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Evolution Quotient

Evolution Quotient最新章节列表,Evolution Quotient全文阅读

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Evolution QuotientBrief introduction:

Provide free full-text reading service of the latest chapters of the author (Amber Button): "Spiritual Evolution Supplier".  The world has opened a new era.  In the new era, human beings absorb the spiritual energy revived in the world and form a spiritual career.  At the same time, the planet's native plants are also undergoing evolution, wildness returning to ancestors, spiritual variation, and the practice of aura professions cannot do without these heaven and earth spirits.  Lin Yuan, a mentally weak young man, found that although the speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy was appalling, he couldn't keep it in his body.  Until one day Lin Yuan discovered that he could not absorb the aura of heaven and earth but could import it into the spirits of heaven and earth, causing the spirits of heaven and earth to mutate, so Lin Yuan opened a small shop for the evolution of spirits in order to raise his sister.  Lin Yuan: Nothing

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      Evolution Quotientlatest chapter:Chapter 2692 Duel among the clouds!

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