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Xiu Shen Gaiden

Xiu Shen Gaiden最新章节列表,Xiu Shen Gaiden全文阅读

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Xiu Shen GaidenBrief introduction:

The divine plans come together, the thunder roars, the forbidden ground moves, and the immortal mansion comes out!
Where is the road to immortality?  Miracles are hidden, why are they hidden?
Heavenly lovers are affectionate, and all desires block longevity!
Reciting the Worry-Free Sutra internally, practicing the Heavenly Thunder Body externally, traveling alone across three continents and four seas, bravely fighting against demons and monsters!
Holding the Five Elements Ruyi Tongtian Stick in hand, you can sweep away the demons unstoppably!  Step on the Nine-Star Dream Chaser Sword!  Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains in one day!
Its appearance is not good enough to be mixed with the world!  Who can reveal the inner world?
The dragon veins are moving, the phoenix body is blessing!  Heaven and stars lead the way forward!
The cause is the first, and the result is the result. It is determined by chance!
??Cultivation of Taoism, understanding of Buddhist scriptures, shaping of demon body, training of demon weapons, condensing sword intention, and summoning soul!
Gods and ghosts give way, and demons retreat!  Famous and powerful throughout the world!
The rolling thunder shocked the world, and the light escaped silently against time and space!  Jump out of the three realms and feel free, and live forever without the five elements!  I just want to be with you in this life!

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      Xiu Shen Gaidenlatest chapter:Volume 1: Forgetting Each Other in the Jianghu Chapter 3737: Becoming a Disciple of the Witch Taoist

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