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Smiling proudly in the world

Smiling proudly in the world最新章节列表,Smiling proudly in the world全文阅读

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Smiling proudly in the worldBrief introduction:

No matter where we are, our love for martial arts should have the same frequency.  We communicate through the Internet and pursue the dream of immortality in the martial arts world together.  I have always believed that martial arts are the best fairy tales for Chinese people. In fairy tales, we can realize our desire to become heroes.
This is a story about ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.  Life is like chess, and most of the time you can't help yourself.  But the key is that you have to work hard. Only by constantly fighting can you succeed in the end.  The growth of a hero is always entangled with beauty, and the power of evil is always competing with justice.  This picture of dragons and tigers fighting in the rivers and lakes is magnificent...

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      Smiling proudly in the worldlatest chapter:Volume Six: Guan Feng Yun Lu Chapter 26: Old Love Is Hard to Break

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