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Text Chapter 526: Eastern Conquest of Japan (5)

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    "Long live the king."

    "Long live the king"


    Seeing that Fujiwara Tadamichi had killed both the Emperor and the Emperor, the samurai fell to their knees to welcome the arrival of a new era.

    However, Fujiwara Tadamichi turned pale with fright in the cheers of the crowd and shouted: "A thousand years old, a thousand years old, only the Emperor of the Liang Dynasty can live long."

    But his voice was drowned in the shouts that continued to spread out.

    Fujiwara Tomoto, who had just been unable to live, heard that the voice of Van she lived to the entire Ping Anjing, did not dare to delay, ran outside, turned around, and horses to the city.

    Chao Yong has already led troops and horses to approach Ping'an Jing. He also heard the shouts in the city. He could not understand Japanese, but there were not just two Japs in Japan, there was one behind him.

    Fujiwara Tadamichi was still a few feet away from Chao Yong, so he turned over and dismounted, bowed and said: "Both Emperor Shirakawa and Emperor Chongtoku are dead, please invite the prince to enter the city."

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "I heard the shouting in the city."

    Fujiwara Tadamichi's expression changed and he hurriedly said: "They made their own decisions. Xiao Wang dare not say long live."

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "I know, okay, let's go into the city."

    Seeing that Chao Yong didn¡¯t seem to be worried, Fujiwara Tadamichi stepped aside and waited for the prince to pass before he followed.

    Chao Yong led the people on Ping'an Jing Zhuque Avenue. Although it was only a small town with a population of hundreds of thousands, and it was only a very small city in Chao Yong's military career, Chao Yong felt that this was the most meaningful city he had conquered.  A city.

    In the palace where he arrived, Chao Yong sat in the seat where the emperor once was, and Fujiwara Tadamichi could only accompany him.

    "I will stay here for a month. The vassal army will help you eliminate the resisting forces everywhere and make the entire Japan surrender under your feet."

    Fujiwara Tadamichi knelt down excitedly, wanting to grab Chao Yong¡¯s feet and kiss them twice.

    "The prince's great kindness will be unforgettable by Fujiwara Tadamichi. Japan will always be loyal to Daliang."

    Chao Yong suddenly said: "The name Japan is not good. Japan is not the land of the rising sun. There are other countries to the east. The name Japan is good. Let's call it Japan from now on. You will be the first king of Japan."

    Japan was called the Japanese Kingdom before the Tang Dynasty. However, the Japanese envoy later learned some Chinese and did not like the Japanese characters, so he came up with the name "The Land of the Rising Sun".  During the period from Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty to Wu Zetian, the Central Plains was renamed Japan.

    Fujiwara Tadamichi also knew that the word "Japanese" seemed to have a derogatory connotation, but he did not dare to object. He thanked him and said, "Thank you, Prince, for the name."

    Chao Yong nodded and said: "You can use my vassal army to wipe out the forces in various places. Your orders can be conveyed to all places, which is more authoritative than the emperor's orders. Do you know how to do it?"

    Fujiwara Tadamichi also knew that Chao Yong wanted him to use the power of Japan to mine, but he also wanted to be a real king like the emperor of Daliang and eliminate vassal states everywhere. By then, his rule would be more stable than that of the emperor.

    "I know, I will follow Daliang's lead in controlling local power."

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "Okay, then just go ahead and do it. My vassal army will fully cooperate with you. One month later. I hope no one in Japan will resist you again. In addition, you have to prepare the first year's offerings, one hundred thousand taels."  One million taels of silver, one million jins of copper. If it's not enough, you can use other items.  A strong adult man is worth one tael of gold."

    The slaves captured in Daliang from the Yue Dynasty and Goryeo had no chance to have children. In other words, the mining slaves in Daliang were non-renewable resources.  The more it is used, the less it will be. If you want to replenish the mineral slaves, you have to constantly get them from overseas.  Of course, the first choice must be small countries in Southeast Asia, but Chao Yong also has to put some pressure on Fujiwara Tadamichi.  Lest he fail to work hard.

    When Japan's gold, silver and copper mines are insufficient, that is when Daliang will wipe out Japan.

    " A strong man is worth ten guan, which is undoubtedly a very low price, but the short Japanese is really not a good thing.

    Fujiwara Tadamichi did not dare to bargain, so he could only nod and said: "Xiao Wang must collect enough gold and silver for the prince as soon as possible."

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "Okay, I will send someone to help you prospect as soon as possible. The gold, silver and copper mines in Japan are definitely much more than you think. Then you only need to send people to mine. After consecrating my beam, Japan will  He will be richer than before.¡±

    Fujiwara Tadamichi kowtowed and said, "On behalf of everyone in the Japanese kingdom, I would like to thank the prince for his generous gift."

    "You don't need to thank me. I don't care if you scold me. What I want is gold and silver. Once the gold and silver are gone, you won't have the chance to scold me even if you want to."

    Chao Yong waved his hand and said, "You should be familiar with this king."??, help me find a place to stay.  "

    "Yes, Prince, wait a moment."

    Fujiwara Tadamichi immediately crawled out, led his samurai to search the palace carefully, then cleared out the place where the emperor once lived, carefully selected a few maids, and then came to invite Chao Yong.

    The Japanese are short, and the houses they live in are not high, and there are no beds. Is it because they are afraid that they will not be able to climb up?

    Chao Yong walked through the palace, cursing in his heart.

    After arriving at the chosen residence, Fujiwara Tadamichi ran forward and opened the door for Chao Yong himself.

    As soon as you entered the door, you saw several maids kneeling at the door to salute. The rest of them had their heads lowered, except for the first one who raised her head slightly to reveal her beautiful face.

    Chao Yong found that this woman looked a bit like Mr. Cang, who would like to go to China to make money in later generations, so he couldn't help but take a few more glances.

    When Fujiwara Tadamichi saw Chao Yong staring at Fujiwara Shoko, he hurriedly said: "She is Fujiwara Shoko."

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "Is that the queen of Emperor Toba?"


    Chao Yong heard that it was a strange woman who was serving both his grandfather and grandson at the same time. He shook his head and said, "These women are all given to you. I don't need women in my residence."

    Although the Japanese were lewd enough, Chao Yong had no intention of bringing glory to the country in bed. If someone died, wouldn't he become a bastard?

    Chao Yong will never allow such a despicable bloodline to appear in the Daliang royal family.

    When Fujiwara Tadamichi heard that Chao Yong did not want a woman, he hurriedly waved the women to go down. He had been coveting Fujiwara Akiko for a long time, but he also knew that Prince Daliang was the most noble person, and he could not hide the "good things".  Unexpectedly, in Chao Yong's eyes, these good things of his were nothing more than shabby shoes.

    That night, Chao Yong was sleeping soundly when he suddenly heard the guards shouting loudly outside, and there seemed to be the sound of burning wood. He quickly put on his clothes and rushed out.

    I saw that the houses not far away had been set on fire. The buildings in the Japanese Palace were mainly made of wood. The crowd spread quickly and was difficult to extinguish.

    Chao Yong saw Lu Fang approaching with two Japanese people, and asked: "What's going on? Haven't all the Japanese people been cleared out?"

    Lu Fang said: "They hid in the secret room and waited until late at night before running out and setting fire."

    "There are no casualties, right?"


    ¡°That¡¯s good, let¡¯s just watch a bonfire.¡±

    Fujiwara Tadamichi was sleeping soundly with Fujiwara Shoko in his arms. When he heard the retainer outside saying that the palace was on fire, he was so frightened that he pushed away the woman in his arms, grabbed his clothes and ran out.

    Fujiwara Shoko was pushed awake, opened his eyes lazily, looked at it, and then went back to sleep.

    Killing Fujiwara Tadamichi to avenge the royal family?

    That was just to deceive that old devil, Emperor Shirakawa. She is living well now, so why should she seek death?  Dynastic hegemony is a man's business.

    Fujiwara Tadamichi rushed to the palace and saw Chao Yong and others watching the fire in the open space. He was relieved, knelt on the ground and said: "Little Wang's rescue came late, please forgive me, Prince."

    He never dared to think that Prince Daliang was burned to death. If that happened, it would undoubtedly be a disaster for the Japanese country.  Just these soldiers and horses on the island can defeat the Japanese country, which has no resistance. If the crown prince of Liang dies in the Japanese country, there is no doubt that the emperor of Liang will send more soldiers and horses to avenge his son. Then the country will really be destroyed.  .

    Chao Yong smiled and said: "I didn't expect that there were two Japanese hiding in the secret room of the palace, and they wanted to set fire to me. Are they people of Emperor Shirakawa or yours?"

    When Fujiwara Tadamichi saw Chao Yong's playful eyes, sweat immediately broke out on his forehead, and he kowtowed: "You are not mine. The prince has been very kind to me. How can I dare to repay the kindness with enmity?"

    "It's a joke, get up. I know you are from Emperor Shirakawa, but you are guilty of not doing things well, right?"

    Seeing that Chao Yong no longer doubted that he was his, Fujiwara Tadamichi quickly kowtowed and said, "I am willing to accept the crime."

    Chao Yong nodded and said: "Well, seeing as your confession attitude is acceptable, I won't punish you. This year's offering will be increased by one hundred thousand taels of gold." (To be continued)

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