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Volume 11, 2004 Chapter 761 The Never-Ending Game

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    one year later.

    Germany, Hamburg AOL Stadium.

    The Italian players hugged and celebrated wildly. Luca Toni, who performed well in this game and scored two goals, walked towards Nie Fei, who was sitting motionless on the court, and stretched out his hand to him.

    "Luca, there is no need to comfort me." Nie Fei's eyes were indifferent: "Italy performed better and deserved to win."

    "I'm not here to comfort you." Tony laughed: "I just want to ask you which stand is the chairman. Ivan and Fabio and I want to thank him, because without him, the three of us would not be able to  Possibly at the World Cup and Marco, although he is in the stands now, I think he feels the same as us."

    Nie Fei laughed. Indeed, in this Italian national team, there are four players who have played for Yunjia Tianyu, and all of these four players are the main players!

    Toni, Gattuso and Grosso all played in this game. If Materazzi had not received a red card in the last quarter-finals against Australia, he should also have a place in this game -  - After Nesta was absent due to injury, Materazzi became the first choice to partner Cannavaro.

    "Nuo, it's in the box of the stand." Nie Fei pointed to the stand near the studio.

    Tony called Gattuso and Grosso to leave. Nie Fei sighed, turned around and pulled up Messi who was sitting on the ground: "Little Messi, don't be sadyou still have a future."

    The World Cup quarter-finals, dubbed the "Yunjia Tianyu Civil War" by the Chinese media, ended with Italy defeating China 3-2 and entering the semi-finals. The Chinese team failed to replicate the miracle of four years ago and reached the semi-finals.  , but the results in the quarterfinals also tied the North Korean team's best result in the World Cup held by an Asian team in other continents in 1966.

    The reason why it is called the "Yunjia Tianyu Civil War" by the Chinese media is because in this game, Italy and China, both sides, have many players who have played for Yunjia Tianyu.

    Needless to say, Italy¡¯s four players.  In the Chinese national team, it is almost possible to form a Yunjia Tianyu all-star team - two of the three goalkeepers are from Yunjia Tianyu, Chen Wei, who plays for Yunjia Tianyu, and Chu Ran, who is loaned to Naples by Inter Milan, and defender  Zhu Guosheng, Du Wei, Sun Chenghai, midfielders Zhang Yiming, Deco, Li Fang, Nie Fei, Aylin, forwards Adriano and Messi are all stars who came out of Yunjia Tianyu. From this game alone,  It can be seen that Yunjia Tianyu is the best club in Asia.

    Whenever Chinese fans think about this.  It reminds me of a person who, as the club chairman, has become the most important person in Chinese football.

    That person is naturally the former Chairman of Yunjia Tianyu, former Honorary Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, former FIFA Executive Committee member, and current Chairman of the Premier League Newcastle Club Pei Wei.

    "Alas, we stopped in the quarterfinals What a pity." In the box of the stands.  Xu Li smiled and said to Pei Wei sitting next to him.

    Pei Wei shrugged his shoulders: "Anyone who can enter the quarterfinals will not be a weak team. We can't expect to always encounter less strong opponents like the last World Cup. To be honest, between us and these world-class teams  There are still huge gaps that will take time to close."

    "Time" Xu Li smiled bitterly: "That's right. European football has developed for more than a hundred years, and we have only developed for more than ten years. It's a pity. I don't know if I can see Chinese football become world-class in my lifetime."

    "Old Xu. You are in very good health now." Pei Wei smiled: "Besides, now we are second-rate even if we are not first-rate in the world. We are the absolute hegemon in Asia. Look how easily we qualified this time!  As long as there is good hope, that is enough. Besides, did those revolutionary martyrs in the past expect to see the country's strength with their own eyes? But they still did it Although what we are doing now is not like revolutionary martyrs.  The things we do are important, but someone always has to do it You should have a higher awareness than me about this."

    "Haha. Yes, you are right." Xu Li laughed loudly: "It seems that I have to work hard for a few more years."

    "That's true" Pei Wei nodded: "The current Chinese Football Association still needs you to be in charge I can help you with some things outside. How to coordinate internally and develop smoothly is up to you, Lao Xu.  Task."

    A year is not a long time, but a short time is not a short time.  During this period many things happened.

    After winning the league championship.  Newcastle's performance in the season before the World Cup was not very good, and they were overtaken by Chelsea in the league.  In the Champions League, they also entered the quarterfinals and were eliminated by Barcelona, ??the final winner.The first gain was to win an FA Cup that was better than nothing, but Newcastle fans seemed very happy with this championship.

    There are many reasons for this result. The media and fans generally believe that the biggest reason for Newcastle's decline in performance this season is because they lost their main forward Swedish Ibrahimovic before the start of the season.

    Inter Milan, who are hungry for talents, offered a high price of 50 million euros to acquire Ibrahimovic before the start of this season. After Ibrahimovic has gained enough honors in Newcastle, he also hopes to join Inter Milan, his favorite team since childhood.  After weighing the pros and cons, Pei Wei and Mourinho agreed to the acquisition, and the transfer revenue of 50 million euros made Ibrahimovic the largest transfer revenue in Newcastle's history.

    After losing Ibrahimovic, Newcastle introduced Spanish striker David Villa, and England midfielder Carrick also became a part of Newcastle. In the new season, they performed reasonably well, but they seemed unable to make up for the impact of Ibrahimovic's departure.  land loss.

    However, Pei Wei is not dissatisfied with Newcastle's performance this season. He has always valued the team's long-term development. For him, Newcastle's honors came too quickly in the first two seasons, and now it is time to increase his heritage.  when.

    Newcastle has booked Messi, who became a Chinese national a year ago. During this year, Messi has played a lot on behalf of the Chinese national team and has become Adriano's partner in the forward line of the Chinese national team. After the World Cup  , he will join Newcastle. Pei Wei believes that after having Drogba, Villa and Messi, Newcastle's forward line has enough ability to break the door of any team.

    Shearer announced his retirement at the end of this season. After retiring, he became Mourinho's assistant coach. His main task was to assist Mourinho in managing the locker room. With Shearer's prestige, it was easy to do this.  .

    Newcastle has become a very important club in the Premier League, and Chinese football has also become the representative of Asian football. Pei Wei feels that his efforts over the past ten years have finally yielded considerable results.

    Just when I was thinking of this, there was a gentle knock on the door outside the box.

    Pei Wei stood up and opened the door.

    "Marco! Did you find it here? It's not easy." Seeing Materazzi with his three children at the door, Pei Wei couldn't help laughing, and then said hello to Daniella next to him.

    "I know you are here, so I came here to see you."

    Materazzi, who was unable to participate in this game because he was sent off in the last game against Australia, said with a smile.

    "Come in." Pei Wei welcomed them in: "You came to see me after the gameare you afraid of what others will say? Marco, you have become so careful now."

    Xu Li stood up: "You guys talk slowly I have to go to the locker room."

    After Xu Li left, Materazzi smiled sheepishly: "I've wanted to come to visit you for a long time, and now I can finally come openly I think the three of them have the same idea as me." Matt  Lacy pointed to the glass window of the box.

    Pei Wei turned around and saw Tony, Grosso and Gattuso running under the stands and waving to the box.

    Pei Wei happily waved to them: "You have not forgotten me After the World Cup, I invite you to get together, as well as those in the Chinese national team who have been teammates with you before In a blink of an eye  , It¡¯s been eleven years since I first saw you.¡±

    "Yeah eleven years" Materazzi couldn't help but feel a little lost. At the beginning of 1995, when Pei Wei came to see him for the first time he was just in his early twenties at that time.  He was young at a young age, but now he is already a veteran-level figure.

    After chatting for a few more words, Materazzi took his wife and children to leave. He was going to join his national team. For the Chinese team, the World Cup was over, and for the Italian team,  It's far from over yet.

    Pei Wei was the only one left again.

    Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the box, Pei Wei folded his hands and took a deep breath.

    Just two days ago, Su Mei gave birth to a second son for Pei Wei, so she could not come to watch the game with Pei Wei. With a bit of prank, Pei Wei gave the second son a nickname, "  Yue Yue".

    With the eldest son traveling through time and the second son traveling across time, and Pei Wei¡¯s legendary experience, it¡¯s hard to guarantee that no one will think of traveling through time - now in Chinese online novels, the word time traveling has become commonplace.

    If this is a novel, the endtime?

    "It won't end." Pei Wei breathed out leisurely: "If this is a novel, it will never end At least before the end of my life, the ending will not come. Even if my life ends, China  The development of football will continue, this is a game that will never end.¡±

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