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Summon a Charmander at the start

Summon a Charmander at the start最新章节列表,Summon a Charmander at the start全文阅读

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Summon a Charmander at the startBrief introduction:

Provide the full text of the latest chapter of the author (Old Toad)'s classic novel: "Summon a Little Charmander at the Beginning" for free.  God-level star pets are able to resist nuclear explosions, but some war pets in the records of the ruins can burn mountains and seas and shatter stars, is this true?" "Of course!" Qin Ye flipped his hands and summoned a  The whole body of the resplendent five-clawed golden dragon is about 8,000 feet long, and its scales are like houses. The giant dragon roared and spit out a beam of light, which went straight into the star field.  The sea of ??flames flowing backwards to the sky.  A giant meteorite outside the planet was blasted into powder, and the ring-shaped air wave formed by the explosion was clearly visible on the surface of the planet.

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      Summon a Charmander at the startlatest chapter:Chapter 1211 The Underground Magic Mountain!  (Down)

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