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Time and Space Player One

Time and Space Player One最新章节列表,Time and Space Player One全文阅读

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Time and Space Player OneBrief introduction:

Provide free full-text reading service of the latest chapters of the author (Shinobu Kazami): "The Number One Player of Time and Space"  A mysterious area connected to different planes - illusion.  Zombie besieged city, academy hint, sword SAO... Here you can get inexhaustible wealth, beauties with different styles, and the powerful power that can destroy the world.  Countless people who pursue their dreams and ambitions come here.  Some laugh, some cry, some live and some die.  This is the paradise of the strong.  This is hell for the weak.  And our story starts from the moment when a young man with the most mysterious EX-rank blood in the entire illusion was reborn seven years ago... The number one player group in time and space: 7

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      Time and Space Player Onelatest chapter:Chapter 1272: Draw a lot

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