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Immortal of Six Paths

Immortal of Six Paths最新章节列表,Immortal of Six Paths全文阅读

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Immortal of Six PathsBrief introduction:

Content summary:
The six realms of heaven and earth, ancient Hongmeng.
A humble little person, Bi Fan, cultivates and grows step by step.  Enter the demonic realm with evil spirits, fight the hidden dragon to make a blockbuster, conquer the world to achieve fame, seize the treasure house to dominate, enter the chaos and turn the clouds and rain, step into the six realms to be the only one, and fight Hongmeng to be the supreme king.
Move the universe, step on the six realms, fight the sky, break the Hongmeng, kill the immortals and defy the heavens, and become the six-path immortal.
Love and hatred, brotherly loyalty, sword light and blood shadow, endless treasures, spiritual beasts, and techniques are all in "Six Paths Immortal Lord".
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      Immortal of Six Pathslatest chapter:Volume 8: Becoming Famous Chapter 430: Hongmeng Supreme (Grand Finale)

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