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ImmortalityBrief introduction:

Provide free full-text reading service of the latest chapters of the author's (The Scary Ah Fei): "Killing the God of Eternal Life", this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up ads.  Kill God to prove the way!  Among the highest universities in China, you can freely choose various growth paths such as seeking Taoism and Buddha, alien technology, gene grafting, and devil's contract.  In the foggy highest school, there is a library with supreme classics, a confinement building managed by the SCP organization, an undersea magic city where the seven desires can be vented, and an administrative center that shares power with the country.  Walking on the edge of death, holding the order of life and death, stepping on the laws of the world, following the ghosts, the incarnation of death.  He is the most outstanding ghost in the world's No. 1 public school. His name is Yu Jing. Welcome to the world where the strong live forever!

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