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Good Luck

Good Luck最新章节列表,Good Luck全文阅读

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Good LuckBrief introduction:

Provide free reading service for the full text of the latest chapters of the author (my name is Paiyunzhang): "Fuyun of the Heavens", this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up advertisements.  !  How can it be broken when confined in the back house and can only be treated as a small transparency?  How can it be broken to be hooked into a dandy just after reaching the age of rebellion?  How could he be thrown to fend for himself in the Territory Beyond the Great Wall by his own father as an adult in the first year of junior high school?  Just in time for the revival of spiritual energy and the sudden changes in the world... Fortunately, my buddy has a golden finger lucky pagoda!  Travel through the heavens and strengthen yourself, all obstacles are clouds!

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