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Master times have changed

Master times have changed最新章节列表,Master times have changed全文阅读

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Master times have changedBrief introduction:

A valuable silver coin brought Yunsong to a tumultuous era. Here, foreigners with strong ships and cannons are present, warlord factions are emerging, aristocrats revel in extravagance, and common people are displaced. Here, there are strange and evil creatures, snake immortals and dragon corpses, living graves and jade for the dead, paper men stealing lives, stone Buddhas buying luck, old cats worshiping the moon at night, wild foxes stealing coffins, ancient towns shrouded in darkness by day and old capitals using phantom soldiers as guides. The great river stops flowing to reveal ancient villages, foreign concessions are filled with ominous homes, mass graves hide white bones temples, and a nameless city reveals millennium-old demons. In this place, the valuable silver coin has two sides, used by humans as currency and by ghosts as offerings. Similarly, Yunsong also has two sides, a Daoist priest in a Daoist robe, and a lonely soul, an evil spirit, or even a zombie.

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