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Rebirth of 1994: Football Storm

Rebirth of 1994: Football Storm最新章节列表,Rebirth of 1994: Football Storm全文阅读

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Rebirth of 1994: Football StormBrief introduction:

A reborn person, a person who became very rich after rebirth, a person who lost his life goals after becoming very rich. After watching a national team game, he came up with an idea to start a football club.  .
The nascent Chinese Professional League gave him an opportunity. He used his wealth to form a club, hoping that through this club, he could bring some change to Chinese football. Can he succeed?
Are you a fan who has been watching football for more than ten years?
Are you a fan who experienced the early days of the Chinese Professional League?
Are you a fan who hopes that Chinese football can develop healthily and cleanly?
If you are, then please read this book. Let us review the era that filled all Chinese fans with hope, and let us explore a path for the development of Chinese football.
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