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Volume 1 On the Songhua River Chapter 3292 The End (The new book "Daomang" will be uploaded soon)

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    Marshal Rommel, the top commander of the German North American battlefield, creatively used Zhao Yuhe's suggestion to use the assault force in the Jonesboro area on the west bank of the Mississippi River to more than 1.4 million people and more than 4,500 tanks.  vehicles, more than 3,800 combat aircraft, and more than 10,000 artillery pieces of various calibers.

    When the battle started, the U.S. defenders on the east bank of the Mississippi River experienced a hellish experience. Fighter planes roared in the sky, bombs rained like rain, artillery fire roared on the ground, and the shells were as dense as locusts. The U.S. military positions were blown to pieces for several days.  Hours of bombing and shelling buried only tens of thousands of American soldiers on their own land. On the other side, there were few American soldiers alive, and a breakthrough was opened.

    In just one day, the German engineering troops erected hundreds of pontoon bridges on the Mississippi River. Tanks and artillery vehicles roared past. Immediately, more than one million German soldiers crossed the wide and fast-flowing Mississippi River.  Then, the troops divided into two groups and outflanked them in the direction of Jefferson City, Nashville and Atlanta, sweeping across the American and Canadian coalition defenders along the way. Under such a fierce German attack, the U.S. coalition forces behind the defense line were wiped out.

    The bad news of the defeat on the front line came, and the entire United States was shocked. The morale of the people and the military was floating. Every American knew that the eastern defense line was on the verge of collapse. After the defense line was opened, the last remaining resistance of the United States in the eastern region would be undefendable.  Millions of German soldiers would flood all areas like a tide.

    Rommel adopted Zhao Yuhe¡¯s suggestion and broke through the US-Canadian defense line in the Jonesboro area of ??the Mississippi River, which actually sealed the victory of the war in advance. As expected, by late April.  Under the double attack of the German army, the US military's eastern defense line collapsed completely, and Jefferson City, Nashville and Atlanta were lost one after another.

    Positional defense battles on the Eastern Front of the United States.  It turned into an encirclement and interception battle, with the German troops attacking from both sides.  The U.S-Canadian coalition forces suffered heavy losses, with more than four million casualties and prisoners, and countless weapons, equipment, and baggage lost. The corpses of soldiers covered the land in the eastern United States. The remaining U.S-Canadian coalition forces, about two million strong, were divided into several groups.  .  They retreated hastily toward Washington on the east coast of the United States and southeastern Canada. The defeat of the United States was certain.

    In the direction of Canada, the northern offensive force of the Independent Division formed a confrontation with more than 800,000 Canadian defenders on the second line of defense in western Ontario. This made Prime Minister McKenzie and the Canadians relax a little.  One breath, though.  The collapse of the U.S. eastern defense line has once again made Canadians' hearts rise in their throats.  It seemed that they had forgotten about the Chinese troops who had reached their doorstep, and focused their attention on the eastern United States.

    In early May, the Corps and the Marine Corps directly under the Independent Division suddenly appeared behind the second line of defense of the Canadian Army in Ontario. On the same day, the offensive force on the northern front of the Independent Division, which was confronting the Canadian Army, suddenly launched a ferocious full-line attack. Ground and air attacks  The firepower is not weaker than that of the German army.

    The largest battle in Canada has begun.  It's just a one-sided battle.  The total number of troops Tang Qiuli put into the Canadian battlefield has reached more than 2.6 million.  It is more than three times the total strength of the Canadian Army. As for the number of firepower, aviation and tanks, it is more than several times higher. This is a battle of annihilation nature, which wipes out the last bit of capital of the Canadians.

    Canada and the United States were on the verge of national subjugation at the same time. At this time, the news that President Roosevelt had passed away could no longer be concealed. It spread across the United States at the fastest speed. The psychology and morale of the Americans suffered a double blow.  blow.

    In mid-May, after the independent division troops surrounded and annihilated more than 800,000 Canadian troops in Ontario, they did not stop. Two troops that started attacking from different directions gathered together, divided into several routes, and headed straight for Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  Southern region of Quebec.

    Also in mid-May, Marshal Rommel, the top commander of the German North American battlefield, commanded the headquarters and continuously broke through several lines of defense of the U.S-Canadian coalition, and even attacked large and medium-sized cities such as Columbia, Frankfurt, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Charltons.  , most of the eastern United States fell into the hands of the German army, and the German army approached Washington, the original capital of the United States. At this point, the fate of the United States' demise could no longer be changed.

    The eyes of the whole world were watching the North American continent that was ablaze with fireworks. They were horrified that the United States, once the most powerful country in the world, was on the verge of annihilation in just two years. Tang Qiuli  His name and the millions of troops under his command have once again attracted the attention of the world.

    Astana, the ancient city of Central Asia in southern Siberia, is no longer the capital of the Soviet Union. In a villa, Stalin, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, is lying on the hospital bed and listening to the former People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs who is temporarily in charge of the work.  Molotov, reporting the news of Roosevelt's death, the troops commanded by the Chinese Tang Qiuli,There was news that the German army joined forces and defeated the American and Canadian coalition forces on the North American battlefield.

    Stalin, who had been bedridden for many days, was already a little unconscious and was often in a state of unconsciousness and semi-coma. However, after hearing these two pieces of news that shocked the world and changed the world structure, he miraculously became sober.

    Stalin looked at Molotov and almost said to himself: "The Chinese Tang Qiuli is a devil, and the German head of state Hitler is also a devil. Now, if the two devils join forces, the world will be under the rule of the devil!"

    "Comrade Molotov, the Soviet Union is finished. There is no hope of restoration. We live in a desolate corner of Central Asia. We are outsiders. At the beginning, Tang Qiuli prevented Hitler from pursuing us and brought the Soviet government to the end.  Being trapped here contains great evil intentions, and we are just hanging on for a while!"

    "Comrade Molotov, I have a premonition that I don't have much time left. Please invite the members of the Politburo and the military generals to my ward. I have something to explain to my comrades. This is a testament."  Bar!"

    A few days later, Stalin passed away. This red czar who once made the Soviet Union extremely powerful. After gaining power, he was a ruthless person who carried out great purges within the Soviet party and army, and was the orderer of the extermination of the Chinese people in the Far East.  , one of the three giants of anti-fascist countries in history, who can arbitrarily arrange the world pattern after World War II.  A few years later, it became a red giant that could compete with Western countries. It came to the end of its life with infinite regret and hatred.

    According to the arrangements in Stalin¡¯s will.  Molotov took over as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and Malenkov became Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union.  At this time, the Soviet Union only had its name. The natural conditions in Central Asia were harsh, the land was vast and sparsely populated, and religious issues were complex. These innately inadequate conditions could not support the dream of the recovery of a former great power, and Tang Qiuli would not do it.  Give it a chance to recover.  The Soviet Union is destined to be annihilated in the tide of history!

    In the South Asian subcontinent and the West Indies, Churchill, the already senile British Prime Minister in exile, was stunned when he heard the news of the deaths of Roosevelt and Stalin, and the news that the Chinese and German forces had joined forces to sweep across the North American continent, and then let out a long sigh.  .  There was no more movement.

    A few days later, Churchill submitted his resignation to the exiled Queen of England and asked for her royal approval.  After resigning as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the British royal family repeatedly tried to stay. However, Churchill's heart was dead, his fighting spirit was gone, and he was determined to leave. After he resigned as the Prime Minister, he left a British exile in the West Indies, a devastated person.  Kong and the people are in dire straits and a chaotic mess.  The British stopped thinking about returning to the British Isles and settled in the West Indies.  Eventually it was reduced to a small, inferior country.

    In Rome, the capital of Italy, Prime Minister Mussolini was in front of a group of senior party, government and military officials.  He lost his temper, cursed Tang Qiuli, and complained about Hitler. Even a fool knew that the Americans and Canadians were about to be ruined. They could not survive for a few days. The vast North American continent would be Tang Qiuli and Hitler's meal.

    It was the turn of enjoying the victory dinner, but there was nothing about Italy on the table. Mussolini was holding his breath and getting angry. At the beginning, the Italian army was the second to join the North American battlefield after the German army. At that time, Don  Qiu Li's army is still fighting to the death with the Japanese!

    But who can we blame for all this? If it weren¡¯t for the greedy and stupid Mussolini who made a few foolish steps in the first place, no matter what happens, Italy will still get some share of the interests of the North American continent after the war.  It¡¯s better to have leftovers than to get nothing at all!

    In mid-October 1944, Rommel commanded millions of German troops and annihilated the last main force of the U.S-Canadian coalition forces in the outskirts of Washington. About three million U.S-Canadian coalition soldiers were killed or captured. The Americans finally left.  Reached desperate situation.

    In late October, Rommel commanded troops and invaded the almost empty city of Washington. The U.S. capital fell. Subsequently, the German army divided its forces to advance north and south, attacking the Florida Peninsula and the area north of Washington. By late November, the German army finally reached  The east coast of the United States, occupying the entire United States.

    In the direction of Canada, Tang Qiuli personally rushed to the front line to command the troops. In early October, he annihilated more than 800,000 Canadian troops in the Ontario area, clearing the way to key areas in southeastern Canada.  In the second half of the year, after clearing away the resistance of the Canadian army on the periphery and annihilating 300,000 people, they occupied Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and the entire territory of Canada fell.

    Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie announced the surrender of Canada on behalf of the government. The entire territory of Canada fell into the hands of Tang Qiuli. After capturing Ottawa, Tang Qiuli used five regiments of nearly 2 million troops to directly capture the American battlefield on the US-Canada border.  The then capital was Duluth, and in the outskirts of Duluth, they fought fiercely for three weeks, annihilating more than 500,000 U.S. troops, and then captured Duluth. The U.S. government failed to escape from the city.

    The day Duluth was lost, all the troops were lost.Feeling that he could no longer resist, U.S. President Truman, after consulting the military generals in advance, declared surrender on behalf of the U.S. government. The United States was officially destroyed. All U.S. government officials who remained in Duluth  They all entered the prisoner-of-war camp of the Independent Division. The Independent Division troops commanded by Tang Qiuli created a brilliant record of capturing the capitals of two countries at the same time on the North American battlefield and accepting the surrender of the heads of two countries.

    At this time, Marshal Rommel, Germany's top commander in the North American battlefield, was commanding troops sweeping across the entire United States, killing Duluth day and night. In the Madison area, which was still more than 200 kilometers away from Duluth,  Then from the radio, I heard the news that US President Truman announced his surrender to the squadron.

    Rommel was stunned at first, his face turned livid, and he drove out all his adjutants and staff officers. Then he broke a set of Chinese porcelain that he had kept with him for many years. When the marshal's adjutants heard the sound of the broken utensils, who  I didn't dare to go in to persuade him, and I didn't know why the marshal, who always paid attention to gentlemanly demeanor, lost his temper uncharacteristically when the German army won an unprecedented victory.

    Rommel was absolutely aggrieved, so aggrieved that he wanted to kill someone. Why did he drive so hard from the east coast of the United States to Duluth in the wilderness?  We are not trying to create a record of continuously conquering and occupying the two capitals of the United States on the North American battlefield. Washington is an empty city with no practical significance and is at most a symbol. Duluth is the fat one, and the top military and political officials of the United States.  They all gathered in this remote town.

    If you can capture US President Truman, your prestige in the German military community will definitely rise. Think about it, capturing the enemy's largest leader is much more important than the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of US soldiers in World War I. It belongs to  A unique achievement.

    It is a pity that the Chinese took the lead. U.S. President Truman fell into the hands of the Chinese. What made him even more aggrieved was that the Chinese army joined the North American battlefield at the latest time and paid the smallest price. It was a hard nut to crack.  , were all chewed down by the German army, but the final result was that the Chinese army captured the capitals of two countries in a row and accepted the surrender of the heads of the two countries.

    In the North American War that wiped out the United States and Canada, the German troops and soldiers paid the highest price and casualties, and fought for the longest time. However, the two most glorious pearls in the final victory crown were easily picked up by the Chinese.  If you take it, where can you explain it?

    Rommel had no intention of challenging the Chinese, so he sent troops to surround Duluth and snatch Truman back from the hands of the Chinese soldiers. He did not dare and could not provoke a war between the two countries because of a dispute of temper. He would bear the crime himself.  Sorry.

    Therefore, Rommel felt aggrieved and could only admit that he was unlucky. Who knew that when he determined the direction of the attack, the German army was in the east direction. However, admitting that he was unlucky did not mean that he had to swallow his anger. He still deserved to complain, so he wrote a letter  The telegram full of resentment flew to the official residence of the head of state in Berlin.

    Tang Qiuli, who was far away in Ottawa, knew that the battles fought by the independent division on the North American battlefield were, to a large extent, taking advantage of opportunities and taking advantage of opportunities. They were fighting clever battles against the weakest opponents.  The hardest bones to gnaw are all those of the German army, and he will not ignore the tradition of German military officers paying attention to honor.

    (To be continued.) (To be continued)
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