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Pokemon that travel the wrong way

Pokemon that travel the wrong way最新章节列表,Pokemon that travel the wrong way全文阅读

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Pokemon that travel the wrong wayBrief introduction:

When the protagonist discovered that he had traveled through time, he was not very calm: "Hundan! What I am watching is FATE! Why can Mao wear Pokemon! I have never seen this!"
When the protagonist looked in the mirror and unzipped his pants, he showed a very uneasy expression: "Yoooooo, that's really the most annoying thing!"
When the protagonist discovers that there is a system in his head that can issue tasks, he behaves barely calmly: "Okay, I know this is popular recently..."
When the protagonist went to a certain research institute according to the task prompts and faced three ferocious and strange creatures that were seeking unknown things, he acted extremely uncalm: "Nima! Isn't this the wrong way to travel through time!?"
PS: PM Xiaobai, please feel free to spray according to the research party
PS2: There is a bottomless pit in your lifetime, enter with caution
PS3: Mr. Saccharin risked his life to build a group, I cannot let his sacrifice be in vain.  .  so.  .  Two seven two eight seven zero four nine nine

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