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bioshockBrief introduction:

I often wonder, between intentional humans and unintentional zombies, who has betrayed the name of humanity?  It's a pity that I am a human being who carries a name...
In the age of iron and blood, the only meaning of survival is to fight!  !  !
——Thank you to Dream Catcher for your great guidance and recommendation, Neltharion Deathwing for your chapter recommendation, and thank you to all friends who support the collection!  During the new book period, please give me a red ticket and collect it - it is said that the brother who votes to collect this book will have endless love affairs, and the sister who votes to collect this book will become a heartthrob!  Do not believe?  Save it and give it a try!  ↓

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      bioshocklatest chapter:222 target appears in the lawless zone

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