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Embark on the path of the devil

Embark on the path of the devil最新章节列表,Embark on the path of the devil全文阅读

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Embark on the path of the devilBrief introduction:

The rise of a nation is based on the suffering of other nations, and the glory of a country is based on the dignity of other countries.
??China has fallen into depravity, groveling and offering gifts in exchange for the favor and praise of other countries.  I want to preserve my reputation while also ensuring my profits.  In that case, let me do it.  The steps are paved with flesh and blood, and the throne is made of sinews and bones. It carries the evil thoughts and curses of the world and kills all those who dare to become enemies of China.  Everything is just for the rise of China again, embarking on the road of no return to becoming the devil.
PASS: The devil’s leisure time can defeat the warrior and save the princess.

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      Embark on the path of the devillatest chapter:Text Chapter 12 Sadness, Satellite Riots and Calm down

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