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Immortal of all realms

Immortal of all realms最新章节列表,Immortal of all realms全文阅读

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Immortal of all realmsBrief introduction:

Catastrophic changes occurred in the world, thousands of meteors descended on the world, and three huge and ferocious stone figures descended on the mountains behind Lianhuatai Village.  Sun Li, an ordinary young man, accidentally obtained these three stone figures. There was always a voice in his mind that kept saying incomprehensible words... After practicing in the mountains, Sun Li was assigned to the Ding class, which was least valued.  The lecture was perfunctory to the disciples, and he was not even willing to answer their questions.  But what they taught was completely criticized by the three stone figures in Sun Li's mind!  It’s a long road, and Sun Li has just begun. This...

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      Immortal of all realmslatest chapter:Volume 6: Baolu Tianting Chapter 395: Butt Back Flat Sand and Falling Goose Pose (Part 2) Second upd

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