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Volume 11 2004 Postscript

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    Before I knew it, it was another year and four months.  "The domain name of this website is <strong>Piaotian</strong> spelled out as piaotia. Please remember the domain name of this website!"

    Since the first chapter of "Rebirth 1994: Football Storm" was uploaded at the end of August 2007, as of yesterday, it has been exactly one year and four months that Lao Guo's second football novel has been completed.

    Unlike the lingering feelings and reluctance to part with "The King of Football in China" when I finished it, when I finished it, I let out a sigh of relief, feeling deeply tired, deeply tired, and sighing deeply.

    If "Chinese Football King" is a personal inspirational novel with a fairy tale color, Lao Guo himself brought happiness to the readers and brothers during the creation process of this book, and also brought yy pleasure to himself.  , then the creative process of "Rebirth 1994: Football Storm", for Lao Guo, was no different from a painful baptism and soul torture.

    When I wrote "Chinese Football King", I was really stupid and naive.

    Some things, if you don¡¯t think about them carefully, may not matter, but the deeper you think about them, the more desperate you become.

    Because we are awake, we are in pain, and because we are confused, we are happy.

    The game of Chinese football will never end. Maybe on the day when all of us are no longer alive, we will not be able to see the scene of Chinese football winning the World Cup, but this is not important. What is important is that even in this torturous time  In the process, we can¡¯t even see a glimmer of hope.

    But I still want to write about Chinese football. At least in the illusory world, we also need to get some comfort and see some hope.

    The saddest thing about people is that they cannot see hope.

    I originally only planned to write about one million words for this book, but due to the strong support from my brothers, when I finally finished it, I calculated that it had surpassed the more than 2.3 million words of "Chinese Football King" and reached  It contains about 2.6 million words.

    "It took me two years and two months to write "Chinese Football King", which is ten months longer than this book. This is probably the thing I am most proud of.

    Originally, according to the outline, I did not plan to write "Europe". The original outline was that starting from the establishment of the Chinese Super League, the A-A cycle lasted for ten years and finally ended. Even at the beginning, I planned to use "Ten Years"  " came to be the name of this book, but the editor denounced it as a "street name", and then the current name came into being.

    For the European chapter, it was very painful for me to write it. Now that I think about it, maybe ending it ten years later would be a better choice.  I hope I still have the enthusiasm to modify it in the future.

    The popularity of this book makes me very happy. It at least proves that among Qidian readers who like to read football novels, there are many people who still have hope for Chinese football. However, the reality makes me despair. If Chinese football continues to be so bad,  How many people will have feelings for this once haunting term?

    As Pei Wei said in the book, some things always have to be done by someone. I am not that great, but I also want to do something I think I should do, such as writing about thankless Chinese football.

    The next book has been decided, and it will be about football. It can also be seen as a sequel to "Rebirth 1994: Football Storm", or it can be seen as a ** story.

    The new book will be uploaded around February, if it is not shot by the editor.

    In addition, I kindly ask everyone to put "Rebirth 1994: Football Storm" into your ordinary bookshelf, so that you will see the news of the new book as soon as possible, because after the book is completed, the VIP chapters cannot be released, and the public version  Updates will not be displayed in the VIP bookshelf.

    Brothers, let¡¯s meet again in the next book. It has been four years since I started writing the book at the starting point, because my child is also over four years old.

    Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone. I am sincerely grateful. Without your support, Lao Guo would not have become a veteran who has already completed two VIP novels. Days and nights in the past four years have been the happiest and most fulfilling for me.  days.

    Goodbye, I love you, this love is second only to my family.
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