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Emperor of Immortal Desolation

Emperor of Immortal Desolation最新章节列表,Emperor of Immortal Desolation全文阅读

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Emperor of Immortal DesolationBrief introduction:

There is only one king in the sky.
The heaven was shattered, and countless fragments were scattered on the fairy land, forming floating islands floating among the white clouds.  Wilderness tribes, bloodline families, sects handed down from generation to generation, human emperors and dynasties... constitute the entire virtual world of "Fairy Wilderness".
??Occupy a floating island in the sky, open up wasteland to cultivate cute animals, add bricks and tiles to build towers, and build the strongest sky city.
The reborn soul will rise again.  Break through the Nine Heavens and become the only Immortal Emperor!
The sky has nine levels: the first level is the Tai Xiao Yang Sky, the second level is the Purple Sky Flame Sky, the third level is the Jade Sky Zhu Tian, ??the fourth level is the Jingxiao Bright Sky, the fifth level is the Alchemy Sky Heaven, the sixth level is the Blue Sky Xuantian Sky, and the seventh level is the Blue Sky Changing Sky.  The eighth level is the sky, and the ninth level is the sky.

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      Emperor of Immortal Desolationlatest chapter:Volume 1: Driving a long chariot to break through the barbarian sky. Chapter 47: The moon is rising,

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