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All things eye

All things eye最新章节列表,All things eye全文阅读

category Fantasyauthor WeiDaoChiKuangstatus serializing
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All things eyeBrief introduction:

The world’s martial arts techniques evolved from all phenomena of heaven and earth. Humans practice only to pursue the origin of heaven and earth, to understand the laws of heaven and earth, to pursue the laws of heaven, to restore the origin of the great way, and to evolve to the laws of Tao.
Ye Lin was born with a pair of miraculous eyes of all things. He can see the origin of all laws of heaven and earth from any skill.
So, despite his extremely poor bloodline talent, his cultivation speed increased rapidly.
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      All things eyelatest chapter:Volume 1: Rebirth of the Ye Family, Chapter 5: Saving People, Chapter 25: Dragon Hell

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