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Volume One: On the Songhua River, Final Chapter: The Founding of the People's Republic of China (The new book "Daomang" will be uploaded soon)

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    The independent division troops joined the battlefield in the final stage of the North American War, but they even reached the capitals of the two countries and accepted the surrenders of the two heads of state. They came from behind and made little effort but gained a lot. This will definitely make the senior German officers feel very uncomfortable, especially  It was Rommel, he must have been extremely frustrated!

    This kind of aggrieved emotion, if not released, will turn into resentment. Tang Qiuli does not want Rommel to resent him. Tang Qiuli does not care much about these false reputations. Similarly, the generals at all levels of the Independent Division  , I have no interest in false fame, and the land I get is the real stuff.  ¦æ£¬

    Tang Qiuli felt that it was necessary to give Hitler and Rommel some psychological compensation. Now that Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie and US President Truman were in his hands, why not hold two grand surrender ceremonies so that Mackenzie and Truman could  During the surrender ceremony, the surrender document was publicly submitted?

    Tang Qiuli knew that Hitler liked this tone. The showy German head of state looked at Canadian Prime Minister McKenzie and U.S. President Truman handing over a letter of surrender to his generals. He must have felt so happy!

    Tang Qiuli's move was to give Hitler and his generals a huge face. The information that Rommel was commanding a mechanized armored force to advance towards Duluth was already on his desk. He knew that Rommel was  Why are you rushing to Duluth in such a hurry?

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It's something that stupid Japanese people do all the time!

    Tang Qiuli would naturally not make such a mistake.  He turned his thoughts into actions.  He sent a telegram to Hitler, explaining what he meant, and proposed that the Canadian surrender ceremony be held in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and the surrender ceremony of the U.S. government be held in Washington, the capital of the United States.

    The surrendered commander of both the victorious countries and the German side should be Marshal Rommel, who has made outstanding achievements on the North American battlefield.  It must be him. The Chinese side is the second-ranking figure in the independent division, deputy division commander General Liu Tiehan. Of course he and Hitler will participate.

    In Tang Qiuli¡¯s heart, the surrender ceremony performed by Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie on behalf of the Canadian government was not important. What was important was the surrender ceremony performed by U.S. President Truman on behalf of the U.S. government. He could witness with his own eyes a hegemonic country that would run rampant in future generations.  Surrendering to yourself in reality should be something worth remembering for a lifetime.

    Hitler responded as quickly as possible. In the telegram, Hitler did not hesitate to praise him.  He praised Tang Qiuli for his thoughtfulness and jointly held the surrender ceremony, which fully reflected the close relationship between old friends.  He will fly to North America in the near future to participate in this unforgettable ceremony!

    The surrender ceremony of the Canadian government.  The US government's surrender ceremony took place more than ten days later.  A week later, Tang Qiuli sat on the rostrum and looked at U.S. President Truman. His face was dejected. He walked forward unsteadily, bowed and handed over the surrender letter. He was filled with emotions. He had witnessed with his own eyes a man who had surrendered.  In later generations, when the world hegemon was destroyed, Hitler was beaming with joy and burst into shrill laughter.

    The war in North America is over, and now it's time to divide the cake. Tang Qiuli and Hitler both tacitly agree on this. However, Hitler is obviously a little nervous. He is worried that his old Chinese friend is greedy, so it will be difficult.  Done.

    After the U.S. surrender ceremony, Hitler and Tang Qiuli, each with several young staff officers, walked into a conference room. On the table in the conference room, there was a map of North America, Central America, and South America spread out.  The interests that followed the end of the North American War began in this little-known room.

    Regarding the division of U.S. territory, Tang Qiuli's request is that the area east of the Deillera Mountains, including Helena, Salt Lake City, and the area west of Phoenix, belongs to him. For the division of Canadian territory, it is one-third of Canada's total land area.  One's western region.

    For Mexico, because it is not an occupied country and is an ally of Germany, it cannot be divided according to the defeated countries. Tang Qiuli only requires that the western part of Mexico, the narrow strip west of the Occidental Udere Mountains, be a permanent lease area, and the Central American region  Half of the land area belongs to himself, but Panama belongs to himself entirely. As for South America, he only requires one-fifth of the land area, but it must be in the western region of South America.

    There was no fierce quarrel or too much bargaining. It was a completely negotiated and humiliating scene. Tang Qiuli and Hitler quickly reached an agreement. In response to Tang Qiuli's generosity and generosity,  Hitler was very moved. No matter which aspect you looked at, Germany had taken advantage of it and included about 70% of the entire American territory into German territory.

    And Tang Qiuli is also verySatisfied, I feel that I have not suffered a loss. Although I seem to have received much less than the Germans in the territorial division of North America, South America and Central America, I have realized my strategic plan to turn the Pacific Ocean into the inland sea of ??the future country.  Starting from the Bering Strait in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa in the south, the territory I acquired on the American continent happened to be an arc-shaped zone, tightly embracing the eastern Pacific Ocean.

    There is a detail issue. After the border was divided, Tang Qiuli solemnly proposed that on the determined border line, the Chinese and German armies would each withdraw ten kilometers, leaving a twenty-kilometer demilitarized zone as a buffer zone.  , soldiers from both sides are not allowed to enter.

    Tang Qiuli's reason is that if the border lines are close to each other, the soldiers patrolling on both sides will fight nose to nose and eyeball to eyeball all day long. The habits and customs of the two sides are different. Over time, the soldiers will become full-blooded young people.  There is no guarantee that trouble will not arise. Once a conflict occurs, it will be fatal. Wouldn't it destroy the traditional friendship between China and Germany?

    Hitler fully agreed with this and greatly appreciated Tang Qiuli's thoughtful and meticulous thinking. He also had a headache. How would the German soldiers live in peace with the Chinese soldiers in the future? His men were all arrogant and powerful soldiers, and neither were the soldiers of the Independent Division.  The fuel-efficient lamp, Tang Qiuli's plan, solved this problem exactly.

    After two decisive figures reached an agreement on the division of interests in the entire America.  The people below did not raise any different or objectionable opinions.  The relevant agreements were quickly fixed in the form of documents.  Both parties get what they need and everyone is happy.

    What¡¯s interesting is that Italy, which was the first to follow the German army and enter the North American battlefield, should not have a share of the pie, but was automatically ignored by the two giants, especially Hitler. When carving up the interests of the Americas, there was not even a scrap.  There was nothing left for Mussolini.

    Hitler did not mention the Italians.  Naturally, Tang Qiuli would not take the initiative to bring up this matter. Poor Italians, poor Mussolini, lost hundreds of thousands of troops who could have made a difference in North America, and had to spend a large amount of money to redeem them.  Prisoners of war, just a word about losing a wife and losing troops, absolutely cannot describe the results that Italy has achieved now.

    Tang Qiuli stayed in the North American continent for more than a week.  Liu Tiehan, who had handled some military and government affairs and had been on the battlefield in North America, also rushed from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Tang Qiuli went to the airport to greet him in person.

    After returning to the frontline headquarters.  The two sat down and Tang Qiuli said: "Brother Tiehan, I will return to Yangon in the near future. All matters in America will be entrusted to you. The division commander decided that you will serve as the Military and Political Committee of the North and South America and Central America Occupied Zones  As chairman. On my behalf, I have full authority to handle military and political affairs. The East Point troops are stationed in the Americas and are temporarily reorganized into local security forces."

    Liu Tiehan smiled bitterly and said: "Commander, this is making things difficult for me. I am good at commanding and fighting. I am good at handling government affairs, but I am a layman. The job of chairman of the Military and Political Committee has nothing to do with fighting!"

    "This position belongs to Brother Tiehan! Where do you want me to find a more suitable candidate?" Tang Qiuli said with a smile: "Of course, Brother Tiehan will not always be responsible for the military and political affairs. I will  We¡¯re sending the right personnel to take over the government affairs for you!¡±

    "In addition, after I leave North America, Brother Tiehan, as the deputy division commander, will make detailed arrangements for the evacuation of other regiments! Millions of people cannot be crowded into North America. Just eating will be a problem!"

    Tang Qiuli left Los Angeles and flew back to Yangon in early 1945. Suddenly another year passed. In this year, he finally completed the big plan he had always envisioned, commanding millions to destroy Japan and eradicate it.  It defeated China's mortal enemy and feud, never caused further trouble, and obtained deserved benefits in the North and South American continents and Central America at the minimum cost, turning the Pacific Ocean into an inland sea.

    In one year, the world structure has undergone earth-shaking changes. Looking around the world, there are no longer major wars. The millions of soldiers of the independent division no longer need to shed blood and sacrifice. They have grown into the two largest armies alongside the German Army.  One of the giants can enjoy the fruits of victory with peace of mind.

    In Yangon in January, the temperature is pleasant and the sea breeze is gentle. The three wives and two children are all at Dingbian. There is no need to be distracted. It just so happens that Tang Qiuli wants to take this opportunity to sort out his thoughts and think about the things that have been lingering in his heart.  A big thing, a grand blueprint that I have already begun to draw in my heart. Everything is a foregone conclusion, and it is time to turn the blueprint into reality.

    On January 8, the Confidential Communications Section of the Left-behind Office sent a confidential telegram. Liu Hanzhang, who made a special trip to Chongqing to discuss the issue of Northeast China with the Nationalist Government, flew from Chongqing to Yangon to meet with Tang Qiuli to report on his trip to Chongqing.

    Liu Hanzhang became more and more energetic. When we met, he still had his old temper. "Chairman, I went to Chongqing this time. Fortunately, I have fulfilled my mission. I have signed an agreement with the National Government on the status of Northeast China."North Korea is officially independent. What I don¡¯t understand is that Chairman, you are determined to win the Northeast. After taking over, what kind of status will you give to the Northeast? Don¡¯t forget, you are also the vice chairman of the Military Commission of the National Government!  "

    "It won't be the case soon!" Tang Qiuli smiled calmly, understanding Liu Hanzhang's worries, and said: "I have decided to establish an independent country. Over the years, millions of soldiers of the independent division have fought and sacrificed their lives to fight such a big war.  I don¡¯t trust anyone with this piece of land, so I can only build a new country by myself!¡±

    "Chairman, do you want to establish an independent country?" Liu Hanzhang jumped up in shock, his eyes blazing. Then, with a look of relief on his face, he said: "Actually, I had guessed it a long time ago, so I'm not surprised. Thinking about it,  How can the huge territory conquered by the soldiers of the Independent Division be handed over to the current National Government, huh, let¡¯s not mention it to the senior officials of the National Government!¡±

    It seems that Liu Hanzhang has never had a good impression of the officials of the National Government. He must have remembered the time when he returned from studying abroad.  With the pain of serving the country but encountering obstacles everywhere and having no way to serve the country.

    Tang Qiuli smiled.  Said: "Brother Hanzhang, the name of the future new country, the capital, the national anthem, the national emblem, as well as the establishment of government agencies and other specific matters need you to do it yourself! Don't count on me, I am a layman!"

    "I'm so old!" Liu Hanzhang shook his head and said: "The blade is too blunt to be used anymore. The chairman has so many talented people with many years of experience, so why should I get involved? I just hope that after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the chairman will arrange a casual position for me. Let me see it with my own eyes.  Watching the new country prosper is enough for a lifetime!¡±

    "Brother Hanzhang!" Tang Qiuli looked at Liu Hanzhang and said: "Brother Hanzhang, there is no need to be humble. The position of prime minister of the new country belongs to you. If it is handed over to someone else, I really don't trust you! Don't forget, you  My brother has been following the army since Dingbian, responsible for taking over territory from Northeast China to Japan. There is no one more experienced than you!"

    Liu Hanzhang wanted to resign, but Tang Qiuli changed the topic.  He said: "Brother Hanzhang went to Chongqing this time. Apart from discussing the status of Northeast China, he didn't find anything else? What is the current atmosphere in Chongqing?"

    Liu Hanzhang shook his head rather distressedly.  Said: "I am not a stupid person. I have discovered it. The big guys in the National Government have been clamoring to suppress the Communists all day long. They are mobilizing troops and generals with murderous intent. It seems that they are about to go to war with the Communists. Alas! The country has just eliminated foreign aggression, and the people  Before the people can recuperate, they will be plunged into the flames of civil war again!¡±

    "Chairman Tang, I still don't know something. With your identity and strength, as well as your position in the National Government, you should be able to prevent this civil war from happening, right? But why didn't you do it?"

    There seemed to be blame in Liu Hongzhang's tone, but Tang Qiuli couldn't tell anyone the inside story. He could only say: "The Kuomintang and the Communist Party are incompatible with each other now. Even if I try hard to bring them together, they will inevitably fail."  It will leave the seeds of rupture, Brother Hanzhang, some history cannot be changed, manpower is exhausted, we can only let nature take its course!¡±¡­

    On June 1, 1945 AD, after intense preparations, a brand new country was born. The country was named the New Tang Republic, and its capital was Yangon on the Indochina Peninsula. Tang Qiuli was elected as the lifelong president of the country, and China was rejuvenated.  Life-long Chairman of the Party and Life-long Chairman of the National Military Commission, Liu Hanzhang was the first Prime Minister and was responsible for organizing the government. Generals at all levels of the independent divisions all held important positions in the army, navy and air force of the new country.

    The land area of ??the New Tang Republic extends to all of Siberia in the north, to the East India region in the west, to the Australian continent in the south, and extends to the North American continent, South American continent and western Central America in the east. The entire Pacific and Indian Oceans have become the inland seas and territories of the New Tang Republic.  and territorial waters, reaching tens of millions of square kilometers, making it the second largest country in terms of land area after Germany.

    When choosing the country's political system, Tang Qiuli scorned the political system of separation of three powers in the West and rejected it without hesitation. No matter in history or now, the democracy promoted by the West worships the separation of three powers as Guigao.  Thinking it to be a universal value, Tang Qiuli, who has been a man for two generations, naturally knows its essence and can be said to hate it deeply.

    Today, Western-style democracy has reached a dead end. It can neither change the internal diseases of the country nor save the fate of other countries. The New Tang Republic implements a national system of one-party dictatorship and multi-party cooperation, with the Chinese Renaissance Party as the only  's ruling party.

    On the day of the founding of the New Tang Republic, the German head of state Hitler not only sent a large delegation to attend the founding ceremony, he was also the first to send a congratulatory message announcing the establishment of diplomatic relations with the New Tang Republic. Interestingly, at that time,  The leaders of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, who were fighting fiercely on the domestic battlefield, sent congratulatory messages to congratulate the founding of the New Tang Republic and congratulate Tang Qiuli on his election as the president of the country.  ¡­

    &nbspTime flies, and in the blink of an eye, it is the end of September 1949. At this time, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party in the civil war have already decided the winner. Chairman Chiang¡¯s army has been completely defeated. History has taken a turn here.  The defeated Chairman Chiang, without the island of Taiwan as his final foothold, was at the end of his rope. His fate would be to become a prisoner of the Communist Party, or to commit suicide.

    Tang Qiuli did not add insult to injury and extended a helping hand in time. Through consultation with the leaders of the Communist Party, he arranged for Chairman Chiang and a large number of national military and political officials who had survived the battlefield to be united in Japan.  In Japan, in addition to Tokyo being changed to Chang'an, even the name of Japan was changed to Fuso, its original territory.  It is divided into four unrelated administrative regions.

    Under Tang Qiusheng¡¯s iron-fisted policy, within a few years.  Approximately 10 million Japanese young adults and their relatives were sent to Siberia.  Participating in the large-scale development of the local area, the vacated land and reduced population were filled by large-scale immigration from the country. The purpose of this move was to dilute the original Japanese population in the Japanese archipelago.

    Of course, Tang Qiuli could never reuse most of the party, government, and military officials of the former Nationalist Government, including Chairman Chiang Kai-shek, and they were placed in some research institutions or salaried departments.  As an idle man with no worries about food and clothing, Zhang Zhizhong was an exception. Tang Qiuli prepared a position of government minister for him in the government of the New Tang Republic.

    "As for He Yingqin, Chen Cheng, Chen Guofu and their direct relatives, Tang Qiuli was not so generous as to repay evil with kindness. He issued clear instructions to expel these people from the country and go wherever they fell in love with them. I would not take them in anyway.  Not killing them is already magnanimous!

    As for Chairman Chiang, Tang Qiuli arranged a title of national policy adviser for his former boss.  To put it bluntly, it means raising it.  Including Chairman Chiang Kai-shek, senior members of the party, government and military of the former National Government.  They are all very grateful that they are the losers.  A fallen phoenix is ??not as good as a chicken. It can survive the flames of war and leave a life. The rest of its life is settled. What more can I ask for?

    In Honolulu, the Hawaiian Islands in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, in the living room of an ordinary villa, through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you can see the rolling waves on the Pacific Ocean. On the afternoon of October 1, 1949, Tang Qiuli  Wearing a military uniform, holding a cigarette in his hand, facing the sea, thoughtfully.

    Behind him, Mei Ting pulled her teenage daughter Jialin, Mei Xue pulled her six-year-old son Huzi, Liu Xinlan caressed her slightly bulging belly, eyes full of happiness, three women and two  The two children were all watching quietly, this man standing in the sun, his tall back and gray hair, their entire lives, the lover who shared the same breath and fate.

    At three o'clock in the afternoon, from the radio came the strong Hunan voice of Mao Zedong, "The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China has been established!" From the radio, cheers like a mountain roar and a tsunami came.

    Tang Qiuli smiled. History still stubbornly returned to its original trajectory. The difference is that the world he created will become the most solid guardian of the new republic. His eyes crossed the vast Pacific Ocean again and saw  The Middle East, where oil is everywhere, will be a hot spot for world disputes in the future, but I have already begun to make plans.

    The loud and exciting national anthem echoed on the radio. Tang Qiuli ordered his secretary: "Call Premier Liu, send a congratulatory message to President Xi Jinping in the name of the government, and announce the establishment of the People's Republic of China as soon as possible."  Diplomatic relations! Please arrange the appointment of the ambassador to China!¡±

    The secretary left. Tang Qiuli looked at his wife and children with a smile and said, "Tonight, our family will have a dinner together to celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China. Let's have a few drinks and have fun. Why don't you get drunk!"

    The son Huzi was puzzled and asked his father: "Dad, why do we drink to celebrate when other countries are established?"

    "Son, because that is the motherland of your father, your mother, and your two aunts and sisters!" Tang Qiuli lovingly touched his son's head and said sincerely.

    The son nodded as if he understood. Tang Qiuli raised his head and looked at the three smiling wives. For some reason, the words engraved in his heart floated again in his heart, "There are beauties in the north, left behind and independent.  Looking at the Qingren city and then the Qingren country, I would rather not know the Qingcheng and Qingguo, beautiful women are hard to come by!"

    The sad words echoed and circled deep in his heart, lingering for a long time. In front of Tang Qiuli's eyes, the white mountains and black waters of the Northeast, the vast primeval forest and the small mountain village surrounded by the forest appeared again. In an instant, his eyes were filled with tears.  Full of tears.

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    A few words to add: Today is the seventh day of July, the traditional Chinese Valentine¡¯s Day, which coincides with the completion of Xiaojin¡¯s book today. This is a tribute to all of you.Congratulations from my friends, may all lovers in the world finally get married!

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUT off out of mind, we Chinese are just like the Western Valentine¡¯s Day. When Chinese people celebrate Western festivals and imitate cats and tigers, is it suspected of being hypocritical?  (To be continued)
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