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Rebirth of the war years

Rebirth of the war years最新章节列表,Rebirth of the war years全文阅读

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Rebirth of the war yearsBrief introduction:

Tang Qiuli, a special forces commander and a college student who continued his studies, was reborn in Northeast China in 1932 due to unexpected reasons. The iron hooves of the Japanese invaders set foot on the black soil of the three northeastern provinces. Tang Qiuli, who was only 16 years old,  Relying on the memories brought by his later generations, with a heart unwilling to endure humiliation, and with a man's dream, he picked up a gun and embarked on the anti-Japanese battlefield, fighting in the white mountains and black waters, the land of Yanzhao, and the mountains of Qilu, to build his own  With tyrannical strength, breaking treaties without waiting, taking back the lost land, and building a paradise for yourself and your comrades, passion accompanies youth, filled with smoke, yellow flowers on the battlefield, chivalrous tenderness, the unforgettable love between sons and daughters, lingering sadness, and not enough heads of Japanese pirates.  , spilling endless heroic blood, the iron-blooded man wrote a heroic legend of the anti-Japanese war years!

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      Rebirth of the war yearslatest chapter:Volume One: On the Songhua River, Final Chapter: The Founding of the People's Republic of China (The

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