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KOF s longing

KOF s longing最新章节列表,KOF s longing全文阅读

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KOF s longingBrief introduction:

What is a novel?  The novel is based on the rules of life and starts from a starting point that does not exist.
What is a fantasy novel?  Fantasy novels are about changing some of the rules of life and then starting to deduce them.
In other words, even this KOF novel is a kind of real life, a life in the KOF world...
If you feel confused after reading it for the first time, please calm down and read it a second time; if you feel that this book is about romance, please read it carefully again; if you feel that this book is about ordinary and real life, you may not need me  Please read it again; if you feel a chill after reading this book because of the subtext, please add me on QQ, we can discuss a lot.

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      KOF s longinglatest chapter:Text Chapter 57 You can’t hide even in the first year of junior high school

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