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InuzakuyaBrief introduction:

The Scarlet Devil Mansion... Remilia in the museum picked up the phone on the table... Beep~beep~beep~ After the call was connected, a loli voice came from the other end of the phone.  "Hello! Hello, this is the urban management team to serve you. I am Alaya Shi, deputy captain of the urban management team... To summon the heroic spirit, please press 1, to summon the guardian, please press 2, to meet Gaia, please press 9, to recruit maids  Please press the pound key directly, if you need help please press zero, special service...Sorry, you dialed the wrong number." Remy; "...your sister!!!" ————Why do you think so in my eyes?  I often have tears in my eyes because I pretend to be quite deep because I have no moral integrity—— QQ group Fantasy Lily Township (requested by the eldest lady in the next family, friends who like Fantasy Township are warmly welcome, come in and change the name, and do not repeat it with others)  : 179259766QQ group of the Scarlet Devil Mansion girl Dou team; 228778446 (This group is all girls, and only girls are included. Be careful!) YY (Fantasy Township): 32704839

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      Inuzakuyalatest chapter:Academy City Chapter 42 Misaka Sister (5)

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