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The years when I was Mr. Yin Yang

The years when I was Mr. Yin Yang最新章节列表,The years when I was Mr. Yin Yang全文阅读

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The years when I was Mr. Yin YangBrief introduction:

Our story begins with a young man who died and entered the underworld.  Have you heard of many bizarre stories spread among the people?  Have you ever had any admiration or yearning for the capable people in the story who possess magical powers?  What this book tells is the stories of people with strange skills scattered among the people.  They are proficient in divination, know how to draw talismans to exorcise ghosts, and possess strange armor.  When their abilities are no longer recognized by this era, how should they make a choice?
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      The years when I was Mr. Yin Yanglatest chapter:Volume 1 Chapter 27 Fate is impermanent

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