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White Snake Asks the Heavens

White Snake Asks the Heavens最新章节列表,White Snake Asks the Heavens全文阅读

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White Snake Asks the HeavensBrief introduction:

The West Lake dried up, the Leifeng Pagoda collapsed. After being suppressed for a thousand years, Bai Suzhen broke the formation and left the pagoda. But due to a fateful encounter, she was reincarnated as a human and forced to embark on a magnificent and colorful journey of cultivation and enlightenment. Living for others in her past life, waiting for a thousand years; living for herself in this life, cultivating and seeking enlightenment. -------------- Xu Xian, Xiaoqing, Fahai... various characters take turns to appear, with the origins, endings, loves, hates, and relationships unfolding on the path of Bai Suzhen's journey of cultivation and enlightenment.

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      White Snake Asks the Heavenslatest chapter:Text Chapter 139 The Butterfly Effect, Nine-Tailed Sky Fox (6,000 words)

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