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Near Penglai

Near Penglai最新章节列表,Near Penglai全文阅读

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Near PenglaiBrief introduction:

Zhou Ziling, who was extremely talented, was taken into the mountain gate by a down-and-out Taoist priest and began to cultivate immortality.
In the three realms, no matter humans, gods, demons or Buddhas, they all have longevity.
Whenever the end of life is approaching, you will take the fairy fruit to prolong your life.
The gods and Buddhas in the heaven have the Yaochi flat peach, the earthly town Yuanzi has the ginseng fruit
And Zhou Ziling, who can only become a loose immortal, will not return to the underworld or heaven.
Only by finding the old longevity star living in Penglai Mountain can you live forever
For this reason, I have gone through all the hardships, just to seek the road to immortality!

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