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Online game full-time thief

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Online game full-time thiefBrief introduction:

Stealing money and equipment is just a piece of cake.
Stealing skills and attributes is more awesome.
There is nothing to be afraid of without a profession. All you need to do is plagiarize the characteristics of the profession. You can become whatever profession you want, and do whatever you want. This is not only unnatural, but also very satisfying.
But these are nothing. The highest level of "stealing" is to steal people, hearts, and feelings. Reaching this level is the most outrageous. It requires more effort and is a mental activity.
With a "noble ring" that can be promoted, Tu Fei, an unemployed person with no future, has become a legend in a game world structured by full-scene simulation technology.
"Actually, I'm not a master, just a pickpocket." Tu Fei said.

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