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My assistant is Nuwa

My assistant is Nuwa最新章节列表,My assistant is Nuwa全文阅读

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My assistant is NuwaBrief introduction:

On the way home, he became a "stumbled" boy, but unexpectedly he ran into Nuwa.
??Nuwa asks to live together, so she has to pay some rent or something, right?
There is no money, what should I do?  Create something!  what?  Create humans again?  Then I don’t want it, I can’t even support myself.
????????????????????????? Well, let’s see how Pig’s Feet peacefully coexists with Nuwa, and with the help of the goddess, he becomes successful and prosperous.  Of course, these benefits are not given in vain, you may have to become my desperado - Nuwa.
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      My assistant is Nuwalatest chapter:Text Chapter 146 Happy Amusement Park

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