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My god sister

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category Sci-fiauthor YunSuoXiaoXiangstatus serializing
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My god sisterBrief introduction:

As the representative of the main god space, Liu Mengchao solemnly declares here.
1. In order to distribute mission rewards as little as possible, we will definitely work hard to eliminate every reincarnation team.
2. In order to get as many lottery reward points as possible, we will definitely work hard to make every Samsara team member tremble with fear.
? 3. Everything is for the Lord God’s space. All acts of cheating, sneaking, and exploiting loopholes will definitely be wiped out.
Finally, as a sister control, Liu Mengchao tells you that even if your sister is the main god, she will still control her for you!
You think this is unlimited flow?
     wrong!  This is a pickup game!
This is the penguin group: 169013580 This is a new group, warmly welcome all new readers
? 184078317 This is the original group of Death Eaters, if you are willing to join the group and lose your moral integrity.  .  .

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