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super soldier

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category Romanceauthor YiSiBuGoustatus serializing
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super soldierBrief introduction:

In the end of the world, a "god-level" superpower is reborn in the city, and his soul is attached to the body of special soldier Ye Tianchen.
Are you forced to have your engagement broken off by someone else?  NO!
Being abandoned by your family and bringing shame to your parents?  NO!
What is romantic?  Make the school beauty's infatuation unforgettable, make the female star want to stop, make the world-famous beauty with a net worth of hundreds of billions yearn for it day and night; what does it mean to be crazy?  He punches the rich, handsome, and stomps on the second-generation official. He only recognizes reason and does not recognize people!
I want everyone to know that I, Ye Tianchen, am not a waste, I am a super soldier!

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