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Lord God s Otaku Guards

Lord God s Otaku Guards最新章节列表,Lord God s Otaku Guards全文阅读

category Sundriesauthor LanSeMuGuangstatus serializing
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Lord God s Otaku GuardsBrief introduction:

A group of tragic otakus are made possible by a bus!
"Lancer, you ordered a good car!" the soldier pointed angrily
"If I had known better, I wouldn't have gotten in the car!" Bei Niang said
"It's too late!" FF shrugged
"Can you use the technology of turning back time?" Lao Liang shook his head and stroked his forehead.
"Is it possible!" Uncle 4 rolled his eyes
"Why is there no girl yet?" Gouzi glanced
"Aren't we called the disaster team?" 93 weak...
"Well, what are you having for lunch today?" He rubbed his belly with fried eggs.
"Omelette!" Counterattack said
"Things that are too cute are the most annoying..." Fairy Black Line
"If Bei Niang doesn't act cute, the earth will turn upside down!" Yogurt sat down
“Please, it’s not Bei Niang who is being cute.” Tang Yuan replied
"Don't worry about these little things!" Epilepsy claps one's claws
"Water!" Waves called
"We won't do it!" He complained sadly
“I understand, let’s talk about it!” Hans joked
"The boss is here!" Coyote tilted his head
"It's definitely not a good thing!" Ghost said calmly
"Are the cups going to be upgraded to tableware again?" Meteor was depressed.
"It's time to get to work! Pack up and go!" Lancer waved his hand, indicating that this is the end of YY

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