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star queen

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star queenBrief introduction:

The author (Lu Qijiang)'s classic novel: "The Star Empress" full-text reading service for the latest chapters is provided for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements. Welcome to () to watch the novel: [copywriting] Born on the most remote planet in the federal empire  , Her goal in life was originally to eat, drink and have fun.  Unexpectedly, a report came from the front one day that the most valiant commander of the third coalition army in the empire was imprisoned for treason.  ...Chu Xiao: Is there any way to save the crime of treason?  The lawyer shook his head: Unless the new emperor pardons me.  Chu Xiao: The weather is fine today.  It’s time for the empire to have an empress—this is a story about becoming an empress [as a last resort] in order to save a man.  ——This is a story about a humanoid shielding device.  The enemy commander looked up at the galaxy, choking speechlessly: Nima, lost contact again!  Su Shuangwen.  The language is light and humorous.  [Received document] "Everywhere is everywhere

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