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Rebirth of Virtue in the World

Rebirth of Virtue in the World最新章节列表,Rebirth of Virtue in the World全文阅读

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Rebirth of Virtue in the WorldBrief introduction:

The lonely traveler,
Chasing the footsteps of the shadow,
This is just for thieves!  ?
NO!  Dark Druid, a profession that creates legends!
The thieves are also amazed by the swift figure of the dark leopard spirit hiding in the shadows!
Usol’s hard body in the form of a giant bear puts even the strongest defensive warrior to shame!
Lu Mingchen was reborn with the memory of the top "thief king" and returned to 10 years ago.
In this life, he gave up the path of the Thief King and chose the hidden profession of Dark Druid!  Relying on the memories of the previous life, their coquettish moves, and their lustful consciousness... the elite players of the major guilds could only bow their heads and surrender in front of the Dark Druid!
Growth artifact!  Mirror clone!  Lu Mingchen obtained rare equipment and skills one by one...
From this day on, a "Dark Druid" with infinite possibilities was born!

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      Rebirth of Virtue in the Worldlatest chapter:[Volume 2 The Rise of the Dark Druid!  】【Lu Mingchen】

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