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Born a fanatic

Born a fanatic最新章节列表,Born a fanatic全文阅读

category Wuxiaauthor LouCangLongstatus serializing
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Born a fanaticBrief introduction:

Possessing the Holy Body of All Transformations that can swallow all things to strengthen itself, and a pair of sky-stealing eyes that can peek into the movements of other people's bodies, he is sometimes arrogant, sometimes despicable, and sometimes crazy... The unreliable boy who is born a madman is grown up.  Chiyou, the supreme power with horns, came to find him. He shouldered the important mission of saving the saint and ascended into the true world.  From then on, the unruly little chess piece was like a stick, stirring here and there, destined to destroy the elegance of many big shots...

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      Born a fanaticlatest chapter:Volume 1 Chapter 149 A coffin!

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