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Magical Girl Fandom: Different Directions

Magical Girl Fandom: Different Directions最新章节列表,Magical Girl Fandom: Different Directions全文阅读

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Magical Girl Fandom: Different DirectionsBrief introduction:

Well~~ If you get tired of seeing it, every protagonist will be adopted by the Takamachi family. People who know how to transfer space can go to the time and space garden. If they go to the library, they can meet Hayate Kuaishou and form a deep bond.  I'm tired of seeing this work that constantly changes the strength of the original work and changes it beyond recognition.
The protagonist is the second son of the Harlowen family (called the second son in anime terms...)
Although I am not a fussy fanatic, I am close to it. Although I will mix in some characters, in general it will follow the original settings...probably!

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