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Liquid Armored God of War

Liquid Armored God of War最新章节列表,Liquid Armored God of War全文阅读

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Liquid Armored God of WarBrief introduction:

When I woke up, I found myself in a dark apocalypse filled with mutated monsters!  In the age of superpowers, the strong are respected!  The weak can only accept the tragic fate of being enslaved!  Yuwentai doesn’t want to be enslaved, he wants to control his own destiny!  The Liquid Armored Martial God Body is the source of his power!  Only by evolving, breaking through, and becoming stronger can he protect himself and those who trust him in this terrifying apocalypse!

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      Liquid Armored God of Warlatest chapter:Volume 2: The raging war Chapter 102: The evolution of the lizard

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