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Machine Girl Empire

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Machine Girl EmpireBrief introduction:

With the benefits distributed by the Lord God, Europe was reborn in the parallel space after the First World War.
??????????????????? It’s okay for the soldiers created by this welfare to be robot girls, why are all the robot girls lolita?  This makes me, who is not a lolita control person, really embarrassed!
We have no choice but to lead these loli legions to bring peace to the world and spread love and justice around the world
Having too many territories is troublesome. In order to facilitate management, we have to divide them into zones.  Most of the Far East is the territory of the allies, and only half of the island country's territory belongs to the empire?  Then give some preferential treatment and list that half of the island country as District 11.
"Little sister, my brother has some candy. If you eat it, it will turn into magic... Um, no, you can become a robot girl. Why don't you give it a try?"

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      Machine Girl Empirelatest chapter:Text Chapter 51 The Wise Wolf and the Armor Merchant

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