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Chao s Water Margin

Chao s Water Margin最新章节列表,Chao s Water Margin全文阅读

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Chao s Water MarginBrief introduction:

"Let's have a drink and talk about heroes. Let's talk about divine power first. In this world, when it comes to divine power, the first one is Lu Zhishen, the flower monk who uproots weeping willows. If his arms don't have the strength of a kilogram, how can he move trees."
"This is because you are ignorant. Don't you know that the little bully carried thousands of pounds of gates in Tokyo, and the four rebel kings escaped from Tokyo safely? How can it be compared to ordinary people?"
"Even if the Little Overlord has the best supernatural power, when it comes to loyalty, he must belong to Song Jiang of Yuncheng. He has devoted his life to righteousness and wealth, and loves to solve problems for others. He is known as Timely Rain. When he became famous, the Little Overlord was not born yet, haha."
"Otherwise, Song Jiang is just a small righteousness. How can he be compared to a little overlord? He has nothing to say to his friends in the world, even the common people of Jingdong. Anyone who doesn't appreciate his kindness is the real Buddha of all families and the righteousness of Bo Yuntian. This is the first  It’s still the little bully who does his part.”
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