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Text Chapter 20 Attack launch time is advanced

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    Having said this, Guo Bingxun pointed at the map and said: "I came today just to discuss with you whether it would be better to launch our attack one to two days earlier. Or to inform the central government of the scheduled deployment time of the troops inside the pass.  But for confidentiality reasons, I suggest we launch the attack in advance.¡±

    "No. 1, although we have taken various concealment measures, and although our units have not yet entered the final attack launch location, they have entered the designated attack area, it is almost impossible to completely hide all our actions from the Japanese army.  Maybe. No. 1, you also know that it is impossible to maintain complete confidentiality on the battlefield between the two armies."

    "Judging from the current forward notifications received by the headquarters about the confrontation between the two armies, the Japanese military departments are also making frequent mobilizations. The Deokhui on the front of Xingjing, as well as the front-line troops of Fuyu and Shulan on both wings have been obviously strengthened. Heavy equipment has also been strengthened.  Begin to adjust deployment from second-line positions to first-line positions.¡±

    "In addition, aviation reconnaissance also found that the number of Japanese artillery bunkers on the front line has also greatly increased. The number of transport vehicles has increased significantly, and the speed of material delivery has greatly accelerated. Judging from these situations, it is obvious that the Japanese army has noticed  our military¡¯s strategic intentions.¡±

    "However, although the Japanese army is seizing the time to adjust its deployment, it is obvious from the current situation that the Kwantung Army Command has not finalized the main target of our army's offensive and where it is. The adjustment of their troops and equipment will still be based on strengthening  Xinjing¡¯s front and flank defenses are the main focus.¡±

    "But it is obvious that the Japanese army is still worried about our army forcibly crossing the China-North Korea border along the Jiandao line and cutting off the land connection between the Kwantung Army and the North Korean army. The actions of Du Kaishan and Chen Hanzhang on the China-North Korea border last year may have brought trouble to the Japanese army.  There is a certain shadow. The Kwantung Army is very worried about whether our army will invade North Korea again like last year."

    "North Korea has always been the springboard for the Japanese army to attack China, and its security is crucial to the Japanese army. Once North Korea is lost, it will have a fatal impact on Japan's overall strategic deployment. Moreover, if North Korea is lost, we can directly threaten Japan.  Homeland security.¡±

    "Our existing bombers can take off from the current base and reach the Japanese mainland. But for our bombers there, both the combat radius and the bomb load are already the limit. The most critical thing is that due to the combat radius  "It's too long and it's difficult for us to provide the necessary air cover."

    "Although without a navy, it is not a good strategic choice for us to seize the Korean Peninsula, which is long and narrow and has multiple bays for landing on both sides. But due to its overly important geographical location and the  The effective threat that Japan can pose makes the Japanese army pay more attention to the eastern front than the western front.¡±

    "So I think that in addition to worrying about our army attacking Xinjing, the Japanese army is probably most worried about us going south along the Tumen River and cutting off the connection between Northeast China and North Korea. Judging from the current deployment of the Japanese army, their troop deployment  In addition to strengthening the defense of Xinjing's front, the rest of the focus is also obviously tilted towards the eastern front. "

    "On the contrary, the troops on the western front are almost undefendable, except for the 23rd Division deployed in the rear. In the entire southern Hung Yen Province, only one infantry regiment is deployed. From this point on, regardless of the Japanese army's attitude towards Hung Yen  But judging from the current situation, our previous actions to conceal our strategic intentions were at least partially successful. "

    "Of course, it is not ruled out that the Japanese army can take advantage of its railway line to quickly mobilize reinforcements from the front of Xinjing to the west line through the railway line after discovering our army's true strategic intentions. But at present, the Japanese army's troop deployment  The central line is still Xinjing and the eastern front, but the eastern front is located in the Changbai Mountains and the terrain is easy to defend and difficult to attack. The Japanese army's troop deployment is not as strong as the front of Xinjing."

    "But it is impossible for us to hide our true combat intentions forever. Especially now that almost all the troops participating in the war have arrived at the designated attack launch area. The difference between us and the final attack launch situation is that we have not yet  We finally entered the position where the first-line attack was launched.¡±

    "The reason why we set the time for the general attack to be launched on the 13th is to mobilize all reserve forces. However, according to the current troop allocation, the current number of troops involved in the attack is sufficient. Our reserve forces  , it can be carried out after the battle begins.¡±

    After listening to Guo Bingxun's words, Yang Zhen carefully looked at the map in front of him that marked the entry position of the troops, and weighed it carefully and repeatedly.  After a long time, he looked at Guo Bingxun and said, "Old Guo, what do you think you should choose? From your thinking, you should already have a good idea of ??how to choose."

    In response to Yang Zhen¡¯s rhetorical question, Guo Bingxun said without even thinking:On the 1st, my suggestion is to launch an attack in advance, not only because all the participating units of our army have arrived at the scheduled attack launch area, and any further delay will not be conducive to concealment.  It is easy to expose our strategic intentions, and the more reason is because of the internal forces.  "

    "The situation of the Kanai troops is different from ours. They are almost always fighting independently, dispersing the guerrilla troops, and at the same time large-scale centralized mobilization, it is difficult not to attract the attention of the Japanese army. Once the Japanese army discovers that the Kanai troops are concentrated, this kind of  For them, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the Japanese army will never give up in the face of the concentration of our troops. This gives them the opportunity to find a decisive battle with our troops in the pass, and they are likely to take action first. "

    "Although the tightness of the base areas within the pass is far higher than ours, it is almost impossible for the Japanese army to not notice such a large-scale concentration and mobilization of troops. If we do not make some moves in the Northeast, the Japanese army will  Attention is drawn to us. If it is delayed for a while, it is likely to have a negative impact on the internal troops. "

    "Any accident can happen on the battlefield, and no one can say that the original plan will be executed smoothly. I don't need to explain this truth, you also understand it very well. Even if we concentrate a large number of cavalry and tanks on the Western Front, the terrain there is  It is also very suitable for us to adopt armored and cavalry assault tactics. But if we launch the attack on the 13th, it will be good to seize Hung Yen South Province on the 15th.¡±

    "Once the battle begins, all our true combat intentions will be exposed. And the Japanese army is discovering our true strategic intentions. If full-scale Western aid is provided, our army's attack momentum is likely to be contained by the Japanese army. Let the Kanai troops alone  It is a great test for the Guannei troops to fight with a regular Japanese field division like the 23rd Division in terrain like Jehol."

    "No. 1, it's not that I don't believe in the combat effectiveness of the internal troops. The political quality of those old troops is definitely excellent, but the military quality, whether they can quickly transition from a guerrilla state to a regular combat mode, including whether the commander's ability can keep up with the situation  Changes are a test. Also, if the internal troops suffer too many casualties during the battle, it will be difficult for us to report it to the central government."

    "In addition, this is the first time we have cooperated with the troops inside the customs. If we ask the troops inside the customs to postpone the deployment time, it will not have a good impact on us in the future. The most important thing is that since we have already prepared the operation  Prepare, the troops have arrived at the attack launch area. All ammunition and various supplies have been transported to the combat area. We will fight early and late, so why not launch the attack in advance?"

    Having said that, Guo Bingxun looked at his watch and said: "All attacking troops have entered the designated attack launch area. It is now 13 o'clock in the afternoon. If we issue an order now, all units can enter the attack launch area before 21 p.m.  The last position. We can launch a full-scale attack tomorrow morning."

    After Guo Bingxun finished speaking, Yang Zhen was not in a hurry to answer him.  Instead, he sat in front of the map and quietly thought about the impact or consequences of launching an attack in advance.  Yang Zhen did not express his position, and Guo Bingxun did not urge him.  The two people sat in front of the map, neither of them speaking.  The only sound in Yang Zhen's office was the sound of the clock hands passing by on the wall.

    After a long time, Yang Zhen turned his head and looked at the time pointed by the hands of the clock on the wall, then looked at Guo Bingxun with a serious expression, nodded slightly and said: "Okay, I will listen to you and advance the time to launch the battle to tomorrow. You  He must personally communicate with the commanders of each column to convey the order.¡±

    "Order all columns and divisions to enter the final attack launch position before 21:00 pm. At 5:00 am tomorrow morning, the participating troops on the Western Front, Central Front, and Eastern Front will carry out their respective operations in accordance with the combat plan previously issued by the headquarters.  Japanese troops in the combat area launched a full-scale attack."

    "Order the Production and Construction Corps and the military divisions of each secondary military region to immediately mobilize their local troops and form a second-line reserve team according to the plan issued by the headquarters to take over the tour of each military region that has been upgraded to the main force. At the same time, the order is to use Mudanjiang  The troops of the Military Division and the Dong'an Military Division were transferred to wartime status in advance and were organized into two divisions: 20 and 21 respectively. "

    "After arriving at the scheduled attack launch position, various combat plans will be conveyed to the division level at 22:00 tonight, and combat orders will be conveyed to the regiment level at 23:00. At 2:00 tomorrow morning, the attack orders will be conveyed to the units below each regiment  . All units will implement radio silence after 23:00 tonight and until the launch of the general attack, all orders will be transmitted through wired communications."

    After a series of orders were conveyed cleanly, Yang Zhen looked at the watch on his wrist and said: "Lao Guo, ask the aviation force to prepare a plane. I will fly to Harbin in a moment. I will go to Political Commissar Li and talk to him temporarily.  Don't move yet, just stay in Jiamusi to coordinate the Eastern Front operations and supplies.Luck work.  As for you, you also stay at the headquarters to supervise the troops to advance to the predetermined war zone.  After the general offensive is launched tomorrow morning, we will go to Harbin.  "

    "At the same time, tell the aviation troops that in the original plan, the aviation fire suppression mission was canceled when the troops launched an attack. Instead, after the troops launched an attack, air strikes were carried out on various positions of the Japanese army in depth and on various lines of communication of the Japanese army. Especially as the entire  The various railway dispatching stations around Xinjing, the railway hub in central Northeast China, must be completely destroyed.¡±
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