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Text Chapter 1470 Purpose

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    The caravan stayed at a secluded hotel near the southern district of Jincheng. Although the group of them were all armed, the innkeeper was not surprised.  £à£à

    After all, caravans coming and going from Jincheng will hire a large number of guards to protect their goods.  After all, although it is safe here in Jincheng, it is not like that outside Jincheng.

    After the Jin Dynasty, there were small groups of troops, Mongolian horse thieves, or Ming Dynasty bandit gangs, all roaming within dozens of miles of Jincheng.

    These people dare not enter within fifty miles, but they appear frequently outside fifty miles.

    Therefore, if you don¡¯t have guards and weapons, even if you buy goods here in Jincheng, you won¡¯t be able to smuggle them out.  Therefore, large numbers of armed escorts have become a sight in Jincheng.

    ¡°The residents of Jincheng are already used to the fact that everyone in this strange team that came to save their daughter is armed.

    The store owner quickly arranged the room and arranged for their carriage to be taken care of in the store's own yard. Everything was arranged properly.

    Because they were in a hurry, these more than 100 people who were sleeping in the open did not get much rest, and they were also very hungry.

    Now I can finally take a good rest, so I have to have a good meal no matter what.

    Therefore, the big boss ordered the store owner to prepare a few banquet tables for his group of more than 100 people. There would be enough wine and meat, but there was no shortage of money.

    After saying that, the big leader took out a money bag from his arms and threw it on the greasy table. Hearing the sound of the money bag falling on the table, it contained a lot of money.

    Of course, the store owner was very happy about this, and he happily responded and was ready to go.

    His small hotel is in a remote location and its business is not very good.  Today, so many customers came all at once, which shows that he can make a fortune.

    ¡° Calculating this man¡¯s ability to eat horse chews, just staying here for a few days would be enough for him to earn a lot of money.

    ? And it seems that these people are quite generous, so the store owner has no reason to be unhappy.

    The owner of the shop in the back kitchen and his mother-in-law got busy.  Together with the two of them, there were two other little maids who took action.

    In the front, his son is entertaining the caravan group.

    It can be seen that this small hotel is still a family business.

    The one-eyed middle-aged man looked around, and he was very satisfied with choosing this hotel as his place to stay.

    First of all, this is not a place close to a busy street, so there won¡¯t be so many people coming and going.  And it's very secluded here, so they won't get into a lot of trouble.

    You must know that their identities cannot be exposed because they are all from the Northwest Rebel Army.

    And.  This time, in addition to rescuing the girl, the big boss had a more important thing to do.  That is to see if they can buy some food from the Jincheng Song people, as well as the weapons and equipment that the rebels lack.

    The rebel army, composed of hungry people, has had a very good record of attacking cities and counties during this period. It has captured more than a dozen counties in the northwest, so it can be regarded as having some spare money on hand.

    However, the severe drought in the northwest caused countless grains. Even if they conquered the county, they could not find enough food to maintain the livelihood of the rebels.

    Food is very important to many people.  Once there is no food, the rebel army will collapse.

    There is no need to wait for the imperial court to destroy them, they will perish on their own because of food.

    In order to avoid such a thing, the leaders of the rebel army decided.  They gathered all the stolen money and plundered as much wealth as possible from the wealthy families under their control, and then used it to purchase enough food from outside to support their fight, as well as weapons and equipment that the rebels lacked.

    Although the situation on the Rebel side was good during this period.  But the leaders of the upper-level rebels knew very well that the reason why they were able to fight so smoothly was mainly because the local garrison in the northwest court was in a state of decay.  It's simply because he can't stand the beating.

    Furthermore, the rebellion broke out very suddenly, catching all parts of the northwest by surprise.

    And the fighting style of the rebels is similar to that of horse thieves. If they are not successful in attacking counties and villages, they will immediately turn elsewhere and will never be willing to fight.

    Therefore, those Ming troops sent out to suppress the rebels in the northwest of the Ming Dynasty were often confused and could not find their targets at all.

    Many times, when they arrived at the place where they were asking for help, they could not see the rebels at all.  Instead, they will receive news that the rebels have attacked other places.

    During this process, the rebels could also set up ambushes from time to time and annihilate a large number of people.The effective strength of the Ming army.

    In addition, the Ming troops dispatched were all rotten northwest garrison troops, so the rebels were able to achieve the glorious results they achieved during this period.

    However, the rebel army is now gradually gaining momentum and will definitely attract the attention of the Ming court.

    So at this time, the Ming court will definitely send elite troops into the northwest to deal with them.  And they will also select qualified generals to command the elite troops.

    ¡° In this way, what the rebels have to deal with is not the weak Ming army or the brainless generals.

    Therefore, the rebels had to seize the time to enhance their strength and prepare for the next war.

    Food!  arms!

    "This is what the rebels lack, but because they captured more than a dozen counties, dozens of villages and towns, and killed countless wealthy landlords and gentry in the area, the rebels are not short of money.

    At this time, money is nothing to the rebels.

    Only food and weapons are the most important.

    If there is no food and weapons, once the rebels are defeated, there is no need for others to tell them what will happen to them. They also know what it is.

    Therefore, in order to avoid such a thing, the one-eyed man's team came to Jincheng.

    As for the one-eyed middle-aged man wanting to save his daughter, it was only by chance that he found out.

    Regarding this trip to Jincheng, the one-eyed man still had no idea.

    Although the big leader above told him not to be stingy with his wealth, he could agree to whatever price the other party offered, as long as he could buy back food and weapons.

    As long as the rebels can survive, there will always be money in the future.

    However, the one-eyed middle-aged man felt that the Song people here in Jincheng might not be able to deal with them.  In case the Song people sell them, they will be handed over to the people of the court.  That would be difficult.

    So, this matter needs to be approached with caution and temptation.

    "However, I heard from some businessmen that Song people are actually easy to deal with.  As long as you can come up with real money, you can do business with them.

    "Except for Hou Jin, they will not do business with them, nor Mongolians, Koreans, or Ming people.  None of them care.  What really matters to Song people is whether you have money or not.

    The one-eyed man sat there, quietly meditating for a while.

    To be honest, he is not short of money. This time he brought more than thirty carriages.  It contained treasures stolen by the rebels.

    At the very least, these treasures are worth hundreds of thousands of taels of silver.

    Of course, that was normal times, but during this time of severe drought and when the rebels wanted to sell food, these goods may not be worth the price.

    What we need to consider now is, if the Song people could do business with them, how much would they squeeze these goods.

    one fifth?

    Or one-tenth?

    ¡° Alas, the situation is not up to anyone.  You have to accept even a tenth of it.

    In fact, the leaders of the upper echelons of the rebel army have already made plans for this.

    In their bottom line, even a twentieth of the price is reduced.  They will also accept it.

    Who told us that there really was no food at all in the northwest, and the rebel army was about to collapse.

    As long as there is food, they will happily accept these goods even if their prices are extremely low.

    ??Hope that won¡¯t be the case.

    The one-eyed middle-aged man came back from his thoughts.  Then he asked the confidant sitting next to him: "Assign people to keep an eye on the carriage. It is an important thing and there is no room for any mistakes, you know."

    The confidant nodded naturally and responded: "It has been arranged a long time ago. I sent Chen Daozi to bring five people to watch. There will definitely be no problem."

    The one-eyed middle-aged man nodded. Once he heard that Chen Daozi was arranged to guard him, there would be no problem.

    He is still very relieved about this subordinate.

    "Chief, shall I send someone to inquire about the whereabouts of the young lady?"

    As a close confidant, he certainly knows why his eldest brother wants to fight for the opportunity to come to Jincheng.

    The reason why he fought for the opportunity to come to Jincheng in front of all the leaders was not to buy food for the rebels. In fact, the real purpose was to save his daughter.

    Buying food for the rebels is just a side trip.

    The one-eyed man thought for a while, then nodded.

    "That's okay, pick a brother to go and find out about Chunlai Lou.At the same time, we also sent people to the City Lord's Mansion in Jincheng to test the situation, and then we picked an opportunity to contact the Song people.  "

    Neither of the two matters should be taken lightly, so the one-eyed man decided that it would be better to proceed together.

    Speaking of this one-eyed man, he was originally a military household in the northwest, and he was a very honest man.  But who would have thought that a sudden natural disaster, coupled with the oppression of hundreds of households above, would make this poor military household who was already impoverished have no way out.

    At that time, he fell ill out of anger, but his family could not afford any money to treat him.  In the end, it was his wife who bit the family's only daughter and sold her out in exchange for some medicine for him to take.

    In the end, he survived, but his wife committed suicide after selling her daughter.

    There is no daughter, and the wife is dead. Although the military household is alive, looking at the situation of the family being ruined, everything is despairing.

    So, in this situation, as soon as his condition improved, he killed hundreds of households who oppressed him overnight, and then began to escape and became a horse thief, becoming the leader of a small or large group of horse thieves.

    Furthermore, after the rebel uprising, he led hundreds of his horse thieves to join the rebel army. Because he had his own men, he had a very good position.

    Although it is not as good as the Eight Heavenly Kings above, it is definitely at the top.

    At the same time, this one-eyed man also has a surprising name Li Zicheng (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature, the novel will be better and updated faster!
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