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Pokémon: Elf Guardian

Pokémon: Elf Guardian最新章节列表,Pokémon: Elf Guardian全文阅读

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Pokémon: Elf GuardianBrief introduction:

I originally thought that the elf world would be as dark and dark as the animation, but unfortunately it is not the same at all.
I thought that knowing everything about elves would make me invincible, but unfortunately it is impossible.
I thought that my friends from childhood to adulthood would always be by my side, but unfortunately it was simply not realistic.
I originally thought that there would be no death in this world, but unfortunately it is simply not possible.
Time travel is just a process, start from scratch step by step, constantly enrich yourself, keep changing, and achieve a strong legend...
PS: This book is a slow-burning book and is usually updated on Saturdays and Sundays.  Book group: 10158005

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