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God and Demon System

God and Demon System最新章节列表,God and Demon System全文阅读

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God and Demon SystemBrief introduction:

The world has turned into an apocalypse in an instant. Zombies and mutated beasts are rampant in the world, and humans are struggling to survive.  Yue Zhong was also struggling hard in this apocalyptic world. It was very difficult to survive even if he wanted to.  When Yue Zhong and his team went through many hardships and finally regained the country from zombies and mutant beasts, he was horrified to discover that he had only passed the first level.  The world after the nuclear explosion is full of nuclear radiation, mutants, radioactive beasts, extremely scarce supplies, and dinosaurs and other ancient creatures are rampant. A world where intelligent dinosaurs have evolved to dominate the world, possessing powerful racial abilities and physical fitness ten times that of humans.  Ordinary bullets cannot penetrate the body, and the world where orcs are the rulers enslaves the humans. In a world where every human being is at an absolute disadvantage, Yue Zhong struggles to evolve.

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      God and Demon Systemlatest chapter:Volume 2: Tide of Corpses Like a Sea Chapter 1,205: Tide of Dragon Mantises!

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