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Text Chapter 1469 Caravan

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    The steward of Chunlai Building quickly came to Zhao Hongyu. When he heard what Zhao Hongyu said, he suddenly showed a troubled look on his face.

    This is not surprising, after all, as soon as Zhao Hongyu opened his mouth, he wanted to redeem the lives of the three pillars of Chunlai Building. If Chen Yuanyuan and the others were really allowed to leave, what would happen to Chunlai Building.

    What¡¯s more, what makes things even more difficult for the manager is that Zhao Hongyu¡¯s identity is clearly displayed here.  That was someone he couldn't offend, not even the boss of Chunlailou and his backers.

    So, this manager is in a dilemma.

    After all, this matter is now beyond his control.

    Seeing the silent steward, Zhao Hongyu could understand his current state of mind, so he had no intention of continuing to embarrass him.

    "Convey my words to your boss, and tell him that whether he wants it or not, I will take the three girls away. Of course, I will also give him full compensation, and I will definitely satisfy him. As for  If Chen Yuanyuan is missing, let him find three from other places."

    Zhao Hongyu¡¯s tone was very relaxed, but that was not the case with the steward.

    He did not dare to offend Zhao Hongyu. After all, he was the master of Jincheng and commanded tens of thousands of elite troops.

    Furthermore, the Ming court allocated hundreds of miles of land around Jincheng to Zhao Hongyu.

    So, Zhao?  long?  wind?  Literary Hongyu can be regarded as the local emperor of this place, and he definitely sticks to his word.

    If you make him unhappy, everyone knows that guy will be unlucky.

    It can be said that the owner of Chunlailou has invested all his wealth in Chunlailou's business, so there is no room for error here.

    However, Zhao Hongyu¡¯s words also gave the steward a sigh of relief.

    ????????????????? Well, I am just a messenger, mainly conveying His Highness¡¯s wishes to the boss and others behind the scenes, so the final result has nothing to do with me.

    but.  According to what this His Highness wants, he will come up with a large sum of money.

    ¡°Everyone knows that His Highness is very rich, so I guess this redemption money will definitely be quite large.

    "It's not a good thing, the boss can still make a lot of money."

    Chen Yuanyuan and the three of them are indeed the best, but nowadays there are many disasters in the world, and there are many people selling their sons and daughters.  Therefore, it shouldn't be difficult for the boss to find a few girls like Chen Yuanyuan and the others.

    ¡° Moreover, it can also leave a good impression on Zhao Hongyu.

    At least.  In the days to come, Zhao Hongyu will definitely take care of their Chun Lai Lou.

    So, the manager thinks that the boss will not refuse.

    Of course, this is his personal opinion. As for what the boss thinks, it is not his decision.

    "Okay, I will convey your Highness's words to our boss, but the boss is not in Jincheng now, so in terms of time", the steward said a little dilemma.

    Zhao Hongyu waved his hand.  Hun said to the steward nonchalantly: "I will take you away in a moment and leave you with one hundred thousand taels of silver. With these one hundred thousand taels of silver, I think I can explain it to the boss. As for what he will know in the future.  If you are not satisfied with this matter, you can go to the City Lord's Mansion to find me."

    Aiya, I go!

    ????????? Just do it.  I'm taking someone away today.

    It was one hundred thousand taels of silver at the first sale, which was indeed very generous.

    Indeed, these one hundred thousand taels of silver are indeed enough to redeem the lives of Chen Yuanyuan and the others.

    And.  There is quite a bit of surplus.

    After all, no matter how good Chen Yuanyuan and the others are, they may not be able to earn a hundred thousand taels of silver.

    It¡¯s better now.  The one hundred thousand taels of silver to redeem himself went into the boss's pocket.

    Besides, when the boss bought Chen Yuanyuan and the others, how much money did they cost?

    The person in charge at that time was the boy who followed the boss, and he knew this very well.

    When Chen Yuanyuan¡¯s parents sold her, they only paid three taels of silver.

    Even if the boss bought her and came back to teach her for five or six years, the ransom fee of tens of thousands of taels of silver would still be enough.

    Besides, over the past year or so, Chen Yuanyuan has made a lot of money for her boss here in Jincheng.


    As for what Zhao Hongyu said, you can go to him if you are dissatisfied. This is simply nonsense.

    Can the boss be dissatisfied?

    Do you dare to be dissatisfied?

      However, the person in charge still has to deal with this.

    "Your Highness's words will be conveyed to my boss, so Chen Yuanyuan and the three of them" The steward has a low status, so he can only follow Zhao Hongyu's words, and cannot raise any objections at all.

    Who knows if he refused, he would be dragged down immediately and killed?

    Regarding this, the person in charge would not dare to gamble with his own life.

    Although the boss treats him well and pays him a lot of salary per month, he will not die for this matter.

    "When I leave later, I will take the three of them away, so you don't have to worry about it. When I leave, I will ask my subordinates to leave you a banknote, which is exactly 100,000 yuan for Long Yang."

    The words of Zhao Hongyu and the steward made the three girls confused.

    They never thought that they just said it casually and complained about it, but it suddenly changed their destiny.

    Are you going to escape from the misery of a brothel?

    In the future, you no longer need to do such a lowly job, and can you move towards a new life?

    ¡°Well, why is this a bit unreal, like a dream?

    "Pinch me and I'll see if I'm dreaming."

    The flat-chested Wang Diaoer turned around stupidly, looked at Sai Shiniang who was also stupid, pushed her and said.

    Sai Shiniang pinched her so hard that she trembled from the pain.

    It hurts!

    It hurts!

    This is all real, I am not dreaming.

    Chen Yuanyuan was just stunned and vented her words, and she didn't expect to be able to impress the wooden prince. The three of them just hoped to use this excuse to let Zhao Hongyu understand what they were thinking.

    But no one thought that just like that, Zhao Hongyu would redeem their lives for them.

    "Have you thought about what you are going to do after leaving Chunlai Tower? Living outside is not as good as doing this. You have to have a skill to do it."

    Zhao Hongyu¡¯s earnest voice came over.


    He also asked us where we were going after leaving Chunlai Building?

    Is not this nonsensical!

    We were redeemed by you, and we will be yours from now on.  I must be following you.

    ¡°Besides, Chun Lailou will definitely give you his deed of betrayal, and the life and death of the three of them will fall into your hands from now on.

    Now you actually say such words, what do you mean!

    Unexpectedly, Zhao Hongyu¡¯s words made the three excited girls all change their expressions.

    Zhao Hongyu never thought that his casual words would cause such a big reaction among the three people.

    To be honest, Zhao Hongyu just wanted to do good deeds and do what he could.

    As for having three girls following you around.  He really hasn't thought about it.

    Although the three of them admitted that they had a crush on themselves, Chen Yuanyuan, who was bold but a bit stunned, also confessed to herself.

    But that doesn¡¯t mean you have to accept them.

    Therefore, Zhao Hongyu can redeem their lives, but after the redemption, it is up to them to decide whether to stay or go.

    In Zhao Hongyu¡¯s view, the three of them are still young after all and can live a good life in the future.  At least after leaving Chunlai Tower, the three of them are good friends.

    With their looks and talents, finding a husband will definitely not be a problem.

    As long as you don¡¯t find that kind of white-eyed wolf or something.  It's enough to live the rest of my life happily with him.

    "Your Highness, what do you mean? Is it possible that we can't stay with you in the future?"

    Chen Yuanyuan asked hurriedly.

    Sai Shiniang and Wang Diaoer also looked at Zhao Hongyu eagerly, waiting for his answer.

    This made Zhao Hongyu feel a little pressured.

    "Well, actually after redeeming your body, you will be a good girl. At that time, you can live the life you want. Find a wishful husband, right? I just follow your wishes, and I also  There is no need for you to follow me"

    The two people on the side, Da Da Da and Sun Chuanting, looked at each other and then smiled.

    "Both of them are human beings, so why can't you see what the three women want to express?"  He just wanted to be by Zhao Hongyu's side.  There is no other thought beyond that.

    It¡¯s just that the crown prince of the American Song Empire is really clueless.

     I don¡¯t understand the thoughts of the three women at all.

    so.  Only three women had such a reaction.

    "His Highness dislikes our background, that's why" As soon as Zhao Hongyu finished speaking, Wang Diao'er came over with tears in his eyes, and then looked at Zhao Hongyu and said.

    "No, no, no, how is that possible?" Zhao Hongyu quickly waved his hands to deny it. He really didn't care about this.  "I don't care about this. It's just that girls are following me. You should have a better life to live."

    "I want to stay with His Highness, even if it means being a slave. Besides, His Highness redeemed our bodies for us. According to the rules, we are also His Highness's. Life and death are in His Highness's hands. What does His Highness want to do to us?"  It's all okay, even if it's" Unlike Chen Yuanyuan's rush and Wang Diao'er's tearful attack, Sai Shiniang's words were full of hints.

    "But if His Highness doesn't want us, where can the three of us go? Even though the world is big, there is no place for us to live."

    At this time, Sun Chuanting couldn't help but interjected: "Your Highness, what this girl is saying is that if the three of them don't follow you, their lives will not be comfortable even if they have the identity of a husband. You see  The three of them are young and beautiful. If no one protects them, they will inevitably attract some crazy bees and butterflies"

    Zhao Hongyu finally understood what Sun Chuanting said, and after thinking about it carefully, it was indeed the case.

    "The three of them are all weak women, and they are also beautiful in appearance. Once they leave Chunlai Tower and they don't need them, their presence will definitely attract some people with malicious intentions.

    Even though the three girls are very smart, they can't withstand the plots of those who are interested.

    Therefore, after redeeming their lives, the best choice is to take the three of them with him, which is the best way to deal with it.

    Besides, according to the rules, this is indeed the right thing to do.

    Zhao Hongyu, who figured this out, was really dumbfounded.

    ¡°I just wanted to do a good deed, but I wasn¡¯t interested in the three girls.

    "I would like to stay with His Highness as a maid!"  Chen Yuanyuan kowtowed to Zhao Hongyu, and the entire curve of her waist was displayed in front of him.

    It has to be said that Chen Yuanyuan has the best figure and development among the three.

    Although she is young now, it is definitely foreseeable that when she grows up, she will definitely be a woman who charms the world with her figure.

    "I am also willing to be a little personal maid beside His Highness."

    Unlike the surly Chen Yuanyuan, Sai Shiniang, who has a slightly dark belly, will always have a hint in everything she says.

    "But you just keep talking, why are you reaching out and touching me again?"

    Zhao Hongyu was completely speechless regarding Sai Shiniang's perverted character.

    How old are you, that¡¯s all?  This is what happens with age.  Wouldn't it be possible to become a member of the nympho family in the future?

    The flat-chested Wang Diaoer didn't say anything, but she kowtowed to Zhao Hongyu, which showed her feelings.


    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? At this point, I have no reason to continue to push people out.

    ¡°Damn it, I am a man after all. Now that I have come to this era, there is nothing I can¡¯t let go of.  Besides, it's just three more maids. As long as I can control it I can control it I can control it

    ??Thinking in my heart.  But Zhao Hongyu's eyes unnaturally slipped to the three women and he had to say that they were all attractive in their own way.

    Sensing Zhao Hongyu¡¯s gaze, Chen Yuanyuan was not aware of it and still looked dumb and cute.

    Sai Shiniang gave a small wink, and then straightened her waist.  He continued to hint at Zhao Hongyu with his body language.

    ?? Okay, you can ignore the little slut Sai Shiniang.

    "And Wang Diao'er is a flat-chested girl and very tall.  So Zhao Hongyu looked at her legs on the show.


    Chen Yuanyuan has a good voice and sings very well.

    Although Wang Diaoer is flat-chested, she is tall and has long legs, so she is very good at dancing.

    Sai Shiniang is good at poetry, calligraphy and painting.  It's just her characterahem.

    "Actually, Zhao Hongyu doesn't know that Sai Shiniang is just like this to him, and it would be cold to anyone else.

    All right!  All right!

    Zhao Hongyu finally withdrew his gaze and clickednod.

    "Since you said that, I will just let you stay with me. But the three of you must also understand that maids are not that easy to do."

    Zhao Hongyu deliberately frightened the three of them.

    But unexpectedly, the three girls didn¡¯t care about this at all.

    "It's your personal maid, Your Highness." Sai Shiniang would never let go of an opportunity to hint.

    "Congratulations to Your Highness for holding three beauties in one fell swoop. This blessing is really enviable." Sun Chuanting congratulated.  Even the giant man smiled and clasped his fists in congratulations, saying some compliments.

    Zhao Hongyu, on the other hand, could only respond to the two of them with a wry smile.

    At this time, a strange caravan came from the west gate of Jincheng. This caravan was composed of hundreds of big men.  Moreover, the faces of these big men showed a strong energy, which was obviously different from ordinary caravans.

    The leader was a tall, middle-aged man with one eye.  They were all wearing thick sheepskin coats and carrying shiny steel knives at their waists.

    Under their escort, more than thirty large vehicles were filing in from the west gate of Jincheng.

    As soon as they entered the city gate and walked a short distance, when no one was paying attention, a man beside the leader of the caravan came over and whispered: "Master, according to reliable information, the lady has settled in Jincheng after being sold.  , and became a place called Chunlai Tower in Jincheng."

    Hearing this, the tall, one-eyed, middle-aged man's stern cheeks trembled.

    "My daughter has suffered so much. If she hadn't been starving to death, my mother-in-law wouldn't have sold her to me for porridge to survive. Now that God has allowed me to survive, and I know the news about the girl, I can't treat her as a  There is no such thing. Brothers are willing to take risks and come here with me to save my daughter. I, Zhang Tianyang, am here to thank you."

    The man who came over quickly said: "No matter what the big boss said, we are all brothers who have died. Now that we know the whereabouts of the young lady, we can't ignore it. What the big boss said is a bit strange, but brothers don't  Like it."


    And they were obviously a team of bandits or horse thieves, just disguised as a caravan.

    At the same time, their goal is also very clear, which is Chunlai Building in Jincheng South District.

    As for the purpose, it is to rescue the daughter of the one-eyed boss.

    These more than a hundred people were very careful and tried their best to not look out of place.

    "It's a pity that no matter how well they hide, they can't escape the imperial intelligence secret sentinel in Jincheng.

    If they can¡¯t be discovered, then the people in the Imperial Intelligence Department can go eat shit.

    In a small shop next to a street that this team walked through, a young man leaned against the door of the shop and grabbed a handful of melon seeds in his hand, throwing them into his mouth and smacking them. He looked like an idle second-rate young man. From that team,  He withdrew his gaze, turned around and shouted to the owner of the small shop selling groceries.

    "Shopkeeper, give me a pound of soy sauce."

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? coming!

    The store owner came to us quickly and quickly packed the soy sauce and handed it over.

    "Let people follow this caravan. We are like horse thieves or bandits. Although we are not sure of their purpose, it is better to be careful. Find out where they live. Have people monitor them 24 hours a day and dispatch  Reliable people should find out their purpose as soon as possible."

    The young man who took the soy sauce quickly gave instructions to the store owner.

    It turns out that this young man is also a member of the Imperial Intelligence Department, and his status is not low.

    And this grocery store owner who sells groceries is also affiliated with the Jincheng Branch of the Imperial Intelligence Department.

    Nodding, the shopkeeper hurriedly bowed and sent away the young man buying soy sauce, then told the shop assistant to look at the shop, while he turned and walked into the backyard of the shop.

    Soon, an order was issued, and the Imperial Intelligence Department in Jincheng sent a large number of informants to begin tracking the caravan.  (To be continued)
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