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The Holy Light of Yamaguchi Mountain

The Holy Light of Yamaguchi Mountain最新章节列表,The Holy Light of Yamaguchi Mountain全文阅读

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The Holy Light of Yamaguchi MountainBrief introduction:

Humility, integrity, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, soul!
In the face of a powerful enemy, be unafraid, be courageous and loyal, be worthy of the Holy Light, be loyal and upright, would rather die than surrender, and protect the weak, it is not against the laws of nature!
"I once swore this oath under the great banner of the Knights of the Silver Hand, and I will abide by it. I have never lost my heart in the overflowing evil, I have not succumbed to the power of the Burning Legion, and I have never surrendered to the power of the Burning Legion.  I flinched under the attack of the undead natural disaster, and I was not afraid of the cataclysm of the earth shattering! Then, I will not lose my honor in this long journey!"
"I am a glorious paladin, and the holy light will illuminate my path forward. So, evil ones, be careful, the holy light will bring punishment. But, good people, I will only bring justice and justice.  bright."
So, brave men who are not afraid of being cheated, come on.
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