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Swordsman and Songshan Ice and Fire

Swordsman and Songshan Ice and Fire最新章节列表,Swordsman and Songshan Ice and Fire全文阅读

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Swordsman and Songshan Ice and FireBrief introduction:

Compose a song to be proud of the world and realize the dream of martial arts.
A down-and-out young man was born, fused with ice and fire energy, and vowed to challenge the yin and yang of Tai Chi.
A fight on Shaoshi Mountain will make your heart belong to someone, but good things are hard to come by.  When talking about heroes on the Fengchan stage, who leads the Spring and Autumn Period?  Kill evildoers with just one sword!  Ask the young man why he broke into Blackwood Cliff alone with a sword?  On the top of Mount Tai, what kind of love and hatred is between ice and fire versus the Nine Swords?
On the Guansheng Peak, the brothers turned against each other and drew their swords at each other. Songshan Mountain has been divided into two. What is the secret behind it?
Everything is in the Songshan Ice and Fire of Xiaoao. As the sun sets slowly, I will tell you about a different kind of Xiaoao, a different kind of love and resentment!  Who is right?  Who is evil?  After prosperity, where does justice go?  It’s all up to you to comment!
Book club group: 1 Songshan: 243014443 Identity verification: Who is the protagonist’s master?
If you are willing to join, just come over and take a dip!

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      Swordsman and Songshan Ice and Firelatest chapter:Text Chapter 304: Don’t be Guo Jing, don’t be Wuji, future generations will judge!

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