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Taiping blood

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Taiping bloodBrief introduction:

Four college students who were originally in the same class, because of strange lightning, their souls traveled back to the late Qing Dynasty, and were possessed by four people with different but interrelated destinies. The change in identity allowed the four people to experience their own different destinies.  Will they surrender to their respective fates?  Will their arrival change the painful era of the late Qing Dynasty?  Not only do they have to fight against their own destiny, but they also have to fight against the destiny of the entire nation, because once you travel through time, you become a part of history!
1852 was a colorful era.
This year, Ronglu, a young Manchu nobleman, was sixteen years old. He was still paying filial piety to his father who died at the hands of Changmao in the Battle of Longliao Ridge. He sent his beloved away to the palace.
This year, Yehenala Xingzhen, who was eighteen years old, was drafted into the palace. She would be the future Empress Dowager Cixi, and all the unknowns in the palace were waiting for her.
This year, Hong Xuanjiao, the sworn sister of the King of Heaven, was commanding the female battalion in Chenzhou. The secret order of the King of Heaven put her in a dilemma.
This year, the former Taiping Heavenly Kingdom general Xiwang Xiao Chaoguizheng led two thousand Guangxi wolf soldiers from Chenzhou to attack Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province...
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