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Text Chapter 22 Countdown

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    Yang Zhen made up his mind to launch an attack in advance. As the chief of staff, Guo Bingxun immediately conveyed orders one after another to the commanders of each front column in the shortest possible time.  At the same time, a death order was issued to each column, requiring all troops participating in the attack to enter the front-line positions within the time designated by the headquarters.

    After receiving the order, the commanders of each column, although they did not know why their superiors suddenly adjusted their original combat plans, launched an attack in advance.  But no one dared to bargain. They immediately commanded the divisions assigned to them according to the predetermined plan that had just been handed out and was still warm, and secretly set off towards the forward positions where they had made their respective offensive starting points.  The artillerymen serving as fire cover also began to enter various firing positions that had been prepared long ago.

    Although each unit encountered abnormal Japanese long-range artillery fire on its way to the front-line positions, it encountered interference.  However, under the cover of the attached artillery and the aviation force deployed in the afternoon, each unit still arrived at the front-line position within the scheduled time in accordance with the headquarters' requirements.

    While the troops were marching towards the front-line positions, several logistics branches were also in action.  Since the aviation force's suppression of firepower on the Japanese front-line positions was temporarily cancelled, the importance of artillery cover became quite prominent.  From the second-line warehouse, increasing the number of artillery shell reserves to various artillery shell storage points on the front line to prevent a shortage of artillery shells during wartime has become the top priority of the logistics department in sending materials forward.

    Especially the headquarters¡¯ request to double the number of artillery shell reserves at all front artillery storage points before 24:00 tonight, all the several car regiments of the Logistics Department accelerated their operations.  All of a sudden, from the second-line warehouse to the simple road on the first-line position, there were motorcades running in camouflage nets everywhere.

    In order to complete the delivery of ammunition, especially artillery shells, within the scheduled time.  After dark, the transportation troops adopted the method of dividing the entire transportation line into several sections and transporting them alternately to speed up transportation.  Although driving lights are not allowed, troops are deployed along the highway to illuminate the convoy with flashlights.

    All artillery shells from various ammunition storage points on the front line were replenished to various artillery positions on the front line.  The shortfall in these reserve points will naturally need to be replenished.  In order to avoid the situation where the artillery, which is responsible for the most important fire cover, runs out of food during the battle.  As soon as the logistics department received the order, it replenished new artillery shells from various rear warehouses to the forward ammunition storage points.

    In order to ensure the supply of artillery shells, Zhang Zhenhua even specially mobilized a car battalion and waited for shipment in the arsenal.  In the rear, all passenger trains on various railway lines were suspended in order to replenish the newly produced artillery shells from rear warehouses and arsenals in the shortest possible time. All railway lines were filled with trains transporting ammunition to the front line.

    However, although the total attack was launched several days earlier than the original plan, it seemed a little hasty.  However, the logistics department had already formulated an emergency plan before it was activated. In addition, it was only a matter of replenishing spare artillery shells for the front line after the air support was cancelled. It could be said that it was busy but not chaotic.

    The troops that have arrived at the front are making final preparations for the early morning attack. The Japanese troops who have been on high alert will naturally not be aware of these changes at all.  In fact, regardless of Yang Zhen's deployment before launching the attack, no matter how concealed the action was, it was impossible not to find any trace.

    Compared with the hustle and bustle of the Logistics Department, the combat troops who had entered the front-line positions to launch the attack before midnight, in addition to the intense and orderly busy work of the headquarters at all levels, issued orders and combat plans within the specified time in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters.  be communicated to cadres at corresponding levels.  Most of the grassroots cadres and soldiers seemed extremely calm.

    Although except for the blasters and artillerymen who were responsible for opening the passage for the attacking troops, most of the officers and soldiers had not received orders before the attack was launched.  However, the officers and soldiers of the various units participating in the war have already been mentally prepared for the battle that is about to begin.  All the officers and soldiers of the participating troops, especially the veterans, are nervously making final preparations for the upcoming battle.

    The infantrymen wiped the rifles and machine guns in their hands over and over again, and the rocket launcher and recoilless gunners also wiped the rocket launchers and recoilless gun barrels in their hands over and over again, and counted the distributed rockets and artillery shells.  The artillerymen were busy measuring the final firing parameters, cleaning the barrel and wiping the shells for the last time.  The tank crew was also busy checking the fuel and ammunition for their mounts for the last time, as well as the logs tied behind the tank to fill the Japanese anti-tank trenches when necessary.

    And just as the participating troops were making final preparations for the countdown to the launch of the attack, on the opposite side of the Anti-Alliance position, the Japanese army, which was somewhat aware of the latest adjustments and deployment of the Anti-Alliance forces, almost at the same time,  Orders were given to prepare for battle.

    Since July, the Kwantung Army has ordered all frontline divisions to??Enter wartime status.  Although it cannot be said that everyone is on guard, they can still be regarded as being on strict guard.  In addition to sending a large number of small troops to penetrate into the opponent's rear and try to figure out the opponent's movements.  As soon as there was any disturbance in the Anti-Japanese Alliance position opposite, artillery fire would be concentrated and bombarded indiscriminately.

    It¡¯s just that the Japanese army was prepared for the possible attack by the Anti-League early, but they didn¡¯t expect that the Anti-Alliance¡¯s attack would not start.  However, the long-term and highly intense combat preparations, whether there were actual results or not, were exhausting to the Japanese officers and soldiers at various frontline positions.

    Although the top brass of each division of the Japanese army, who had already noticed the final adjustments to the deployment of the Anti-Alliance, issued orders to prepare for battle, most of the Japanese officers and soldiers in the front positions regarded this order as just another convulsion from their superiors.  .  Since July, there have been too many similar incidents.  But most of them turned out to be just another false alarm.

    This situation, which has lasted for nearly ten days, makes the Japanese troops on the front line appear to be heavily guarded.  But in fact, the defense is still very lax.  This time, after the sensitive Japanese divisions once again issued orders to prepare for battle, the front-line troops actually did not take it seriously.

    Although the defense is still tight, as before, the focus is still on preventing the people on the opposite side from infiltrating.  As for the opponent's possible full-line attack, there was no preparation at all.  Not only were many forward security positions not evacuated, most people did not even enter the fortifications.

    Deployed in the territory of Qianguo'erluoqian Banner, on the Changshan line on the east coast of Chaganpao, the largest freshwater lake in Jilin Province, the third regiment of the 28th Division of the Japanese Army, and the squadron leader of the second squadron of the first battalion, Onizukada  The third captain rubbed his eyes that were a little achy from not sleeping all night, looked at the already bright sky, and couldn't help cursing those superiors who had nothing to do and had tormented them all night.

    In Onizuka Tianzo¡¯s view, those superiors were simply frightened by the resistance from the opposite side, and every tree and grass were surrounded by soldiers all day long.  As soon as there is any disturbance, we will be on full alert.  I don¡¯t know how many times this month I have been struggling all night long.  They were not tired, but they made the troops below miserable.  Who can stand such a night without sleep?

    ¡°I really don¡¯t know what those group captains, wing captains, and division commanders think.  If the Anti-Japanese Alliance launched an attack, how could the Second Squadron, which was at the forefront of the confrontation with the opponent, not know about it?  It's still useful to give orders to them.  Last night, we waited in vain all night. Wasn¡¯t there still no trace of the Anti-Union?

    What a joke, there are a lot of landmines between the positions of the two armies.  If the Anti-Japanese Alliance launched an attack from here, wouldn't they be prepared to take people into the minefield without clearing the mines in advance?  But last night, even though his squadron's eyes widened, they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.  Those bosses who mess around like this when they have nothing to do do it to make the people below them happy when they are full and full, right?

    I looked at the watch on my wrist, and the hands already showed it was five-thirty in the morning.  Onizuka Tianzo, who was extremely dissatisfied with his superiors, looked at his subordinates who were also yawning because they had not slept all night. With a wave of his hand, he ordered all the soldiers to rest except for the sentries who were on guard.

    Hearing Onizuka Tianzo's order, Special Agent Cao beside him said with some worry: "Squadron Captain, the brigade's order is that no rest is allowed during the day, and the entire squadron is on alert and ready for battle. If we rest now, not only will we be  It's just a violation of the superior's order, and if the entire squadron rests during the day, if the Anti-Japanese Alliance really comes this time, we won't even be able to fight back. "

    "How about we take a rest in the trenches? It's summer anyway, and the weather today is another sunny day. We can just rest in the trenches for a day, and we won't feel the cold. Once the Anti-Japanese Alliance really launches an attack  , we won¡¯t have the power to fight back.¡±

    Although Onitsuka Tazo was slightly hesitant about the concern of Special Agent Cao, who actually acted as the deputy squadron leader, he looked at the anti-alliance position on the opposite side where there was still no movement and said resolutely: "It's nothing.  It¡¯s worrying. The higher-ups have been crying wolf all day long, but so far we haven¡¯t seen any offensive moves from the Anti-League forces.¡±

    "Don't forget, the position we are currently guarding is at the forefront of all the defense lines of the entire 28th Division. If there is any movement on the other side, how can we not know about it?" Not to mention that there are signs of an attack on the other side, even the defense  The number of troops has not increased.  The boss is so full that he has nothing to do. He doesn't feel tired of tossing us, so we shouldn't torment ourselves.  A small team was ordered to be on alert, and the rest of the troops retreated back to the temporary barracks behind the main position to rest.  "

    Regarding Onizuka Tianzo's stubbornness, the special agent Cao shook his head helplessly and did not continue to persist.  What else can be done?  They are the superiors, at least in this squadron they still have the final say.  As long as the captain or other competition?In the absence of high-ranking officers, he is the largest officer in this squadron.  All actions of this squadron must be obeyed by others.

    Although the guy who was assigned as the squadron leader from the division earlier this month has almost zero actual combat experience, he is still the squadron leader.  And he is just a special agent, Chief Cao, who is equivalent to Chief Cao, not even an officer.  No matter how much you disagree with the squadron leader's order, you can only obey it honestly without any objection
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