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Lingbu Qingyun

Lingbu Qingyun最新章节列表,Lingbu Qingyun全文阅读

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Lingbu QingyunBrief introduction:

Ye Pengfei has the thunder root.  An encounter with a mysterious girl made him realize that foundation building and golden elixirs were just scum.  In a distant star field, Yuanying monks were too embarrassed to come out to meet people.  I am born with talent, wouldn't it be a waste if I don't practice it well? Finally, I will tell you secretly, pig's feet are pets that were transformed from humans.  Book QQ group: 230651874 ==================================== Update plan, guaranteed to update 4 times a day  Chapters Another: 2 chapters will be updated on the same day if the collection exceeds 1,000, 5 chapters will be updated on the same day if the collection exceeds 3,000, 1 chapter will be updated for every 1,000 additional weekly member clicks, 1 chapter will be updated for every 500 additional weekly recommendations

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      Lingbu Qingyunlatest chapter:Lingbu Qingyun 5200 Text 755. A big drama (Part 2)

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