chapter 1088 Promoting sanitary napkinsText Chapter 1089: There is no light in the east, but there is light in the west
Text Chapter 1090 The Good News for MenText Chapter 1091 Who would believe it?Text Chapter 1092 You can try it yourselfText Chapter 1093 Zhenchang’s Resentment
Text Chapter 1094 The Bad Water in ZhenchangText Chapter 1095 The Ming Empire in Jin Yongtai’s EyesText Chapter 1096: Just powerful on the surfaceText Chapter 1097 Houjin in Zhao Zhenchang’s Eyes
Text Chapter 1098 My grandfather’s grandfather...Text Chapter 1099 Do you believe it or not?Text Chapter 1100 Good waist! Good kidneys! Good kung fu!Text Chapter 1101 The only copy of Japan
Text Chapter 1102 The incompetent KoreansText Chapter 1103 Just think of raising pigsText Chapter 1104 Who is darker than whom?Text Chapter 1105 Mysterious and mysterious
Text Chapter 1106 Door-to-door businessText Chapter 1107 Defeat the KoreansText Chapter 1108 Zheng Zhilong’s UnexpectedText Chapter 1109 Song Empire?
Text Chapter 1110 They are very strongText Chapter 1111 The salted fish turned overText Chapter 1112 Zheng Zhilong’s desire for dominanceText Chapter 1113 This Era
Text Chapter 1114 Daming, here I comeText Chapter 1115 Hundreds of households cameText Chapter 1116. Have you reported it?Text Chapter 1117 My own mother!
Text Chapter 1118: If you have a lot of money, give me some rewardText Chapter 1119 Hey, look, golden retriever girlsText Chapter 1120 These people are really ignorantText Chapter 1121 Can’t ignore it
Text Chapter 1122: Robbery in the BackyardText Chapter 1123 What’s going on!Text Chapter 1124 Believe me, it’ll be okay!Text Chapter 1125 Stalemate
Text Chapter 1126 Is there any benefit?Text Chapter 1127 Let’s go to the cityText Chapter 1128 Roderney’s Silent ScreamText Chapter 1129 Instigation
Text Chapter 1130 Hundred Households and the PrefectText Chapter 1131 Get the money first, then do the workText Chapter 1132 This money is hotText Chapter 1133 Four old men
Text Chapter 1134 Envoy? Pirates?Text Chapter 1135 Your Highness, you have the final sayText Chapter 1136 Brothers, you have something to sayText Chapter 1137 Capital City
Text Chapter 1138 Getting rich is nowText Chapter 1139 The strange things of Lao Zhu’s familyText Chapter 1140 Liaodong RebellionText Chapter 1141 We can’t wait to die
Text Chapter 1142 Subordinate Wu SanguiText Chapter 1143 No news yetText Chapter 1144 I want to see if it’s trueText Chapter 1145 Leisure time
Text Chapter 1146 Leisurely sore ballsText Chapter 1147 Just do itText Chapter 1148 Jurchen StrikerText Chapter 1149 The Siege of the Capital
Text Chapter 1150 No peace talksText Chapter 1151 Your Majesty is wiseText Chapter 1152 The emperor is the one taking the blameText Chapter 1153 Sir, make a decision as soon as possible
Text Chapter 1154, news that crushes the bottom line in my heartText Chapter 1155 Wu Sangui’s respectText Chapter 1156 Snowy NightText Chapter 1157 Entering the Palace
Text Chapter 1158 How much is 30% interest?Text Chapter 1159 Very fairText Chapter 1160 The candle that cannot be litText Chapter 1161 Jurchen Camp
Text Chapter 1162 Huang Taiji’s AmbitionText Chapter 1163 Ming Dynasty is in troubleText Chapter 1164 It turns out that I am stupid 13Text Chapter 1165 Hey, why are you so interested?
Text Chapter 1166 Is the Emperor a human trafficker?Text Chapter 1167: Arms can also be usedText Chapter 1168 Ancestor’s EnemyText Chapter 1169 Let them die
Text Chapter 1170 Brothers, let’s goText Chapter 1171 Put them all downText Chapter 172 Important InformationText Chapter 1173 Continue the attack
Text Chapter 1174 The surrendered army is determined to dieText Chapter 1175 Attack and Defense at the City HeadText Chapter 1176 What is this?Text Chapter 1177 The Emperor is Wise
Text Chapter 1178 Don’t be afraid, little father-in-lawText Chapter 1179 Lao Xue and Little DanziText Chapter 1180 Historical CelebritiesText Chapter 1181 The Manchus Sneaking into the City
Text Chapter 1182: Palace Affairs, Family AffairsText Chapter 1183 The Worries of Women and GirlsText Chapter 1184 Do the Manchus dare to fight?Text Chapter 1185 We want to save His Highness
Text Chapter 1186 FleetText Chapter 1187 What is your conclusion?Text Chapter 1188 Let’s go to the capitalText Chapter 1189 Unnamed Village
Text Chapter 1190 The Scout’s DiscoveryText Chapter 1191 Poor people in warText Chapter 1192 Who did it! ?Text Chapter 1193 Ming Dynasty’s hidden powerful army?
Text Chapter 1194 Qing palace dramas are all liesText Chapter 1195 Zhu Shangwu’s whimsText Chapter 1196 You need to give some collateralText Chapter 1197 Choose one
Text Chapter 1198 Pre-war EstimateText Chapter 1199 Rush over!Text Chapter 1200 I also want to leave a name in historyText Chapter 1201 Don’t kill me!
Text Chapter 1202: Servant, Sony is worthy of participationText Chapter 1203 They are of great useText Chapter 1204 Did it fall from the sky?Text Chapter 1205 They don’t know how powerful they are yet
Text Chapter 1206 This is a serious problem for Hou JinText Chapter 1207 ChangesText Chapter 1208 Liaodong AffairsText Chapter 1209 Fushou Ointment
Text Chapter 1210 Take a look, take a lookText Chapter 1211 Okay! good! good!Text Chapter 1212 MLM model to promote longevity ointmentText Chapter 1213 What happened on the land of Liaodong
Text Chapter 1214 You can’t make the decision...Text Chapter 1215 Time flies and the trip to LiaodongText Chapter 1216 This...will be funText Chapter 1217 Sir! Only by living can you take revenge!
Text Chapter 1218 I want to liveText Chapter 1219 Losing money? No!Text Chapter 1220 I said I saw Andy Lau, do you believe it?Text Chapter 1221 Is this guy taking hormones?
Text Chapter 1222 On the roadText Chapter 1223 Start making arrangementsText Chapter 1224 Boring TopicsText Chapter 1225 What is he trying to do?
Text Chapter 1226 Is this a little ahead of its time?Text Chapter 1227 One monthText Chapter 1228 You are too bullyingText Chapter 1229 People under the roof
Text Chapter 1230 The shameful and angry DaishanText Chapter 1231 Bang bang bang! Do you think you are still invincible?Text Chapter 1232 The slave wants to live!Text Chapter 1233 What are you doing?
Text Chapter 1234: Brother, we will be gentleText Chapter 1235 Brother, want to have a bite?Text Chapter 1236 Need for a Stable PeriodText Chapter 1237 Why haven’t the Kyushu soldiers arrived yet?
Text Chapter 1238 Helpless DaishanText Chapter 1239 Let’s look at the abilities of the chess piecesText Chapter 1240 Oops, is this the bomb squad?Text Chapter 1241 Just stay and listen.
Text Chapter 1242 This method is goodText Chapter 1243 It’s time for the Kyushu soldiers to appearText Chapter 1244 In preparation...Text Chapter 1245 Kyushu soldiers are dispatched
Text Chapter 1246 The differences between the scoutsText Chapter 1247 Sharp ArrowText Chapter 1248 Kill these beasts!Text Chapter 1249 Girl, how do you want them to die?
Text Chapter 1250 I am willing to work hard for my benefactorText Chapter 1251 Do they claim to be invincible?Text Chapter 1252 It’s going to rain and my mother wants to get married.Text Chapter 1253 Little Trouble
Text Chapter 1254 Do you want to believe the Song people?Text Chapter 1255 President Kobayashi’s pre-war mobilizationText Chapter 1256 The Trapped Mang GurtaiText Chapter 1257 The first team, complete victory
Text Chapter 1258 Kyushu Turtle Shell Formation Shoots at the Eight BannersText Chapter 1259 Don’t know where to start?Text Chapter 1260: Transformed while shouting slogans?Text Chapter 1261 Glory Belongs to the Empire
Text Chapter 1262 Obama’s Miracle MedicineText Chapter 1263 Mang Gurtai’s HeartacheText Chapter 1264 CounterattackText Chapter 1265 Disadvantages
Text Chapter 1266 Once upon a time...Text Chapter 1267 LeavingText Chapter 1268 Let’s fireText Chapter 1269 Rush over!
Text Chapter 1270 Death of Mang GurtaiText Chapter 1271 Huang Taiji’s speculationText Chapter 1272 Unconscious FallText Chapter 1273 American Anecdotes (1)
Text Chapter 1274 American Anecdotes (2)Text Chapter 1275 American Anecdotes (3)Text Chapter 1276 American Anecdotes (4)Text Chapter 1277 American Anecdotes (5)
Text Chapter 1278 American Anecdotes (6)Text Chapter 1279 American Anecdotes (7)Text Chapter 1280 American Anecdotes (8)Text Chapter 1281 American Anecdotes (9)
Text Chapter 1282 American Anecdotes (10)Text Chapter 1283 American Anecdotes (11)Text Chapter 1284 American Anecdotes (12)Text Chapter 1285 American Anecdotes (13)
Text Chapter 1286 American Anecdotes (14)Text Chapter 1287 American Anecdotes (15)Text Chapter 1288 American Anecdotes (16)Text Chapter 1289 American Anecdotes (Seventeen)
Text Chapter 1290 American Anecdotes (18)Text Chapter 1291 American Anecdotes (19)Text Chapter 1292 American Anecdotes (20)Text Chapter 1293 American Anecdotes (21)
Text Chapter 1294 American Anecdotes (22)Text Chapter 1295 European Storm (1)Text Chapter 1296 European Storm (2)Text Chapter 1297 European Storm (3)
Text Chapter 1298 European Storm (4)Text Chapter 1299 European Storm (5)Text Chapter 1300 European Storm (6)Text Chapter 1301 European Storm (7)
Text Chapter 1302 European Storm (8)Text Chapter 1303 European Storm (9)Text Chapter 1304 European Storm (10)Text Chapter 1305 European Storm (11)
Text Chapter 1306 European Storm (12)Text Chapter 1307 European Storm (13)Text Chapter 1308 European Storm (14)Text Chapter 1309 European Storm (15)
Text Chapter 1310 European Storm (16)Text Chapter 1311 European Storm (Seventeen)Text Chapter 1312 European Storm (18)Text Chapter 1313 European Storm (19)
Text Chapter 1314 European Storm (20)Text Chapter 1315 European Storm (21)Text Chapter 1316 European Storm (Twenty-Two)Text Chapter 1317 European Storm (Twenty-three)
Text Chapter 1318 Europa Universalis (Twenty-four) Part 1Text Chapter 1318 European Storm (Twenty-Four) Part 2Text Chapter 1319 European Storm (Twenty-five)Text Chapter 1320 European Storm (Twenty-six)
Text Chapter 1321 European Storm (Twenty-Seven)Text Chapter 1322 European Storm (Twenty-Eight)Text Chapter 1323 European Storm (Twenty-nine)Text Chapter 1324 European Storm (Thirty)
Text Chapter 1325 European Storm (31)Text Chapter 1326 European Storm (32)Text Chapter 1327 European Storm (Thirty-three)Text Chapter 1328 European Storm (Thirty-four)
Text Chapter 1329 European Storm (35)Text Chapter 1330 Arabian Storm (1)Text Chapter 1331 Arabian Storm (2)Text Chapter 1332 Arabian Storm (3)
Text Chapter 1333 Arabian Storm (4)Text Chapter 1334 Arabian Storm (5)Text Chapter 1335 Arabian Storm (6)Text Chapter 1336 Arabian Storm (7)
Text Chapter 1337 Arabian Storm (8)Text Chapter 1338 Arabian Storm (9)Text Chapter 1339 Arabian Storm (10)Text Chapter 1340 Arabian Storm (11)
Text Chapter 1341 Arabian Storm (12)Text Chapter 1342 Arabian Storm (13)Text Chapter 1343 Arabian Storm (14)Text Chapter 1344 Arabian Storm (15)
Text Chapter 1345 Arabian Storm (16)Text Chapter 1346 Arabian Storm (Seventeen)Text Chapter 1347 Arabian Storm (18)Text Chapter 1348 Arabian Storm (19)
Text Chapter 1349 Arabian Storm (20)Text Chapter 1350 Arabian Storm (21)Text Chapter 1351 Arabian Storm (Twenty-Two)Text Chapter 1352 Arabian Storm (Twenty-three)
Text Chapter 1353 Arabian Storm (Twenty-four)Text Chapter 1354 Arabian Storm (Twenty-five)Text Chapter 1355 Arabian Storm (Twenty-six)Text Chapter 1356 Arabian Storm (Twenty-seven)
Text Chapter 1357 Arabian Storm (Twenty-eight)Text Chapter 1358 Arabian Storm (Twenty-nine)Text Chapter 1359 Arabian Storm (Thirty)Text Chapter 1360 Arabian Storm (31)
Text Chapter 1361 Arabian Storm (32)Text Chapter 1362 Arabian Storm (Thirty-three)Text Chapter 1363 Arabian Storm (Thirty-four)Text Chapter 1364 Arabian Storm (35)
Text Chapter 1365 Arabian Storm (Thirty-six)Text Chapter 1366 Arabian Storm (Thirty-seven)Text Chapter 1367 Arabian Storm (38)Text Chapter 1368 Arabian Storm (Thirty-nine)
Text Chapter 1369 Arabian Storm (Forty)Text Chapter 1370 Arabian Storm (41)Text Chapter 1371 Arabian Storm (42)Text Chapter 1372 Arabian Storm (43)
Text Chapter 1373 Arabian Storm (44)Text Chapter 1374 Arabian Storm (45)Text Chapter 1375 Arabian Storm (46)Text Chapter 1376 Arabian Storm (47)
Text Chapter 1377 Arabian Storm (48)Text Chapter 1378 Arabian Storm (Forty-nine)Text Chapter 1379 Arabian Storm (50)Text Chapter 1380 Arabian Storm (51)
Text Chapter 1381 Arabian Storm (52)Text Chapter 1382 Arabian Storm (53)Text Chapter 1383 Arabian Storm (54)Text Chapter 1384 Arabian Storm (55)
Text Chapter 1385 Arabian Storm (56)Text Chapter 1386 Arabian Storm (57)Text Chapter 1387 Arabian Storm (58)Text Chapter 1388 Arabian Storm (59)
Text Chapter 1389 Arabian Storm (Sixty)Text Chapter 1390 Arabian Storm (61)Text Chapter 1391 Arabian Storm (62)Text Chapter 1392 Arabian Storm (Sixty-three)
Text Chapter 1393 Arabian Storm (Sixty-Four)Text Chapter 1394 Arabian Storm (Sixty-five)Text Chapter 1395 Arabian Storm (Sixty-six)Text Chapter 1396 Arabian Storm (sixty-seven)
Text Chapter 1397 Arabian Storm (sixty-eight)Text Chapter 1398 Arabian Storm (Sixty-nine)Text Chapter 1399 Arabian Storm (Seventy)Text Chapter 1400 Arabian Storm (Seventy-one)
Text Chapter 1401 Arabian Storm (Seventy-two)Text Chapter 1402 Arabian Storm (Seventy-three)Text Chapter 1403 Arabian Storm (Seventy-four)Text Chapter 1404 Arabian Storm (Seventy-five)
Text Chapter 1405 Arabian Storm (Seventy-six)Text Chapter 1406 Arabian Storm (Seventy-Seven)Text Chapter 1407 Arabian Storm (Seventy-Eight)Text Chapter 1408 Arabian Storm (Seventy-nine)
Text Chapter 1409 Arabian Storm (Eighty)Text Chapter 1410 Arabian Storm (81)Text Chapter 1411 Arabian Storm (82)Text Chapter 1412 Arabian Storm (83)
Text Chapter 1413 Arabian Storm (84)Text Chapter 1414 Arabian Storm (85)Text Chapter 1415 Arabian Storm (86)Text Chapter 1416 Arabian Storm (eighty-seven)
Text Chapter 1417 Arabian Storm (88)Text Chapter 1418 Arabian Storm (eighty-nine)Text Chapter 1419 Arabian Storm (90)Text Chapter 1420 Arabian Storm (91)
Text Chapter 1421 Arabian Storm (92)Text Chapter 1422 Arabian Storm (Ninety-three)Text Chapter 1423 Arab Storm (94)Text Chapter 1424 Arab Storm (95)
Text Chapter 1425 Arabian Storms (Ninety-six)Text Chapter 1427 Arab Storm (98)Text Chapter 1428 Arabian Storms (Ninety-Nine)Text Chapter 1429 Arab Storm (100)
Text Chapter 1430 Arabian Storms (One Hundred and One)Text Chapter 1431 Arabian Storms (verse 102)Text Chapter 1432 Arabian Storms (verse 103)Text Chapter 1433 Arabian Storms (verse 104)
Text Chapter 1434 Arabian Storms (verse 105)Text Chapter 1435 Arabian Storms (verse 106)Text Chapter 1436 Arabian Storms (verse 107)Text Chapter 1437 Arabian Storms (verse 108)
Text Chapter 1438 Arabian Storms (verse 109)Text Chapter 1439 Arabian Storms (verse 110)Text Chapter 1440 Arabian Storms (verse 111)Text Chapter 1441 Arabian Storms (verse 112)
Text Chapter 1442 Arabian Storms (verse 113)Text Chapter 1443 Arabian Storms (verse 114)Text Chapter 1444 Arabian Storms (verse 115)Text Chapter 1445 Arabian Storms (verse 116)
Text Chapter 1446 Arabian Storms (verse 117)Text Chapter 1447 The empire’s tentacles extendText Chapter 1448 Turning eyes to the eastText Chapter 1449 It doesn’t hurt to let it dry for a while
Text Chapter 1450 Alxa sent people, what do you think?Text Chapter 1451 ReasonText Chapter 1452 Are you sure?Text Chapter 1453 Waiting for price
Text Chapter 1454: Everything is like thisText Chapter 1455 Post-Jin Dynasty SituationText Chapter 1456 DaishanText Chapter 1457 Daishan in action
Text Chapter 1458 SuchaharText Chapter 1459 AcquaintanceText Chapter 1460 HereText Chapter 1461 It turns out to be you
Text Chapter 1462: Heartbeating BenefitsText Chapter 1463 GuessText Chapter 1464 Jincheng South DistrictText Chapter 1465 Oh, you need to borrow money, right?
Text Chapter 1466 Meet the Godfather!Text Chapter 1467: Integrity... Integrity!Text Chapter 1468 Three GirlsText Chapter 1471 Interesting
Text Chapter 1478 It’s her, that’s rightText Chapter 1473 His Highness Misses His WifeText Chapter 1474 Anecdotes about ShengjingText Chapter 1475 They are Koreans, haha
Text Chapter 1476 Enable DaishanText Chapter 1477 The wind is risingText True-Chapter 1478 ChattingText Chapter 1479 Disapproval
Text Chapter 1480 PreparationText Chapter 1481 I owe a lotText Chapter 1482 The troops leave JinchengText Chapter 1483 Betrayal of Jin on behalf of Shan
Text Chapter 1484 Siege of ShengjingText Chapter 1485 InfluenceText Chapter 1486 SituationText Chapter 1487 Dorgon’s concerns
Text Chapter 1488 PreparationText Chapter 1489 Stealing the CampText Chapter 1490 The Dream of the Rise of Yan and HuangText Chapter 1491 The decisive battle begins
Text Chapter 1492 Li Zicheng’s shockText Chapter 1493 Dorgon’s PartyText Chapter 1494 Humph, whimsicalText Chapter 1945 Just die like this
Text Chapter 1496 FinaleText Chapter 1469 CaravanText Chapter 1470 Purpose 
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